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It seems the Mayors ignorance knows no bounds.
Despite the fact that he now has conclusive evidence that the taxi age limit is of no benefit to reduce pollution he is still in denial.

When asked in Mayors questions about the recent Supreme Court ruling which confirmed that legal limits for NO2 had not been met, the Mayor still claims that they have and still brags that he has implemented a taxi age limit
Supreme Court Judgement - nitrogen dioxide (1)
Question No: 1296 / 2013
Stephen Knight

Does the Supreme Court’s declaration that the UK is in breach of Article 13 of the EU Air Quality Directive, adding that the way is now “open to immediate enforcement”, increase the likelihood that any resulting fines will be delegated to the Greater London Authority (GLA) under new powers contained within the Localism Act (2011)?

Written response from the Mayor
This is a matter for Defra. I am focused on improving air quality in London and have put in place an ambitious package of measures, including tighter Low Emission Zone standards, retiring the oldest taxis and cleaning up the bus fleet.

These measures have already reduced emissions of NOx by 20 per cent and of PM10 by 15 per cent. 
(an absolute lie)

Supreme Court Judgement - nitrogen dioxide (2)
Question No: 1297 / 2013
Stephen Knight

What new actions do you propose to take to reduce NO2 levels in London as a result of the recent UK Supreme Court Judgement that London’s air pollution is in breach of Article 13 of the EU Air Quality Directive in relation to NO2?

Written response from the Mayor
I refer the Assembly Member to my answer to his previous question (MQ1296) in regard to the ambitious package of measures I have introduced since becoming the Mayor.
Furthermore, on 13th February I announced a package of additional air quality measures to be delivered in my second term and up to 2020, including:
-          a new Ultra Low Emission Zone for central London from 2020, subject to a feasibility study
-          retiring the remaining 900 oldest Euro III buses in TfL's fleet and replacing them with ultra-low emission Euro VI buses
-          accelerating the roll out of hybrid buses, with 1,600 on the road by 2016 including 600 of my iconic New Bus for London. This is equivalent to around 20 per cent of TfL's bus fleet
-          new measures to reduce emissions and clean up construction sites
-          retrofitting a further 24,000 homes, public buildings and schools with energy efficiency measures
-          introducing a new £20m Mayor's Air Quality Fund to support the boroughs in tackling local air quality hotspots.

Source: With thanks to Dave Davies.

                                                  Is it all over for Tim Yeo?


The Energy and Climate Change select committee chairman has been stung by the Sunday Times, offering to become a paid advocate for a fake firm for £7,000-a-day.

Conservative MP Tim Yeo, who chairs the Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee, is alleged to have used his position to help a private company influence Parliament.

Sunday Times investigators secretly filmed the former environment minister.

The paper alleges he coached the boss of a firm, owned by a company that was paying Mr Yeo, before the businessman gave evidence to his committee.

Mr Yeo denies this, and says he intends to contest all the allegations.

Yeo Sees the Light Over Climate Change
Here is a sound bite from everyone’s favourite Green Tomato, Tory Tim Yeo back in 2009:

“The dying gasps of the deniers will be put to bed. In five years time, no one will argue about a man-made contribution to climate change.”

And here he is this week on the perils of man made climate change:

“The first thing to say is it does not represent any threat to the survival of the planet. None at all. The planet has survived much bigger changes than any climate change that is happening now. Although I think the evidence that the climate is changing is now overwhelming, the causes are not absolutely clear. There could be natural causes, natural phases that are taking place.”

Presumably he’ll be buying shares in Shell next.

The conflicted chairman of the Energy and Climate Change select committee has time and time again flown the green flag this year, insisting that it is mere coincidence he makes over £100,000 a year from his own renewable energy investments. 

Even if a conflict of interest is declared, its still a conflict of interest…

Tim's Taxis: 
There was particular interest in Tim Yeo’s taxi troubles over last summer. There was a distinctly nasty smell lingering around Eco City Vehicles, an environmentally-friendly taxi company chaired by Yeo, and their wheeler deal to conveniently introduce an age limit for London’s taxis. The job earned Yeo some £440 per hour, but when Number 10 started sniffing around he quickly resigned on the quiet. Guilty conscience?

The latest Register of Members’ Interests shows that Yeo pocketed £40,000 for 91 hours work at Eco City last year, thats a generous £440-an-hour. 


Sources BBC news and Guido Fawks 


Anonymous said...

Read the Sunday Times folks, sowe now KNOW that the Data regarding the age limit was a crock of shit and this MP's involvement in our affairs having who knows what influence?

Age limit victims need to contact the RMT and ALL of us must be asking the UTG about the continuing wall of silence about this, have they been gagged by TfL?

Anonymous said...

WTF are the UTG doing about the Defra report
Surely they can't keep quiet now

But are they comparable to compensation claims as they signed the Taxi Age Limit offer to Boris?

The trade was sold down the river for the price of engagement

Now they're ordered to keep quiet or risk exclusion