Friday, March 22, 2013

Exclusive: Driver Robbed By Men With Shotgun.

Reports have been received of an incident that took place, late on Wednesday night.
A licensed Taxi driver was robbed at gunpoint in the Westbourne Park area.

The driver had picked up two men in the Earle's Court area, who asked him to drive them to Westbourne Park. He was directed to the estate close to the Cow public house. At the drop off point a sawn off shot gun was produced by one of the men and the driver was ordered out of his cab. The second man then searched the drivers compartment and took items including money, phone and cab keys.

The two men then threatened the driver not to follow and made off further into the estate. The Driver flagged down a passing cab and the police were called.
The police have impounded the cab for forensic examination as one of the robbers had been in the front compartment. The driver, after giving a statement was left to make his own way home.

This is all the information we have at the moment. More news as it comes in.


Night man said...

'You can't get a cab after 9 pm, they have all taken their money and gone home'
Peter Hendy TfL

Anonymous said...

all this shit about cabs have all gone home by nine,wished i was one of them my shift never end till three or four the morning,as for hendy he`s a muppit,all he does is sit and shine his burton suit,he`s like mason tells enough lies and believes them they should be sacked,all mason is waiting for is a mbe,nighthood,

Anonymous said...

Any descriptions of the men ?