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Tuesday, 8th Jan, BBC1: 10:35pm

Cleaner Fuel For Taxis...A Reality.

Why does the Mayor constantly attack the Taxi trade for the state of the air quality in London.

Boris has spent millions of pounds on measures to retro fit old buses with systems to keep them on the road (something he won't allow with Taxis) and also paid for the design and supply of new buses that bus companies couldn't afford.

He also spent untold millions on bicycles that were supposed to be mostly sponsored by a bank, but now we're told actually, they put very little (percentage wise) in to the pot. When it comes to developing a cleaner engine or cleaner fuel for Taxis, he hasn't spent one penny.

The answer is out there, but needs investment to make it work on an industrial scale.
Below is a press release from a Swedish company, Aspenfuel, that produces a highly cleaned up alternative to heavy oil diesel called EcoPar. This is a fuel that can be used by Taxis without any modification to existing engines.

This is just one of many solutions that could be employed to tackle the problem of London's Air Quality. But it needs investment and that's something the mayor is not willing to do, when it comes to the Licensed Taxi Trade. It seems his idea of cleaning up London is to force as many of us off the road as possible.


EcoPar is an ultraclean engine fuel for ordinary diesel engines (Swedish pat. No. 522
918, other patents pending). Compared to diesel oil, emissions of many carcinogenic
substances decrease by more than 90%. The content of NO2 in the surroundings
decrease by up to 50%.

The amount of visible soot is reduced and the total toxicity of the emissions decreases considerably. Net emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) decrease by 30 to 50% measured over the whole lifecycle accord ing to ISO 14040.

Users that earlier have been troubled by diesel engine emissions experience dramatic reductions of negative health effects. Common health discomforts from diesel exhaust are headaches, nausea, and irritation of eyes, nose, throat and skin. EcoPar is suitable for all applications where work in diesel emissions cannot be avoided, e.g. construction and building,,mining, park and road maintenance, inner city vehicles, forestry, storages, waste handling, etc.

EcoPar contains no aromatics, benzene or sulphur and will reduce Co2 emissions by 30 % - 50%, making it one of the cleanest diesel fuels available.

It has a high hydrogen content giving it a excellent energy content per litre. It will function in any diesel engine without the need for modification and is suitable for both summer and winter use ( - 35 centigrade). It conforms to the European EN590 and American ASTM D975 standards.

Due to the low risks to health and the environment EcoPar is not classified as hazardous goods according to the international ADR/RID, IMO and IATA regulations.

Because this product is sold in small quantities, it works out expensive. But given the right investment, with a large take up from a customer base such as TfL's London Transport system including auxiliary vehicles, plus 22,000 London Taxis, we could see the cost dramatically reduce.

Instead of scrapping, perfectly good vehicles in a PR stunt (one thats made no difference to the air quality, even after the removal of nearly 3,000 older cabs), perhaps Boris should now put his money where his mouth is.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

New Inspection Sites Announced

As previously announced in February 2012, and following a comprehensive tendering process, NSL Ltd were awarded the contract to provide the taxi and private hire vehicle licensing and inspection service replacing the existing service provider, SGS United Kingdom Ltd when their contract expires in February 2013.

This notice provides taxi and private hire vehicle drivers and owners with important information regarding new locations identified by TfL and NSL for the inspection of taxis and private hire vehicles.

New and Additional Vehicle Inspection Locations:
Through the new contract with NSL extensive work has been undertaken to improve and expand the number of vehicle inspection sites available to the taxi and private hire trade. Locations for a total of six new vehicle inspection centres have been identified and these will be managed and operated by NSL under the new contract.

All six sites will offer inspections for both private hire and taxi vehicles expanding the current availability of sites from 3 to 6 for taxis and from 4 to 6 for private hire vehicles.

This includes sites in the north, south, east and west of Greater London and two additional sites in a more central area, providing a better spread of sites across the Greater London area.

