Friday, April 26, 2013

‘Time to kill Clipboard Johnnie?’ Paul Bond.

An Open Letter to M.P.’s of London, The Lord Mayor, Mayor of London, Commissioners of Police, TfL and the London Taxi Trade.

This week I attended the taxi trade forum held at Palestra under the auspices of TfL’s LTPH Directorate. I again raised the following proposal (that I have sent to them before) without any response.

Every Private Hire Operator must have an IT booking System (there are many at low cost) approved by TfL that receives bookings with details of the driver, passenger, destination etc.

TfL can bring this about very swiftly by making it a condition of licensing without any legislation; it will bring the following immediate benefits:
  • Ends fictional scribbled ‘instant’ pre bookings outside venues that flout the law and in effect ensure the passengers are uninsured, vulnerable travellers that put other road users at risk.
  • Breaks the links between corrupt door security staff, predatory drivers, organised crime, drug dealing, money laundering and much else.
  • Ensure PH business is carried out within the law and enforcement authorities have a clear ‘audit trail’ of all bookings made in advance available in real time. This protects legitimate operators and preserves the Taxi trades hard won right to ‘Ply for Hire’.
  • Ensures all licensed PH drivers are working for an operator and those not so, liable for the congestion charge etc., as all work must come through an operator, they can’t be working legitimately.

A simple solution to end the scourge of illegal activity and it can happen NOW without waiting for the maybe never to be enacted Law Commission Draft bill.

Will those who have the power to make the above happen do so?
Will they kick it into the long grass?
Will it be killed by vested interests?

There is everything to gain for the law abiding citizens and visitors to this great city.
The only losers are those with criminal intent.

I could have written this from my position on a union committee but thought that would be used as an excuse to ignore the message by some and again let an important measure be held back by petty infighting or political bias.

It’s the message that matters here not the messenger
Let’s all step up to the plate and get behind it and ask some searching questions as to why, if it does not happen!

Please pass this letter on to any organisation or individual you think will support the proposal and ask them why if they don’t?

For further information my contact email is:


Anonymous said...

OK, Steve Mc, Grant D, Peter R are you behind this?

As the man in Las Vegas says: SHOW TIME!

Anonymous said...

Davis, McNamara, and Rose will not be behind this as the engagement policy forbids them to criticise LTPH's policies.

Oddy is scared of losing his seat on the board of TfL and the £24k salary that goes with the post

Davis don't want to upset his new mate Leon Daniels as he knows his other mates Mason and Chapman are being replaced at the bequest of Steve Wright.

And Rose doesn't have a backbone.

Anonymous said...

No backbone!!!

How does he support his inflated head with two faces????


Chas. Wilson said...

Forget those mentioned, it's time for the memberships of these various bodies to take back the control.

This idea is a winner, lets back it.

Charles of Camden said...

Yes folks, leave the personalities aside on this one.

Make them take notice and let's deal with this once and for all!

Egos & Empires said...

The LTDA, LCDC & Unite will not back anything that the RMT or UCG do because it will be an admission of failure.

The RMT taxi branch and the UCG only exist because they have failed.

Anonymous said...

I have explained to yourself, the RMT and everyone else in the taxi trade that the only way that you will ever get any action taken against TFL is by a Public Inquiry.
I provided the technical evidence in relation to pollution and on the basis of which a Public Inquiry could be based. If a Public Inquiry had taken place ALL of the improper conduct of TFL would have been investigated and exposed.
The RMT decided that it would ignore all of the evidence that I gave you.
The improper conduct of TFL has continued on many issues and you now think that MPs will take action on behalf of what they see as greedy taxi drivers?
The fact is that the taxi trade is made up of drivers who dont give a toss about anything or anyone except themselves and trade organissations who have no interest in representing their members; those who have got themselves in a position to run a trade organisation do it becuase of their own ego or to have a position that they are paid for.
You had the perfect oppotunity to take action which would have been effecctive and chose to ignore it.
You have now left it too late.
Not only will the Law Commission change your situation but other things will happen which are beyond your control.
Now every taxi driver will pay the price of your own selfishness and ignorance of the situation.
Your taxi trade is finished and you have yourselves to blame.
Dave Davies

Paul B said...


Don't shoot the messenger! The RMT has long asked fro a GLA led enquiry but we did take legal advice about doing it wit.hout the GLA demanding it and the answer came back as unlikely to succeed. We therefore cannot use our members subs on that.

The RMT gave you a platform, did the others?

It's also made much more difficult by other trade organisations effectively endorsing TfL's every move.

The post was not about TfL's shortcomings but about introducing a measure that would assist us. GET BEHIND IT PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

You are failing to understand the situation.
TFL will never act resonably on any issue as they are an unreasonable entity.
I speak to local authorities throughout the country in relation to taxi licensing.
Without exception taxi licensing is carried out as part of that local authority and as such they are required to comply with Public law.TFL do not comply with Public Law on many issues for a simple reason ; they do not see themselves as a Public Body (they call themselves a company and have directors)
Asking TFL to act reasonably would have been like asking Colonel Gaddafi to stop killing people and start doing charity work. The only solution in that situation was regime change. The only solution for the London Taxi trade is to have a proper and fair taxi licensing department.

The RMT did not 'give me a platform'.
I gave up my time to explain to you the situation fully and becuase the Chair and Secretary either dont have the ability to understand or dont want to the information I gave was ignored.
The RMT taxi branch is run by incompetence and is seen as a militant union.
Most taxi drivers I have spoken to do nopt want this; they just want a trade asociation who will represent them fairly and properly and not charge monthly subs for doing nothing. The RMT charge its taxi branch memebers £16 a month.
What exactly do they get for their money? Not much is the feedback I have been given.
The ONLY way that all of the issuess affecting the taxi trade will be resolved is by the mechanism of a Public Inquiry.
If your chair and secretary did not understand what I was saying then how could they have possibly conveyed it in a proper way to your legal representatives?
A GLA inquiry will do nothing as the GLA itself does not have the power to change the situation.
You can continue to ignore everything that I have said and continue to head fof the demise of your trade.

Anonymous said...

Yes let's try for once to get together behind a sound idea!

Frimley Ted said...

Dave, get behind the proposal forget all the sour grapes.

It's not helpful, We all know you dropped a bundle on the emissions and that's unfortunate, but we ALL need to move forward .

If however you have a strategy to force a judge led public enquiry over to you.

As for cab drivers get behind the idea for this software requirement for PH. It's a winner.

Anonymous said...

I sold my emisisons systems, which worked more effectively than most of the other sytstems , for half the price. That led to the improper conduct of the PCO who conducted a rigged test to withdraw my approval.
I had already earnt my money and could have walked away. However I acted on principal and chjallenged TFL in the High Court at great expense.
I have then camapiagned against the taxi age limit , as much because it is improper as anything else.
I will fully support anything which has a realistic prospect of success in holding TFL to account. The fatc is the ONLY thing that will do this is a Public Inquiry into the failed emissions strategies which will include the taxi age limit. If this happens the improper conduct of TFL will be exposed on all issues .
I dont have any grievance against anyone of a personal basis.
I do take exception to those who purpot to be representing their memebers and are actually acting for their own interests in one way or another. This is not directed at Paul and I wish you the best for your campaign, although dont hold out alot of hope.
I have had MPs writing to the Mayor, Assembly memebers have been challenging him for 5 years with no success. The Assembley Health and Environment Committee filed a damning report in Decemeber, no further action has been taken.
If anyone knows of a better way to expose the corrupt and improper conduct of TFL, I am all ears.