Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Exclusive News Flash: Nissan London Taxi Presented For Passing.

Unconfirmed reports have reached Taxi Leaks, that a Nissan NV200 Taxi was presented for licensing as a London Taxi at an SGS testing centre today.

It has been alleged that the vehicle presented, did not conform to the conditions of fitness as the door openings were not of the required width. It was felt that the doors were too small to receive certain types of wheelchairs.

This could be quite a substantial set back to the company who are planning to make the model generally available to the trade by October 2013.

Originally Nissan hoped to launch the NV200 London Taxi earlier in 2013 but put back the launch date to October so the front end could be redesigned to look more Taxi like for the London market.


Taxi Leaks said...

A spokesman from Nissan has denied that a vehicle has been presented to SGS and stated that all engineering meets current CoF conditions.

Bob B said...

Well, they would say that Jimmy
They are not going to admit they got it wrong, are they

Look at the way LTC hid the fact they were selling vehicles with dodgy steering.

Look at the way Mercedes and LTPH won't admit the RWS in Vito taxis is faulty

How many Vito drivers ave the fuse removed.

Jimmy you did well reporting this story, regardless of what Nissan say.

We all want and need a new taxi vehicle but what we want most of all is honesty.

Taxi Leaks said...

Reliable source is adamant that story is correct
Says, personally spoke to SGS employee

Anonymous said...

Nissan Tom confirms new greener engine with auto option available