Friday, March 15, 2013

Update on temporary measures implemented to assist driver during The London Taxi Company administration process


This Notice is issued to update the taxi trade on measures taken by TfL to
assist those drivers and garages adversely impacted by the London Taxi
Company entering administration.

The London Taxi Company exited administration on 1 February 2013 when
Chinese automobile manufacturer Geely acquired the business and the
principal assets of Manganese Bronze Holdings.

TfL have been in discussions with the new management of the London Taxi
Company and they are back in operation in London from their Brewery Road

LTC have informed TfL that they have been actively taking order for new and
used taxis and they have good levels of stock available to drivers.
During the administration period TfL took steps to assist drivers and garages

Allowing Euro 4 taxis to be licensed for up to 5 years where as the
minimum emissions standard for taxis new to licence is Euro 5
Issuing some temporary licences to taxis impacted by the 15 year age
limit which expired on 14 March 2013

Given the positive trading situation with London Taxi Company and the on
going availability of new and used Mercedes via KPM with immediate effect TfL
will not be issuing any further temporary licences or extensions to existing
licences for taxis over 15 years old and will no longer accept any taxis new to
licensing unless they meet Euro 5 standard.

John Mason
15 March 2013 London Taxi and Private Hire
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Anonymous said...

Your last notice we assume Mr Mason

Goodbye, you did your job entirely to your own satisfaction, pity no one else agreed!

Our gain is congestion charges loss.

Collin the clown said...

Back to congestion Charging and dept recovery

Was well out of his depth at LTPH

Made the mistake of surrounding himself with yes men
Labelling the RMT and UCG as a small trouble making Joke

Who's laughing now, Johnny Boy???

Anonymous said...

A joke Ah. Mason Back to congestion charging
Now that is funny
Tell us another one
Chapman taking over temporary while they find another cab trad destroyer. That's even funnier.
Wonder where they will stick her in six months time. My guess, the canteen.
Cockaleaky soup anyone?