Thursday, May 09, 2013

All restrictions are to be removed on the number of licensed taxis allowed on ranks in Windsor and Maidenhead.

Last year the Royal Borough eased restrictions by allowing a maximum of five new licences a month, outraging existing taxi drivers who stormed out of a council meeting swearing at startled councillors.

But at a meeting of the authority’s Licensing Panel on Monday last week councillors voted to remove restrictions altogether.

They felt that the earlier increase in licences had led to a drop in crime and disorder by making more taxis available to take late night revellers home.

Cllr Carwyn Cox, cabinet member for environmental services, said that the Royal Borough was now in a minority of local authorities that still practised some form of restriction.

He said: “Anyone who wishes to engage in this trade who meets our strict safety requirements should be able to do so.“

The Royal Borough already plans to increase spaces at taxi ranks in Maidenhead at Grove Road, Shoppenhangers Road, King Street, Queen Street and Nicholsons Lane.

More are being looked at for Maidenhead town centre and for Ascot High Street.

The change does not mean that anyone will be able to take a taxi out though. The license application fee of £500 covers a wide range of requirements, including a medical examination and vehicle safety checks. It also ensures that drivers have ‘the knowledge’ of local streets and journeys.

Cllr Andrew Jenner, chairman of the licensing panel, added: “Passengers using a council-licensed and liveried hackney carriage are assured they are getting into a vehicle which has been checked out thoroughly and with a licensed driver.”



No Hilton for me said...

Another Day, Another Sweatshop!

Good luck with the protests, de limitation has no winners except of course the licence fee collectors.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope is was an "Administrational Cock Up" as shown in the heading of this report and nothing more cynister

Also, such Rank cancellation Notices have to be prepared, time involved in displaying and removaling, liaison with the private company and/or hotel, legal notification in The London Gazette etc etc

Who pays for that lot?

That's right - you and me the working cab driver and those Dick Heads can't see further than the end of their noses getting involved in business activities not only at our expense but also to our disadvantages

I personally think a formal enquiry should be held to get to the bottom of this scull duggerty