Tuesday, April 16, 2013

John Mason, "nothing we can do about it", but Burnley show the way.

Last year complaints were made about a company illegally advertising a Hospital Taxi service in a number of large hospitals around the capital. There is also a smart phone app from this company which offers Taxi services from mainline stations.

In a rare reply from the director of LT&PH, Mr John Mason stated that there was nothing LT&PH could do as the company, although misleading the public, wasn't licensed by LT&PH and was just a third party that passed on bookings to licensed Private hire companies.

We know that Mr Mason doesn't like spending money on lawyers or going to magistrate courts, because he told us in TfL board member Steve Wright's, Private Hire and Courier magazine (PH&C). Must be quite embarrassing considering the amount of cases LT&PH have allegedly lost under Mr Mason's administration.

Well, apparently there is something that LT&PH can do!
A similar set up in Burnley has felt the full weight of a licensing authority which is not bias towards private hire, doesn't mind going to court or spending money on lawyers.

A report taken from http://www.thisislancashire.co.uk/

BOSSES at an internet firm which attracted a string of complaints have been banned from operating as company directors.

An investigation was launched by the Insolvency Service’s Company Investigations Unit (CIU) into Cybernet Media, based in Railway Street, Nelson, amid growing disquiet over failures to provide advertised services.

Offering internet marketing services, web-based taxi booking systems and legal claims management, Cybernet operated 12 different websites.

But Manchester District Registry was told that the company ‘misled’ a number of customers by not delivering services in all three areas.

The company consistently failed to comply with statutory requirements as to the offering of private hire services or the conduct of legal claims management, despite warnings being given to the directors, the court heard.

The venture’s head, Yasser Hussain, 29, of Railway Street, was disqualified from being a company director for seven years.

And Noreen Akhtar, 36, of Beaufort Street, Nelson, another director, who was said to have played no meaningful part in the company’s management, was disqualified for two-and-a-half years by the same court.

The CIU had already successfully petitioned the courts for the outfit to be placed in voluntary liquidation in May 2011.

Several warnings had previously been given to the pair, as there were a number of statutory requirements relating to their business, especially when it came to running private hire bookings.
Insolvency officials also found that Cybernet, which was first incorporated in September 2008, had failed to keep proper accounting records, detailing business transactions before it ceased trading in early 2010.

Hussain in particular was said to have routed ‘substantial amounts of company monies through bank accounts not in the company’s name but under the control of himself’.

source: Burnley and Pendle "The Citizen".


'Cant do anything' LTPH.

1. Contact the relevant trading standards department and require action under the Consumer Protection Act etc.
2. Contact the Police and ask for consideration for action under Fraudulent Misrepresentation legislation.
3. Investigate the named directors and if as is likely they also hold PH licences as operators and drivers, haul them in and revoke that as not fit and proper persons.

You don't hesitate to threaten demonstrating cab drivers or those forced to overanalyse as you meekly surrender another load of rank space.

We await your information about any of 1,2 or 3 you have carried out. I am sure the blog would not wish to publish misleading information.

Over to you Mr Mason!


We're coming after you said...

Good job this company wasn't in london, they could have wound up being issued with 19 satellite office licenses just like Rides 2 when they were in liquidation!

Just a thought. As Rides 2 was insolvent and liquidated, where did it get the money from to pay the license fee for 19 satellite office licenses. I feel a FOI request coming on. But sadly not from the UTG.

Rising from the ashes said...

Don't worry Yasser Hussain, you can always get your dad to front a new company and Phoenix (as its called)

Your dad can start up Cybernet Media 2.com
It worked for the Khakhrias with Rides 2 Phoenixing into RD2.com
You might even get a commendation from the police if you illegally park, illegally ply for hire, park on the pavement and block the fire exits.

It worked for Vrajlal and son.

Anonymous said...

It's getting to be that we can't believe a word that comes out of Masons mouth.

Anonymous said...

How do you tell if a Tfl spokesperson is lying?

Answer: their lips move!

Anonymous said...

It's funny how the Rides2 story is not in the Taxi, United Cabbies News, The Badge etc..