Sunday, April 07, 2013

Two Men Jailed For Total Of 21 Years For Raping Woman From Heddon Street Bar, Thanks To Taxi Drivers Evidence.

On Friday, two minicab touts were sentenced to a total of 21 years in prison for the rape of a girl they picked up off the street near Heddon St.

You may remember a few months back there was an appeal from the police posted on the LTDF forum looking for a taxi driver who picked up this girl after she had been attacked.

The Taxi driver concerned contacted the police and made a statement helping them with their enquiries. The police then managed to arrest the two rapists with the help of DNA evidence.

But then, this Taxi driver went even further beyond the call of duty and appeared as witness in court where his evidence blew away their alibi.

To show their support and gather the facts, members of the UCG went with the driver to Wood Green Crown Court on the day where he gave evidence. The atmosphere in the courtroom was intimidating to say the least, with both the rapist's families packing out the public gallery. We certainly felt it, so god knows how he felt actually standing up and giving evidence against them.

Now this driver isn't exactly a small guy and is definitely no shrinking violet, but even so, many people wouldn't have done what he did. He is a credit to this trade, and humanity itself and I take my hat off to him. The same plaudits must go to the victim and her family, their lives will have been shattered by this attack.

Both rapists were found guilty last month after a week of deliberation, and finally sentenced on Friday. Between them, the attackers got 21 years. The victim and her family have to live with the terrifying memory of this for life.

Official Police Statement below

Two men who attacked and raped a woman in central London were jailed for a total of 21 years on Friday 5 April.

The victim - now aged 26 - befriended the men after leaving a bar in the West End and accepted an offer of a lift home. But she was attacked in the vehicle.

Suliman Ali, 21, of Marylebone, and Ahmed Ahmed, 21, of Paddington, pleaded not guilty, but after a trial at Wood Green Crown Court they were convicted on Friday 1 March.

At Wood Green Crown Court Ali was jailed for 12 years and placed on the sex offenders register for life.

Ahmed was jailed for nine years and placed on the sex offenders register for life.

Police have now issued pictures of these men in case any other women may have been attacked by them but have yet to come forward.

On 6 October 2011 the woman had been out for the evening with work colleagues. They had been for drinks and ended the evening at a bar in the West End.

She left the bar at approximately 1am on 7 October 2011 on her own and tried to make her way to a tube station; however she became lost and disorientated.

The woman was befriended by two men who walked with her. They arrived at Edgware Road Tube Station but it was shut. The woman was offered a lift to her home in Wandsworth Borough by the men, which she accepted.

She was in the back of the car and the two men in the front. She realised something was amiss when they drove past Edgware Road Tube Station twice, and she then became anxious.

She asked to get out of the vehicle and they pulled up in a small side street. The driver - Suliman Ali - then got into the back of the vehicle and raped her.

Ahmed remained in the front passenger seat.

After the assault the woman managed to escape and ran off. She found herself in Edgware Road and was picked up by a Black Cab driver who took her home. She called police later that morning.

Inquiries by detectives from Sapphire led to two men being identified by DNA - they were arrested in November 2011 and later charged. Both faced a charge of rape as Ahmed was deemed to be acting in concert with Ali.

Ali maintained that everything that happened was with the woman's consent. Ahmed initially denied being at the location or near the victim at all. He later changed his defence to say that he may have been in the car previously with a woman which is how his DNA came to be there.

The jury rejected their stories after a trial that began on Monday 18 February.

Detective Constable Jenny Thrower, of Sapphire, said: "Even thought DNA evidence linked both men to the crime, they pleaded not guilty and consequently prolonged this young woman's search for justice.
"She was determined to give evidence at court and we must applaud her courage in agreeing to testify.

"The verdict helps illustrate our commitment to dealing with sexual assault and bringing those responsible before the courts.

"It is possible that there are other victims of Ali and Ahmed who have yet to come forward. If so we ask such people to contact Sapphire officers on 020 8733 5999, or via our non-emergency line 101."


Jim Thomas said...

While we are all appalled at the situation outside many late night venues, which we know is a precursor to heinous attacks such as this one, not everyone has the courage of their convictions to stand up and be counted.

I take my hat off to this driver.

Although these animals received custodial sentences of 21 years, we have to remember that the young lady and her family, have had their lives shattered by an event that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

It's disgusting to think that after attacks such as this and the ones at Egg and Spearmint Rhino, the very next night, lines of illegally plying for hire touts at back providing cover for predators such as Amhed and Ali. The police, local council and LTPH are willing to accept this collateral damage, just to clear the streets.

Hendy, Daniels, Mason and Chapman you must all take a share of the blame for the continuance of attacks like this.

I really don't know how you sleep at night!

Gerald said...

Jim, it's like the car bombs at Tiger Tiger and Pall Mall, next night the touts were back in force.
Do we have to wait for blood shed and murder for Hendy and co to take action.
If this was happening on the tubes or buses they would be running round like headless chickens trying to stop the attacks.

How Many More? said...

Steve Wright at TfL must ultimately take responsibility for this because it is his Satellite Offices that have allowed a situation to become the norm where rapists and sexual predators can mingle with virtual anonymity amongst the lines and lines of unbooked minicabs and their drivers on the streets and pavements outside literally every bar,club & hotel in London.

I mean, could they make it any easier for a rapist?

In this day and age where literally every person on the planet has a mobile phone there is absolutely no need for Satellite Offices.

These were the brainchild of Steve Wright so he could get the 1000+ Satellite office operators and the 15,000+ drivers that his private company the Licensed Private Hire Car Association (LPHCA) represent to intercept the work before it goes into taxis.

He used his public position as a TfL board member to benefit his private company of which he is the Chairman.

He also wrote the PRIVATE HIRE ACT 1998 where the rules, regulations and enforcement were written so deliberately lax they have allowed this sutuation to flourish and a monster has been created that is now out of control.

Since their creation thousands of young females have been raped and sexually assaulted and the longer they remain thousands more will suffer the same fate.

Its time to say STOP!

Save Our Daughters...Scrap Satellite Offices Now!