The six inspection centres will be at the following locations:

The ‘North’ site is based in Enfield in the Watermill Business Centre which is close to distance of the current SGS inspection centre. The site is 10,000 sq ft with space for 6 inspection bays and parking for up to 17 vehicles outside.

The ‘South’ site is located in Coulsdon. The site is 22,000 sq ft, however, not all will be used for LTPH services. There will be 5 inspection bays and sufficient parking for waiting vehicles.

The ‘East’ site is based in Crayford near Dartford on the South side of the river. The site is 9,000 sq ft and has sufficient of parking space for waiting vehicles. There will be 5 inspection bays.

The ‘West’ site is based near Hounslow in the Air Links Industrial Estate and is within easy reach of the M4 motorway. The site is approximately 14,500 sq ft and has 25-30 parking spaces and capacity for 6 inspection bays and a limousine bay.

The second ‘East’ site is based in a slightly more central area in the Canning Town/Bromley by Bow area. With the total grounds being approximately 22,000 sq ft it will have sufficient parking for 18 parking spaces with the inspection centre itself having space for 3 inspection bays plus a limousine bay.

The second ‘West’ site is based in the Aquarius Business Park in the Brent Cross area which allows for access via major roads. The site is approximately 10,500 sq ft with parking for 18 spaces, 3 inspection bays and an additional limousine bay.

The key factors that both NSL & TfL took into consideration are the size and accessibility of the site, access to facilities, parking spaces for vehicles to wait etc.

All sites have the following facilities:
Air conditioned waiting and viewing areas equipped with televisions. High quality seating with a supply of newspapers and magazines. Coffee and Tea vending machines
Cold drink vending machines
Snack vending machines
Wheelchair accessible toilets
Parking facilities
Electric car charging points
Limousine inspection bays

We will be sending out further communications and reminders of the new taxi licensing services that will be provided by NSL Ltd in the lead up to the changeover on the 1 March.

John Mason
3 January 2013 Director, Taxi and Private Hire
For previous Notices visit

Taxi Leak Comment:
There is good reason now to scrap retest fees, as they were introduced to stop drivers presenting, failing and just getting the stops done. If the vehicle passes an MoT class 4, then it is considered roadworthy and fit for purpose by the DoT. There should be no reason for NSL (other than raking in re-passing fees) to put a stop on the vehicle!

New Taxi Licensing Service from 1 March 2013

This notice provides important information regarding the forthcoming change in the taxi licensing service, which will commence on 1 March 2013.

In 2010, the Mayor’s Air Quality Strategy (MAQS) was published which announced a number of changes for taxis and private hire vehicles including the introduction of age limits. Following requests from the trade through the MAQS public consultation, one such change was that with effect from early 2013, the current taxi licensing system would change to introduce two MOT tests per annum and an annual licensing inspection.

The new taxi licensing system, which will commence to coincide with the changeover of the vehicle licensing and inspections service from SGS UK Ltd to NSL Ltd will require all vehicle owners to ensure their vehicles have passed two standard (Class 4) MOT tests per year. The London Cab Order 1934 has been amended accordingly.

The first MOT test must be issued no more than 14 days prior to the taxi licensing inspection and the second MOT test is to be issued six months from the date the taxi licence is granted. The six-monthly MOT tests help to ensure that taxi and private hire vehicles remain safe and road worthy for passengers and other road users.

In addition to the two MOT tests, NSL will carry out a taxi vehicle specific inspection on an annual basis prior to a licence being issued. This annual inspection will only be carried out where there is clear evidence that a standard MOT has been issued within the 14 day period, unless the vehicle is new. If the taxi is new then it is exempt from the requirement to undertake an MOT test for the first 12 months from the date of first registration.

Please note as part of the transition to this new system it will not be possible to have a taxi licensing inspection between 14 and 28 February 2013. This period will be available for taxi re-tests only.

All taxi vehicle licences due to expire within this period will need to be booked in for a licensing inspection before the 14 February, to ensure continual licensing.

