Tuesday, May 21, 2013

LTPH's Legal Team...Not Fit For Purpose...by Jim Thomas.

Have you ever wondered what LTPH's legal department do to earn their money, well so have we. In our opinion it doesn't appear to be protecting the taxi trade against PH companies illegal offering their services, describing themselves as a Taxi service. 

We first reported UbiCabs over a year ago for advertising minicabs as a Taxi service. We made repeated complaints over a 11 month period to LTPH but got just one reply from John Mason saying his team would look into it.
We are still waiting to find out what "his team" are going to do about this issue.

UbiCabs founded by Jay Patel and Lorenzo Caffarri are still online offering minicabs a Taxi service. LTPH has done nothing about this breach of the private hire and London cab acts.

This is just one of their latest adverts currently found all over the Internet and on Google searches

Misleading, you bet your life it is.

And now another contender for prolific Internet advertising minicabs as Taxi service we have Zone Minicabs. Zone Mnicabs home page gives a plethora of different geographic locations using the title Taxi servic, again in contravention of both the London cab act and Private Hire act

If only LTPH's legal team would ACT!!!.

They were quick to act when they thought we had posted misleading articles about TfL and LTPH and ordered the removal and take down of the Taxi Leaks Blog....Lets see if they act as fast over these two illegal advertisers, although they are already a year behind on UbiCars.

These are just two companies who are abusing the word Taxi. The Internet is crammed full of others, simply because nothing is done by TfL or LTPH to stop the practise. It is seem as a victimless crime, but as we know to our cost, there are always victims. 


Skint Member said...

Dream on, John M's busy on the congestion charge but is it true the cab trade pays his wages from the licensing fees.

Don't expect any action from the others.

Rumpole said...

Apparently TfL 's Legal Team are not happy with this entirely justified criticism that is absolutely borne out by the facts.

Well, they have 2 options:

1. Keep trying to shoot the messengers by sending half baked rambling threats to bloggers, demonstrating cab drivers and anyone else who exposes the shortcomings.


2. Get on with their real job and enforce the Acts of Parliament they have responsibility for that protects the travelling public.

Let's see what option they choose?

'Judge them by their actions, not their word'.

Anonymous said...

So, you've been waiting 11 months for a reply, don't hold your breath, these people only persecute licensed taxi drivers. They don't do enforcement of private hire.