Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Another fine mess?

Transport for London
London Taxi and Private Hire Notice 10/13:

London Taxi Drivers - New Design Licences and Area Identifiers

Further to TPH Notice 07/13, regarding the new design licences and area identifiers issued on 12 February 2013, this notice provides taxi drivers with an update on our plan to re-issue all taxi driver licences and area identifiers.

As was set out in TPH Notice 07/13, in order to re-issue taxi driver licences it is imperative that those drivers who were requested to provide passport sized photographs do so without delay. We would like to thank all the drivers who have already done this.

Unfortunately there are still a significant number of taxi drivers who have not provided their photographs and any driver who has not yet responded to this request is required to do so without further delay.

Photographs can be emailed to TPHphotos@tfl.gov.uk or posted to:
Taxi Driver Photographs 4th Floor, Green Zone Palestra
197 Blackfriars Road London SE1 8NJ

Given the volume of drivers that are still required to provide photographs, the bedding-in period of the new vehicle licensing service and the ongoing development of the new system for driver and operator licensing, we have decided to reschedule the issue of the replacement taxi driver licences and area identifiers.

This programme of work will be restarted as soon as possible and a further announcement will be made in due course.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance.
John Mason
11March 2013 Director, Taxi and Private Hire
For previous Notices visit tfl.gov.uk/tph

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Anonymous said...

I think they are planning to put the picture of you on the new ids thy are they so important, they already have pictures on file