We will be sending out further communications and reminders of the new taxi licensing services that will be provided by NSL Ltd in the lead up to the changeover on the 1 March.

You can find a full copy of the Mayor’s Air Quality Strategy (MAQS) on the GLA website at:

John Mason
3 January 2013 Director, Taxi and Private Hire
For previous Notices visit

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

What the London Taxi Drivers Branch think of Boris's and TFL's nonsense about pedicabs

TfL to ban Pedicabs?

TfL & the Mayor’s Office have announced that they as part of the Law Commission Submission wished to include Pedicabs as Hackney Carriages and therefore be subject to the Condition of Fitness and controls that would remove many of them from the streets.

Good News! Yes if it ever becomes law and TfL enforce it.

TfL’s current record of enforcing illegal plying for hire by PH and unlicensed vehicles (no convictions ever!) give us grave doubts.

As ever the story behind the headlines is more interesting.
 It was TfL along with Westminster Council that proposed a Voluntary Registration Scheme via an Act of Parliament.

 It was the RMT’s Sponsored MP John McDonnell who opposed this clause at every stage in the House of Commons leading to its withdrawal from the bill.

 It was this action by the RMT and its Parliamentary Group and this alone that has forced TfL’s ‘change of heart’.

So before The Mayor, TfL and others trumpet their concern and action on behalf of the Cab Trade and Travelling Public, you now know the truth.

Remember the Olympics!
In 2013 we have the start of two MOT’s plus a cab inspection, another woeful tariff review (Zone 1 Cash fare on the Tube is £4.70 per person), our flag fall for 5 people is a pitiful £2.40?
It just gets worse and worse.

Make a New Year Resolution, Join us and protect your livelihood.
We hold Monthly Member meetings and the last one was standing room only London’s Largest Taxi Trade Union
Contact or call 07899 786433 (24/7)

Divyesh to climb Kilimanjaro in aid of Magical Taxi Tour

One of the Taxi Drivers who took part in the Magical Taxi Tour 2012, Divyesh Ruprella, is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and raising money for 3 charities and The Magical Taxi Tour is lucky enough to be one of them.

Taxi Leaks would like to wish Divyesh the very best of luck with his climb.
If you would like to sponsor him and help raise much needed funds for our favourite charity, please visit his Just Giving Page Click here, then click on the bit to donate to the magical Taxi Tour.

Below is Divyesh’s little explanation of what he is doing.
Thanks for visiting my fundrasing page. I am climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, as part of being 50 years old celebrations. I am using the Lemosho route (8 Days) to trek up the Kili, to give myself the best possible chance to summit by spending couple more days on the mountain to acclimatise  I fly out on 09/01/2013. The cost of the trip is paid by me as a birthday pressie to myself, so you can be rest assured that every penny you donate, except the just giving charge will go to the charities mentioned below. You all know about GOSH, and Help For Heroes, but please check out to find out about the amazing work they do for Sick, sometimes terminally ill and disabled children.
The Magical Taxi Tour charity is run entirely by volunteers!! 
It is YOUR CHOICE which of the 3 charities your kind donation goes to, I cant share the donation between the charities. Thank you once again x
I am also doing regular short video updates on
Remember: Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with JustGiving – they’ll never share them with anyone or send you unwanted emails. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the charity. They’ll make sure Gift Aid (an additional 28%) is reclaimed on every eligible donation by a UK taxpayer, too. That means more money goes to the charity, faster, with JustGiving.

A New Years Message From Your Caring Mayor:

To London's Taxis, who were not only excluded from the Olympic family, had their ranks hidden away from Olympic venues and although all vehicles are fully wheelchair accessible, where excluded from the Paralympics, your Mayor has new plans in store for you in 2013.

Boris's Message:
Over the next year we will develop a taxi ranks action plan.
We will review the accessibility of ranks at London’s mainline rail stations so that the disabled can use taxis more easily.

Boris, perhaps you should start at Cannon Street, Blackfriars and London Bridge.
See video click here,  which shows after a multimillion pound face lift, the total exclusion of wheelchair passengers from Cannon Street, right in the centre of the City of London.

