Thursday, March 28, 2013

2nd Taxi Trade Open Forum Announced:

Transport for London London Taxi and Private Hire
TPH Taxi Trade Open Forum Wednesday 24 April 2013

I am pleased to announce that the second forum for taxi drivers, proprietors and trade organisations will take place on Wednesday 24 April 2013 between 17:30 and 19:30 and the venue will be the Ground Floor Conference Room, Palestra, 197 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8NJ.

A panel consisting of key staff from TPH will be at the session and any taxi licensee or trade representative can attend to raise issues, questions and concerns they may have.
There will be space for approximately 50 attendees and attendance will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

To register your interest please email quoting your name and badge number. If applicable, please let us know the name of the organisation you are representing. Attendance on behalf of an organisation is limited to 1 person only.

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 24 April 2013.

John Mason

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Daft not stupid said...

Any minutes from the last one, especially the bit where your man admitted that TfL recognise that PH waiting unbooked are illegally plying for hire.

We won't hold our breath!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well the notice has John Mason's name on it so I guess everything will above board with no lies ZZzzzzz

Sounds like a damage limitation meeting to me. The babies nappies will be changed and the usual suspects arses will be powdered, nothing will change and Mason will be holding his hand to his mouth and laughing down his cuff at the trade AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

Only one person from each representative group. Clever!

As the UTG don't send anyone, that's a grand total of two. To represent 24,000 drivers.

Not advertised very well, hoping no one will show up so Daniels can again say, theres no interest shown, so we're not holding anymore forums.

UTG members, you get better representation from the book man in Camley Street.

P Hendy said...

I will be there representing Private Hire

UP Yours TfL said...

This meeting is a pointless exercise, a complete waste of two hours of your life.

Regent St closed for two weeks to fix a burst water main that could of been fixed in days; when regent St re-opens, hey presto - two medians appear in the middle of the road and yet more rank space disappears so the scabs can operate unhindered by licensed taxis. Westminster Council still colluding with LTPH to deliver the STaN agenda.

Blow this meeting off and hold a demo outside Palestra on the day.


Call the demo Jim, I'm certain many would turn out to tell LTPH and TfL where to stick their meeting!

Reluctant Mushroom said...

Don't see any comments from the UCG or the RMT telling their members what their position is on this meeting. Sometimes it makes you wonder why drivers bother to pay them anything... would any committee members like to add a comment confirming their particular organisation has, or hasn't agreed to a TfL gagging order ???

Not a pair of balls in sight said...

Your reluctance to publish a harmless comment and the way you are burying the open forum article with your usual crap, taken directly from the NTA website speaks volumes. I'll take it as a 'YES'there is a gagging clause in action and you have answered my question on behalf of the 'YES MEN'of the UCG and RMT. All will turn out for this meeting and neither is worth subscribing to!

Editorial said...

Stories are published on this blog as they come in.
Older stories slide down the page. That's how blogs work.

None of the stories between this blog and the newest item have appeared of the NTA website. As we use the same news service it's inevitable that some stories will appear on both sites.

As for your comments that have been dropped, they are the ratings of a key board troll who in our opinion should be seeking help.

Anonymous said...

Steve wright could fill the room with PH Taxi operators as Mason seems to think there's nothing wrong with PH firms calling themselves Taxi services.

P Bpnd said...

Dear Reluctant Mushroom,

There is no gagging order on the RMT my friend, indeed the reverse is true, we don't hesitate to apprise the trade of any shortcomings by the authorities.

As ever queries and problems to the branch.


P Bond Vice Chair