Sunday, May 19, 2013

Holborn Circus: Area Enhancement Strategy.

The City of London and the London Borough of Camden, in conjunction with Transport for London, have developed an ambitious scheme to improve the Holborn Circus junction. This significant proposal was subject to public consultation in March 2011, and received much public support.
The scheme will address the root causes of the high accident rate at the junction. The overall layout of the junction will be made simpler and safer for all users. New signalised crossings will be provided, making it much safer for pedestrians to cross the roads leading into the junction. The general environment around the junction will be improved, with a new public space being provided in front of St Andrew’s Church.

Transport for London has committed to fund the scheme, and construction of the junction is planned to take place in 2013.

What's Changed 
Since the March 2011 consultation, the proposals have been enhanced further based on the comments received, with a view to maximising safety at the junction.

Amongst other changes, we have introduced a southbound contraflow cycle facility at the south end of Hatton Garden. This will provide a southbound route for cyclists wishing to cross Holborn Circus. This proposal has been developed in consultation with cyclist groups and is consistent with the London Borough of Camden’s policies to encourage cycling, and remove barriers to cycle accessibility, including providing two-way cycling on one- way streets.

Further Consultation
A key element of the Holborn Circus proposals is that Hatton Garden will operate one-way northbound at the junction with Holborn Circus. In addition to this, it is now proposed that the right turn from Charterhouse Street into Hatton Garden should no longer be permitted. This will remove the potential for conflict between right turning vehicles and vehicles travelling north from New Fetter Lane.

In addition to addressing a potential safety issue, this proposal would reduce unnecessary rat-running traffic on Hatton Garden. A recent traffic survey found that over an entire day, 125 vehicles turned right into Hatton Garden from Charterhouse Street. Of these, 107 (86%) were rat-running vehicles that did not have a destination in Hatton Garden itself.

Another key change to the design is that it is now proposed to change the advisory cycle lanes on High Holborn, Charterhouse Street and Holborn Viaduct. It is now proposed to convert these to mandatory cycle lanes on the approaches to the junction. This will provide important protection to vulnerable users. As on-street loading would not be permitted in the mandatory cycle lanes during the active hours, it is proposed to create a new inset loading bay on the High Holborn approach to the junction to accommodate demand for loading.

Proposed new loading bay on High Holborn
We are now seeking the views of residents and businesses on the affected streets regarding these proposed changes.

What Happens Next
Following the consultation with residents and businesses on the banned right turn and the changed loading arrangements, these elements of the design will be reviewed in light of the comments received. This will complete the final design stage.

It is anticipated that construction of the Holborn Circus scheme will commence in summer 2013. Local stakeholders will be contacted again prior to commencement of works to inform them of the works plan and program.


Three Wasted Years said...

Very soon our KoL will be useless, as every cut through and clever navigation will be banned to us.

Why is it called Rat Run, simple it's propaganda that paints us all as the villains of the piece.

Anonymous said...

I am a cab driver of ten years I. Think the kol is out dater and takes to long to pass I talk to a lot of cab drivers and they agree with me that's my there is only 2500 black cab drivers gb and yb in london

Anonymous said...

the kol is outdated,with technology,growing so fast ,gps will replace the kol everyone knows this will happen;it might not be for a few years but its coming,i dont wont to see this happen being a cab driver ,i also believe standards have droped over the last few years it seems thay will let anyone drive a cab in london,the way some of them dress,and drive filthy cabs .im sorry but a cab driver for many years, its a real shame that this noble trade is coming to an end god bless be lucky while it lasts.

Anonymous said...

I think the Knowledge is essential for our job and cannot see a sat nav replacing us.You only have to look at some of the Addison Lee fools trying to navigate round London whilst fiddling with their sat navs to realise this.

Anonymous said...

Mate get in the real world it takes to long to pass kol young people with family's trying pass kol with job and wanting to be a cabbie it takes to long times have got to change we have got to get young people in the cab trade not so one in there late 40s 50s and early 60s has we do

Anonymous said...

you can still have all the nesesary background checks to make sure you are a fit and proper person;, the kol is outdated,gps these days are excelent,and getting better all the time, your tempremant can still be tested,. all thay need to do is limit the numbers close the books ,when one badge handed in one goes out simples.

Anonymous said...

Your kol is the reason why you have had only 2 black cab rapists in 400 years. If you think it should go just Google "taxi driver rape" and look at the number of licensed, CRB checked drivers that have attacked women OUTSIDE London. I am a black cab driver in the UK's second city, many drivers cannot converse in English and we have had 3 black cab driver sex attackers in the last 10 years. The time taken to do the kol (and the difficulty) is the ONLY thing keeping sex attackers off the cabs in London

Kboy said...

If you want the best city in the world to continue to have the best, safest and most admired taxi service in the world then keep the KOL. If you want a 2nd rate service with drivers who don't know where they are going, don't much care and statistically more likely to attack customers then get rid. Simple. The sat nav argument doesn't hold. Compare your driving standard when following your sat nav on an unknown route through unknown streets compared to the standard you hold when driving a regular route that you know like the back of your hand. All KOL taxi journeys are driven at that standard, no looking at the road then the sat nav then trying to work out which exactly which left it whats you to take!

Anonymous said...

I am currently doing the knowledge and am very proud to be doing so. Yes, i currently have a fulltime job and a young family so the study is a strain but you sign up for it knowing full well what you are going to be putting yourself through and how long it takes.
The reason it takes so long to pass isnt the system it is the simple fact that London so big (in respect of the 25000 streets + all the places you have to know) and complicated.
I have tried using a satnav and the routes of the knowledge are far shorter and more direct than any gps system i have tried.

Its not satnavs or the difficulty in passing the knowledge that is going to kill this trade - it is all the minicabs operating in London legally that do not have to do the knowledge.

It may take 4+ years for me to pass the knowledge but when i do pass it will because i am ready and i know the information i need