Other improvements will include:
• Monthly on-street compliance activities from 2013 to check that accessibility features in taxis, such as wheelchair ramps and swivel seats, are in working order and drivers know how to use them. Where an accessibility feature is not working, the driver will not be allowed to use the taxi until the feature is fixed.

Boris are you for real? there are lines of touting minicabs, stealing our work, where people are being raped by licensed minicab drivers, picking up unrecorded jobs...and your going to use the little enough manpower you have in the compliance teams, to check whether Taxi drivers know how to use the disabled facilities in their vehicles and if these facilities are in working order?
Not one word from you about the safety or mechanical condition of on road PHVs. Surely not more bias from the Mayor, TfL and LTPH

• Developing systems over the next two years to support our Cabwise and Findaride services, which should see an increase in the number of private hire operators registered with the service and make it easier for all users to book a taxi or private hire vehicle. Over the next four years the services will continue to be promoted across London.

Boris, the Taxi Leaks investigation has already shown serious flaws and bias in the Cabwise App, on all smart phone platforms and Text. Perhaps you would like to comment on how you intend to offer your stakeholders a more level playing field.

Over the passed three years the number of satellite offices and the ease at which a license can be obtained have become an alarming problem. We have seen in the press that the sexual assault and rape in minicab figures, have been manipulated to show a decrease resulting in suspension and sacking of a number of Met Police officers. Even so, you wasted no time in promoting these false statistics, much in the same way as you produced made up figures showing Taxis responsible for a large percentage of London's poor air quality. Also, it's been alleged that a well known Tory had to resign after conflicts of interests, over the supply of new Euro 5 Taxis after the 15 year age limit was introduced.


1. What do you intend to do about TfL/LTPH's refusal to tackle illegal plying for hire?
2. When are compliance officers going to start inspecting PHV documentation on a level ratio with License Taxis 3:1?
3. When are you going to reinstate the 1000s of rank spaces, lost over the last ten years under TfL?
4. When are you going to tackle the abuse of Private Hire advertising online as Taxi services?
5. When are TfL going to exercise a duty of care and protection of working practises that the licensed Taxi trade pay for?
6. When are you, TfL and LTPH going to stop showing a hypocritical and belligerent attitude against the Best Taxi Service in the world.

It's appears that every licensing authority in the world recognise the value of the London Licensed Taxi Trade, except our own, who show unreserved biased in favour of private hire.

The Mayor/TfL/LTPH want to consult with the Taxi Trade & hear your views.....

Taxicards, CabWise, PH Operators, Satellite Offices, etc etc!

Get involved

The next four years are an exciting time for the accessibility of the transport network, where more and more improvements will be introduced to make it even easier to get around the city.
As we make these improvements and seek the solutions to some of the problems that disabled Londoners have faced, we want you to help us. We've already received some great feedback from you to help us develop this document. Now, we want to hear from you about your experiences and your thoughts, and ideas for how we can further enhance the accessibility of London's transport network.

So there you have it, its up to you to let them know what you really think!

Please contact equalities lead: Michele Dix, Managing Director of Planning.
Email her at:
Write to her at:
Transport for London
Windsor House 42-50 Victoria Street London SW1H 0TL
Or call us on: 0843 222 1234 to leave your feedback."

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2012: The year it became okay to sexual assault minicab passengers, as long as the streets get cleared.

The Police, Local Councils and TfL/LTPH have shown by their complete lack of action against the practises of PH to illegally ply for hire outside London's night venues, that they are willing to turn a blind eye to serious sexual assault and even rape, as long as the streets are clear of night revellers, regardless of the consequences.

The attitude towards rape victims has changed dramatically over the last decade, as victims are actually being informed, that if no penetration takes place, the crime can only be recorded as an assault against the person...taking them out of the minicab related rape and sexual assault statistics.

