Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Addison Lee Appeal Over

Addison Lee's courtcase is now over.

The Court of Appeal Judges have retired to consider their verdict as TfL, Cyclists and the Taxi trade wait with baited breath.

This is normal procedure and the verdict will be announced in due course


Anonymous said...

Interesting, if that's the word, that the UTG didn't feel the case was worthy of their attention.

Anonymous said...

Nice tie John

Manor House to ???? said...

We wonder and wait, my feeling is that the court will reserve judgement as ultimately who does and does not use the lanes is a policy matter.

But as ever a word of advice to Mr Griffin : The only TaxIS iN London are the ones driven by those with Green and Yellow Badges.

If you or any of your colleagues want one, just sign up fit the Knowledge, then you will be welcomed into the worlds No. 1 Cab Service, until then its al just minicab bing!


Perry Mason said...

Every thing seemed to be going the way it was expected, an open and shut case.
Then in the dying minutes the TfL legal team managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, by not knowing what they were talking about.

When asked why taxis should remain in bus lanes after they have picked up a passenger....they didn't know....and couldn't hassard a guess.

Prepare for the worst, I believe we will be joining Griffins vans and be slung out the bus lanes

Well done TfL legal department

spencer kurash said...

With friends like TFL etc...

William Rode said...

The reason TfL that we need to stay in the bus lane is so that passengers can sight us, hail us and board or alight the cab. No one else need that facility, if they want it do the knowledge.

Every man on the 'Clapham Omnibus' would know that and accept that as a reasonable construction.

This is just naked commercial self interest from a PH (the second tier) operator looking to convince the courts into assisting his monetary interests.

Anonymous said...

Well done John Griffin. All taxis/minicabs in Bus lanes or all out!

Anonymous said...

....or how about All Taxis In - All Private Hire Out!!
It's very simple to see the distinction when you dont try to fudge the deffinition of these vehicles.

Public service vehicles In

Private (hire or other) vehicles Out!!

In any other profession an attempt to blur the definition of such a trusted and responsible trade would not be tollerated.

If traffic wardens decided to call themselves traffic constables and claimed the right to arrest because they do a similar job to part of a police officers duties so therefore they must be treated exacly the same, they would be laughed at and arrested for immitating an officer of the law.

Why do PH think They can get away with it?

Anonymous said...

We reason we should be allowed to stay in bus lanes after we've picked up a fare is because our fare prices are determined by a meter, using bus lanes keeps the fares down for millions of londoners day in day out, excluding us from bus lanes would not be at all in the publics interest only Addison lees