Monday, June 24, 2013

Cyclist scarred for life warns others not to run red lights

A cyclist who cycled through a red light and crashed into the side of a taxi which left him needing over 200 stitches is warning other road users to take heed.

    Craig crashed head first through this taxi window leaving him scarred for life

Craig Dortkamp, an experienced cyclist was cycling to work during rush hour when he ran a red light at Holborn Circus. He found himself in the middle of a busy junction with traffic travelling in all directions.

       Police say Craig is lucky to have not sustained more serious injuries

As he attempted to make his way out, he crashed into the side of a taxi with his head smashing through the window, while not wearing a helmet.

Craig suffered a serious cut to the head which required surgery, he also suffered cuts across his face. However police say he was fortunate to not sustain more severe injuries.

He hopes by sharing his story he will discourage others from running red lights.

“I hope I don’t see any other cyclists running through a red light. If you don’t take that risk your chances of being hit by a vehicle are much slimmer and you probably won’t end up with scars on your face for the rest of your life like me.” - Craig Dortkamp 

Source ITV news

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