Reported rape in London is up in total by 53%.
Rape victims trust of the Met and City Police is currently at an all time low, with less than 20% of victims ever reporting such attacks. (Source BBC News online)

Statistic frequently released by crisis support groups are in stark contrast to the massaged statistics issued by The Met and TfL.
But in spite of this, people still seem all too willing to get into unbooked, unrecorded minicabs, with central locking and blacked out windows, most nights of the week...

It's not just in London, it's nationwide.

At Caernarfon Crown Court earlier this month, a 49-year-old man was convicted of raping a teenage girl. Jailing the rapist, the judge told him: “She let herself down badly. She consumed far too much alcohol and took drugs, but she also had the misfortune of meeting you”.

It was the latest in a wave of examples of victim-blaming, a phenomenon that Christina Diamandopoulos, of the Rape Crisis charity, describes as the “myth that women are responsible for men’s sexual behaviour. From this stems the idea that what a woman wears, says, where she goes, or what she does can make her responsible for the crime committed against her.”

The problem is compounded by common misconceptions, such as the idea that all rapists are strangers, who attack in dark alleys at night. In fact, Ms Diamandopoulos says, “most rape is committed by partners, ex-partners and men who are known to the woman”.

There is also another myth that it is only unlicensed minicabs, a stranger with a car that rape and sexually assault victims. Convictions of licensed PHV drivers show this is not the case. The problem has been identified as unbooked journeys made by passengers who have been touted by licensed minicab drivers outside clubs and bars.

In August, the MP George Galloway publicly dismissed allegations of rape and sexual assault against Julian Assange. The WikiLeaks founder, he said, was guilty simply of “bad sexual etiquette” when he began to have sex with a sleeping woman who had previously consented; his actions were “not rape as anyone with any sense can possibly recognise it”.
The law clearly states otherwise.

After news emerged of the sexual abuse of young girls in Rochdale, one victim told Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour: “Quite a few people rang social services: school, the police … even my own dad … basically they told my mum and dad that I was a prostitute and it was a lifestyle choice. And because I was only six months off turning 16, they wasn’t going to do anything.”

In April, after the footballer Ched Evans was convicted of raping a woman who was too drunk to consent, his victim faced an appalling backlash of online abuse. Twitter users called her a “money-grabbing slut” and circulated her name so widely that she was forced to change her identity.

Latest Press Release from TfL/LTPH

Below is the latest taxi ranks update to help keep you informed where there are changes to current operational arrangements.

Missing however is a list of Taxi ranks that have been revoked, suspended indefinitely and removed by local councils and TfL.

Follow the links provided for more information.


Intercontinental Hotel works
Essential resurfacing works on the hotel forecourt of the Intercontinental Hotel at Hamilton Place started on Monday 10 December 2012. The resurfacing works are expected to last until February 2013 and during this time drivers will not be able to use the taxi rank on the hotel forecourt.
During the works the taxi rank in the centre of the road in Hamilton Place, which feeds the hotel forecourt, will still be available. The kerbside taxi rank in Hamilton Place - which is directly outside of the Intercontinental Hotel and is normally used as the 3rd feeder rank for the Hilton Hotel - should be used to pick up passengers from the Intercontinental Hotel. The centre of the road rank which normally acts as a feeder rank for the forecourt should be used as a feeder rank for the kerbside rank.
There will be space in front of the kerbside taxi rank for drivers to drop off passengers plus two members of staff from the Intercontinental Hotel will be present at all times to direct drivers and assist passengers.
Once the works are completed the forecourt taxi rank will be reinstated.

Over ranking
Reports have been received about taxis overranking at:

. Tooley Street

· Selfridges, Oxford Street

· Upper Tachbrooke Street, Victoria

Taxis over ranking at these locations is causing problems for other taxi drivers, cyclists and buses. The over ranking at London Bridge is also preventing taxis and buses from being able to enter the station to safely drop-off passengers, putting the passengers at risk.
The police have advised us that if taxis continue to overrank enforcement activities will be conducted and any driver over ranking risks being issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

Funny, not a single word about the thousands of minicabs that illegally rank up outside nightclubs, theatres and underground and mainline stations and park on licensed Taxi ranks...
One rule for us, stringently enforced, but only guidelines for them, never enforced.

