Friday, February 22, 2013

Hailo: Fixed Prices To Airports

UPDATE: As mentioned in January, Hailo have been testing a new Fixed Prices To London Airports feature with passengers. The results have been very positive and so they will be offering the feature to most Hailo passengers starting from Friday, February 22nd.

Over the coming weeks, as more and more passengers get the latest version of the app, they will be able to access this great new feature. Hailo will also be actively promoting Fixed Prices to passengers from late February.

Please Note: to comply with regulations, you still need to turn on your meter for these trips but the Fixed Price amount (and any pre-set tip) will appear automatically in the app at your airport destination.

Hailo Fixed Prices

The new Airport Fixed Fares will give Hailo drivers a real competitive edge on these high-value jobs and help win back even more work for the Trade.

As you might expect, they have not used blunt, inaccurate 'zones' or post codes to determine their flat rates but applied precise GPS pinpoints that are much more fair (if you'll pardon the pun) and reflect the actual meter/distance travelled.

Please note that the amount paid to drivers is the fixed fare plus tip less the Hailo commission.

Fixed Prices: Top Questions

We hope that Hailo Fixed Prices are a welcome development for our drivers, but no doubt you also have a lot of questions as well.

Please consult the Driver Help Centre on our website where you can find answers to frequently asked questions concerning London airports and airport jobs.


Anonymous said...

Do Hailo get 10% of this price?

central canary said...

They get 10% of this price PLUS tip.
So if it were a £61 fare and the passenger put a 10% tip (£6.10) on it making it £67.10 then they would take 10% of the total payment, ie £6.71 - not £6.10 from the original fixed price!! So you will only get the fare price if the punter tips 10% and covers hailos commission, but that's how the whole system works so 'go the extra mile'* and you'll be quids in!!!

* this is not meant to be taken literally, just make the punter happy (or scared) enough to give you more money!,.