Monday, February 25, 2013

Latest News From The London Taxi Company

EVP Peter Johansen talks to Global Partners

To our global partners,

Following the recent purchase of The London Taxi Company by Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd, I felt it was important that I write to our global partners, both existing and potential, to introduce myself and our new company.

Geely has appointed me as the Executive Vice President of The London Taxi Company. I am relatively new to the industry but I hope to bring a fresh approach to how we operate and interact with our customers and stakeholders. The last few months have been a huge trial for all parties concerned and I want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for the support shown to us over the difficult recent past. We want to repay our gratitude to you through improved service delivery and products.

I would also like to thank Geely, not just for their pledges as new owners to invest in and develop The London Taxi Company brand and products but also for their unswerving support over recent years. Over the next five years Geely have committed to new products, new power trains and increased model range of taxi specific vehicles.

With that in mind, I am pleased to announce that Matthew Cheyne, Director of International Sales, will now take the lead on all global sales for all markets excluding China. This renewed focus will allow us to maximise opportunities across the world and deliver a consistent, mutually beneficial offer to our customers; his team are absolutely integral for The London Taxi Company to be recognised as the leading global provider of purpose-built taxis, on a sustainable, profitable business model.

We have a lot of hard work and challenges ahead of us in order to re-establish ourselves and I believe that our very first step is to express the trust and respect that we have for our customers across the globe. We can only truly do that by demonstrating our focus on customers and quality in everything that we do from this point forward.

Actions speak louder than words and we are going to focus on demonstrating our passion and commitment through improvements in customer satisfaction and product quality.
We believe that the future of this business depends on these fundamental principles.

Peter Johansen
Executive Vice-President
The London Taxi Corporation Ltd t/a The London Taxi Company


Anonymous said...

Before they do anything else, they need to compensate the TX4 Fire victims .

Next up paying the drivers who shelled out on repairs usually covered by warranty during the administration.

Get a Hybrid Engine pronto, Peugeot apparently have just developed a really robust and economical one.

Anonymous said...

The new man in charge would not be poising at his desk with a smile on his face if he read some of the comments on the forum site - in fact he would probably feel quite dizzy

Confidence is lost in the company which can only be restored when all drivers have been compensated for their past looses