Change to Gatwick Express entrance and exit at Victoria Station, air deck rank/station car park
The entrance and exit from the air deck rank/Victoria Station car park to the Gatwick Express trains at Victoria Station have been swapped and the new entrance to the Gatwick Express trains is now where the old exit used to be, with the new exit where the old entrance used to be.
When dropping off passengers please try and drop them near the new entrance.

Northbound closure of Pancras Road

Between 21:00 on Friday 4 January until 23:00 on Sunday 6 January there will be a closure of the northbound end of Pancras Road from Coach Road to Goods Way. This closure is for tower crane works.

Drivers will be able to access the King's Cross taxi rank on Pancras Road from Euston Road and will need to exit Pancras Road via Euston Road.

The entrance to the taxi lane for the St Pancras rank will be closed during these works so drivers should access this rank via Goods Way.

Taxi marshals will be present and drivers should follow their instructions at all times.

You can find details of the current TfL consultations here

Current consultations include:

- Proposed improvements at the junction of Mile End Road and Burdett Road

- Barclays Cycle Super Highway 5: New Cross Gate to Victoria

- Improving river crossings

Other consultations currently open include:

- Plans for the development of the Euston area

- Proposals to change Liverpool Street and surrounding areas

Useful links
taxi licensing information

- Taxi ranks booklet, island ranks and extension areas

- Find the latest TfL press notices

Sunday, December 30, 2012


It would seem that TfL will be carrying on their bias treatment of the Licensed Taxi Trade in true Olympic fashion (so much for legacy) by refusing any temporary Taxi ranks to facilitate the publics safe removal from the restricted areas on New Years Eve.

The Rickshaws they say they want to ban will of course be given full access to the forbidden zone. Police will again (as they do most nights) be turning a blind eye to the lines of minicabs, illegally plying for hire around the periphery.

Below is a letter from the Mayor, sent to residents contains important information about restrictions that will affect them as residents or businesses on New Year’s Eve 2012.

The Mayor of London has once again commissioned a New Year’s Eve fireworks display at the London Eye.

The display will follow a similar pattern to previous years, with music and a countdown as midnight approaches, followed by a ten-minute firework display at midnight.

Due to the popularity of the event, everyone will need to be prepared for large crowds and to plan well in advance to ensure they have a safe and enjoyable time. Only a proportion of the several hundred thousand people in central London will be able to watch the fireworks in the official viewing areas, which will close as soon as they are full.

We will, once again, be putting in place a number of measures to ensure that all of those wanting to access the event area will be safe. These measures will affect traffic, public transport and pedestrian access to the area.

Once the designated viewing areas on Victoria Embankment, Westminster Bridge, Waterloo Bridge, Lambeth Bridge and Belvedere Road/York Road reach capacity, a number of closures will be put in place restricting pedestrian access to specific areas. Each of these closure points will be supported by a team of event stewards who will be briefed to allow access to any resident and any guests of residents should they require. Please be aware that once these barriers are closed there will be considerable crowds both sides of the barriers so they will take some time to cross. Closures come into effect between 21:00 & 23:00.
To ensure your evening runs as smoothly as possible, we would suggest you and/or your guests carry something with your name and address which can be shown to the event stewards when passing through closed barrier points. This is not obligatory; however it may speed up your and/or your guests’ movements within the area.

For those who are unable to carry proof of address (a utility bill) resident wristbands are available for those living within the barrier closures, for Addington Street, York Road, Chicheley Street and Belvedere Road. On the night please show your wristband to the stewards who will let you though the barriers, enabling you to access your property. If you would like to apply for a wristband, please send a stamped addressed envelope to:
Hayley Shingles, Jack Morton Worldwide, 16 – 18 Acton Park Estate, The Vale, London, W3 7QE, detailing the names of those who require them.

