Saturday, April 06, 2013

LVTA CABALCADE 2013 4/4/13...1.30-5.30pm

The London Vintage Taxi Association (LVTA) will be flying their flag in London's Marble Arch this Sunday 7th April.

From 1.30pm until 5.30pm there will be a line up of iconic FX and Fairway taxis as a celebration the years of service provided to London by these taxis.

Since the Mayor of London’s Air Quality Strategy has imposed a 15 year age limit on taxis in the capital, the iconic Fairways are coming to the end of their working lives as licensed taxis. The LVTA membership does have some taxi drivers who will be taking part in Cabalcade but many of the members are people who just love the vintage taxi and have restored their vehicles to their original state.

This is a chance for the public to see the vehicles from five decades close up and of course lots of great photo opportunities. The taxi has been photographed alongside the old Routemaster buses countless times and holds a place as an iconic symbol of all that is good about London.

Prior to lining up at Marble Arch, the Cabalcade will set off from Chelsea Harbour and wend its way through London stopping off at points that are important in the cabs history.

These include the old Public Carriage Office where licensing was done through to the modern Palestra where the Licensing is now carried out by TfL.

At each point there will be speakers talking about the vehicles – these guest speakers include Lord Jamie Borwick, former owner of the company who then made the vehicles through to the current Taxi and Private Hire Director for Transport for London, John Mason.

The last FX taxi to come from the production line has been preserved in its original state and will be on Marble Arch - registration RIP FX


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Anonymous said...

We wonder what Mr Mason will say?

Will it be 'TfL hope you enjoy today, there won't be many more as we intend to kill this trade'.

He 's got some front!