Saturday, May 18, 2013

Will TfLs Nightmare Come True....It's all up to you.

Again the RMT has been the first to urge for a truly united trade to come together to develop a combined strategy in dealing with serious problems facing the trade. Before, their offers have been declined with some representative groups not even bothering to reply. 

But times are changing fast, and attitudes are beginning to change. A new hope has emerged in the form of an encouraging reply from the General Sec. Steve McNamara of the LTDA. The one thing TfL fear the most is a truly united trade. They have spent the last decade trying to keep the trade fragmented which has culminated in a biased, elitist engagement policy. PR scams such as the Cabbies Cabinet have proved to be no more than smoke and mirrors designed to stall for time. 

But at last the future looks brighter than it did a few weeks ago.

TfLs Managing director for Surface Transport Leon Daniels famously said, the London Taxi Trade needs to get its act together.

There is an old saying:
Be careful what you wish for, because sometimes wishes do come true!

Below is the post that has appeared on the New RMT Blog site.

RMT call for all trade group Law Commission Meeting. 

The RMT has convened a meeting to discuss the threat of the Law Commission and invitations have been sent to all the trade organisations.

We await responses.

We welcome the response we have received from the General Sec. Steve McNamara of the LTDA that although their view is that the Law Commission is not the threat we identify it as and therefore won't attend this time, we differ on that analysis but respect their right to hold that opinion.

He also stated that further meetings between all trade groups should be possible. This is a very welcome development and of course there will always be differences between us but the key in defending the trade is of course UNITY, without it we are done for!

No doubt alarm bells are ringing in Palestra, Windsor House and various PH enterprises, we are all aware of the facetious comment of Mr Leon Daniels of TfL and Olympic Lanes Tzar who stated that the cab trade 'needs to get its act together'.

Well Leon looks like your wish could become your nightmare as TfL's carefully constructed strategy of divide and conquer begins to fall apart as the cab trade looks at what unifies them rather than divides them and that TfL are the root cause of many of our issues.

So at last something 100% positive to report, time to put the past aside and move the cab trade onwards to a bright future, after all that's  where we are going to spend the rest of our lives.

Well done Steve McNamara, we look forward to a constructive dialogue.


Veritas said...

Hendy won't like it!

Expect the full force of the TfL propaganda machine on Monday morning.

Just stand strong and we will win.

Anonymous said...

In my view this is wishful thinking.

Trade unity will never be achieved whilst Oddy is in it. He is not on the side of the taxi trade, he is on the side of TfL and trade unity is the last thing they want.

Should the day come where he either retires or dies then the question will be, will McNamara be any different?

So far I have seen nothing to make me think YES.

Anonymous said...

Where there's life there's hope.
Must be positive not negative.

Never, never, never give up fighting