Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Court Case Has Collapsed in Aylesbury Between AVDC and a Minicab Company.

A court case in which AVDC were trying to prosecute a minicab company has collapsed.

AVDC claimed that Call-a-Cab Limited were running minicabs even though they didn't have a licence to.

The company said they weren't a cab company, they were just an intermediary who spoke to customers and then tried to get them minicabs - depite the company's number being on the side of private hire vehicles.

Aylesbury Magistrates' Court was told that council officers had pre-booked journeys via a telephone number advertised by Call a Cab Ltd on its website, its cards and the doors of private hire vehicles. There was no contact between an officer and anyone, other than from Call a Cab Ltd, from the time a call was made until the vehicle arrived to collect them.

The magistrate has dismissed the case though because he wasn't convinced that AVDC had sent out the right paperwork when they took over licensing duty in 1989.

The case didn't actually rule on whether Call a Cab Ltd had been operating without a licence, and the council say they will appeal.

Councillor Judy Brandis, Chairman of the AVDC Licensing Committee, said:

"The council is very disappointed with this result and will be lodging an appeal. We firmly believe that the private hire controls were properly adopted in 1989. I must stress that the court's decision does not affect the council's ability to continue to enforce private hire controls in the interests of public safety and the public interest generally."


Anonymous said...

Is LTPH's paper work in order.

Perhaps that's why the don't prosecute illegally plying for hire

Or is it just they don't give a shit for public safety?

Anonymous said...

As far as I can remember, I believe TfL LTPH have only ever had one success against private hire and even that wasn't really them but a local council, griffins bus lane debacle

Head Hunter said...

We now know where they will appoint the next senior team from!

Job Descrition: Ineffective licensing staff needed must have proven ability of losing court cases and preparing inadequate evidence.

Duties also include night time enforcement but only during daylight hours. Free Travel, Pension and Top Money,only the least experienced need apply!!!!