Friday, May 17, 2013

Way to go Bromsgrove

Bromsgrove could get more taxi ranks near night spots

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PLANS for Bromsgrove to have an extended taxi rank close to the town's two latest opening night spots will go before the district council's licensing committee on Monday (May 20).

The proposals will see the number of spaces reserved for taxis along Worcester Road extended from the three currently there to nine or ten.

The spaces will be conveniently placed for those revellers coming out of B61, above the Dog and Pheasant, which opens until the early hours of Saturday morning, and Love2Love nightclub, which is open until 4am on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

The move comes just three months after a story we ran in The Standard about residents in Station Street being angered at being kept awake by waiting taxis in the early hours of Saturday and Sunday morning. They claimed the headlights of the vehicles and the sound of their engines running made it impossible to get a good night's sleep at the weekend.

The plans were drawn up after letters to the council from Bromsgrove Taxi Association and West Mercia Police.

The association requested an extra seven spaces at least and the police's correspondence came after a meeting with representatives of the force, the district council and Worcestershire Regulatory Services.

The new spaces would be on the same side of the Worcester Road as the current ones, but the other side of Station Street, more or less opposite George House.

If approved on Monday, council officers will be given the go ahead to carry out a 28-day public consultation.

Source:| Bromsgrove Standard

Editorial Comment
London's licensing authorities should take a leaf out of Bromsgrove planning department. New night Venues and Licensed Taxi ranks should go hand in hand with planning applications.

Before entertainment licenses are granted there should be permission by the local council for a reasonable sized Taxi rank to be place along side the main exit.

Only then should satellite office licenses be considered. There must be no provision of space for minicabs to wait to become hired and only Pre booked PHV be allowed to pick up.

Pre booking cars need to be defined and we would suggest that a time span of at least 15 minutes must be implemented. With no on site straight away bookings.

Advances in technology is quite able to supply PH firms with equipment to ensure these rules are adhered to.

We predict that if this were the case in general the serious assault and rape statistics would drop dramatically. The only losers would be LTPH's coffers.

We've proved it works on many occasions, put Taxis outside clubs and the public will use them in preference to minicabs.

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