Tuesday, April 02, 2013

EE launches 4GEE taxis to let the public use network for free

EE has today launched a fleet of 4G-enabled Hackney Carriages across Birmingham and London, offering passengers the chance to log on to EE’s 4G network using their smartphones and tablets for free.

The 4GEE Taxis form part of EE’s nationwide rollout of its 4G network and will see 40 decked out cabs in London and 10 in Birmingham.

The campaign was delivered in conjunction with Verifone Media, and was created by Saatchi & Saatchi. It was planned by media agency MEC and specialist OOH agency, Kinetic.

Passengers will be given a free trial of the 4G service after they text from their phone and receive a personalised code to connect to EE mobile 4G. They will then be able to browse, download and email for free for the duration of their journey.

Spencer McHugh, director of brand at EE, said: “The first motorised black cabs hit the streets in 1901, nearly 70 years before the first smartphone was available to consumers, now we are bringing this icon of British transport into the 21st century with a 4G make-over. We hope this trial will demonstrate the benefits of a superior online experience as users can browse, download, catch up on emails, Tweet and check Facebook literally at the speed of light. We can’t make taxi journeys any faster but we can certainly speed up people’s smartphones”.

Source: The Drum. Engadget.


Anonymous said...

Every cab should have WiFi soon
I already offer this using my iPhone as a hot spot through network 3

Passengers love it.

Anonymous said...

Get Taxi to offer free wi fi with their new terminals

Flying Fred said...

My garage is thinking of having carrier pigeons!

They are a forward looking mob.