If safe to do so, the Police enforcing the road closures may allow residential traffic through road closure points so you can access your property during the closure times. However, due to large crowds and public safety there will be no vehicular access to York Road, Belvedere Road, Victoria Embankment, Whitehall Place and any roads leading south of the Strand or Fleet Street between the closure time and the time it is deemed safe to reopen the roads (circa 01:30 – 03:00). Please ensure any guests invited to your property are made aware of this fact.

Special services will be provided on buses, Tube and National Rail on the night. However, please note the following measures will be put in place:
Westminster station will be exit only to Parliament Street from 21:30 on 31 December 2012 and will close when public safety requires it due to large crowds in the area no later than 22:00 or earlier. The station will fully reopen no later than 02:00 on 1 January 2013.
Exit from Embankment station will be via Villiers Street only. Embankment station will be closed briefly at
23:30 on 31 December 2012 and will reopen at 00:15 on 1st January 2013. Access will be via Villiers Street only.

Charing Cross station will be exit only for London Underground from 23:45 and operating as normal for National Rail. London Underground services are anticipated to be restored no later than 03:00 on 1 January 2013.
Temple station will be closed if public safety requires it due to large crowds. If closed the station will fully reopen no later than 02:00hrs on 1 January 2013.
For information on Blackfriars station, please check online:
Waterloo station will operate as normal; however, large queues are anticipated after 00:10 on 1January 2013.
Lambeth North will close from 23:30 on 31 December 2012 and reopen no later than 03:00 on 1January 2013.
Holborn, St Paul’s and Mansion House will operate as normal.
Further details on public transport on New Year’s Eve are available online at and will be available at all staffed stations.

All pedestrian access across Westminster Bridge will be restricted from 20:00 on 31 December 2012 until approximately 01:00 on 1 January 2013.
Pedestrian access in both directions across Golden Jubilee Bridge/Hungerford Bridge will be closed at 20:00 on 31 December 2012. Access across the bridge is unlikely to be reopened until approximately 00:40 on
1 January 2013 or when the majority of the crowds have dispersed.
The Queen’s Walk will be open from the Westminster Bridge entrance only after 20:00 when a ‘looped’ one way system will be put in place with entrance and exit from Westminster Bridge only. Access will be maintained to any of the Queen’s Walk restaurants that are open until 22:30.
Pedestrian crossing of the river will be possible from Lambeth Bridge to the West and from Waterloo Bridge to the East until such time when these viewing areas also become full. At this point Southwark Bridge to the East and Vauxhall Bridge to the West will remain open for cross river access.

Please be aware that these have changed since last year
On 31 December 2012 Whitehall Place, Whitehall Court, Horse Guards Avenue, Northumberland Avenue, Craven Street, Great Scotland Yard, Horse Guards Road, John Adam Street, Adam Street and Villiers Street
will close at 16:00. Victoria Embankment, Savoy Street, Carting Lane, Savoy Place, Arundel Street, Whitehall, Richmond Terrace, Derby Gate, Canon Row, Whitehall Gardens and Westminster Bridge will close at 17:00.
All other roads in central London will begin to close from 20:00 and will remain closed until the crowds have dispersed and the litter cleared (circa 01:30 – 03:00) on 1 January 2013 or it is deemed they are safe to reopen.

Please refer to the map on the reverse which highlights the areas affected by road closures. The roads closing at 16:00 are highlighted in red, those closing at 17:00 are highlighted in blue, those closing at 20:00 are highlighted in yellow, and those closing at 22:00 are highlighted in green. If public safety requires it due to large crowds, the area highlighted in green may be closed earlier.
This map along with further information and updates will be available at
Please do not hesitate to contact our Neighbour Liaison Team at our appointed event management agency Jack Morton Worldwide on if you require any further information or assistance at this stage.

For enquiries on the night of 31 December 2012 please contact our Event Liaison Team on 0208 735 2382.