Friday, December 14, 2012

PwC administrators to London Taxi Company announce completion of steering fix to recalled vehicles

For immediate release
14 December 2012

PwC administrators to London Taxi Company announce completion of steering fix to recalled vehicles

The administrators of Manganese Bronze Holdings are pleased to announce that all of the 401 vehicles recovered as part of the taxi recall have been fixed and are back on the road.

The joint administrators are now commencing the second phase of the fix programme. Over 600 largely new and unregistered vehicles, which have come off the production line in Coventry, will see the same new steering replacement system fitted.

This phase of work will be completed at a faster rate than the first as the majority of vehicles are at a single location within a secure compound. The administrators expect that the second phase of the fix will be completed by late February, which will conclude the replacement programme for all steering boxes.

The 12 production employees laid off from the Coventry plant at the end of October have now returned back into full time employment to assist with the ongoing operations of the business.

The administrators remain in advanced, positive negotiations with all bidders that submitted offers in the second round. The deadline for second round bids fell on Friday 7 December and the administrators are currently evaluating offers. Discussions are likely to be ongoing through next week and into the Christmas holiday period.

Matthew Hammond, PwC partner and joint administrator, said:

“I am delighted that all the taxis are now repaired and back on the road. I want to thank the company's employees who have been part of a massive effort to get all the vehicles repaired. They have worked extremely hard to ensure the affected taxis were returned to their drivers as quickly as possible and back on the road before Christmas. It’s been a tough time for all those affected, so it’s pleasing to have completed this phase of works on schedule.

“Throughout this process we have worked closely with the Mayor and Transport for London to provide daily updates on the repairs. Our key suppliers have been enormously helpful and rallied to the cause of helping get the cabs back on the road. There’s a great deal of goodwill towards this iconic vehicle and we are all committed to securing the best outcome for the company. Although it's too early to say definitively, we are hopeful that we will sell the business as a going concern

“The ongoing support of the group’s management team, employees and unions has been unwavering and very welcome.”

Well that's all very cosy and nice.

So now, what do you intend to do about the thousands of taxi drivers, who have laid out over £30,000 and now find their Chinese vehicle, fitted with Chinese components, with no warranty?

Is the Goodwill policy just all smoke and mirrors?
Perhaps we should publish a list of drivers who have been told by LTI agency garages "Sorry that's not covered by our goodwill policy" and explain what they have been turned down for.

Who in their right mind is going to purchase one of these new vehicles with no warranty.
Just how cheap will these vehicles be sold off?

Or will they be exported?

Wonder what steering boxes were fitted to the 2000 Geely Taxis sold to Baku?
Perhaps we need to ask the Azerbaijan Trade Attaché.

Allegedly, there's no problem with Geely's 20% of the company.

Another meaningless notice from TfL...


Mayor seeks ban on dangerous pedicabs

• Mayor’s call supported by businesses and safety campaigners
• Vehicles have disproportionate effect on congestion and drivers frequently arrested for obstruction and dangerous driving

The Mayor and Transport for London (TfL) have today called for a change to legislation that would allow them to effectively ban dangerous pedicabs in the capital.

In its submission to the Law Commission’s consultation ‘Reforming the Law on Taxi and Private Hire Services’ TfL proposes that pedicabs and other ‘novelty’ vehicles should be brought under the same legislative framework that governs taxis and private hire vehicles. This would give TfL the power to remove pedicabs from the capital’s roads as they don’t meet the rigorous safety and licensing standards that taxis and private hire vehicles must adhere to.
Blah, blah, blah...

This would also give TfL the right to charge them a license fee when some form of safety standard is agreed. Rickshaw ranks, coming to a street near you soon!

Remember Minicabs?
Ken Livingston said, "When we license them their numbers will drop by half overnight".
We were told, "touting will be their problem not ours".

The only touting problem minicabs face today, is where to illegally ply for hire from. The choice seems endless as LTPH dish out satellite office licenses like sweets to hungry kids.

As for touting, a minicab driver has more chance of winning the lottery than being done for illegally plying for hire, FACT.


This from the RMT.

RMT London Taxi Branch 0930 Trade Notice

TfL to ban Pedicabs?

TfL & the Mayor’s Office have announced that they as part of the Law Commission Submission wished to include Pedicabs as Hackney Carriages and therefore be subject to the Condition of Fitness and controls that would remove many of them from the streets.

Good News! Yes if it ever becomes law and TfL enforce it.

TfL’s current record of enforcing illegal plying for hire by PH and unlicensed vehicles (no convictions ever!) give us grave doubts.

As ever the story behind the headlines is more interesting.

 It was TfL along with Westminster Council that proposed a Voluntary Registration Scheme via an Act of Parliament.

 It was the RMT’s Sponsored MP John McDonnell who opposed this clause at every stage in the House of Commons leading to its withdrawal from the bill.

 It was this action by the RMT and its Parliamentary Group and this alone that has forced TfL’s ‘change of heart’.

So before The Mayor, TfL and others trumpet their concern and action on behalf of the Cab Trade and Travelling Public, you now know the truth.

Remember the Olympics!

In 2013 we have the start of two MOT’s plus a cab inspection, another woeful tariff review (Zone 1 Cash fare on the Tube is £4.70 per person), our flag fall for 5 people is a pitiful £2.40? It just gets worse and worse.

Make a New Year Resolution, Join us and protect your livelihood. We hold Monthly Member meetings and the last one was standing room only London’s Largest Taxi Trade Union

Contact or call 07899 786433 (24/7)

We're Back, Drivers Flocking To Join Up.

And so the fight back begins
Drivers fed up with empty promises, have taken it upon themselves to form a volunteer group, who will actively turn up and take the work back being stolen every night by touts.

At the recent Taxi drivers forum held in the Palestra Building, Blackfriars, LTPH finally, openly admitted that it is indeed illegal for minicabs to wait outside a venue or operational centre to become hired.
Derbyshire solicitor and licensing expect James Button states on his website;
A standing PHV waiting to become hired, constitutes illegally plying for hire. A successful prosecution carries the same penalty as Touting.

A spokesperson for LTPH also openly admitted that since TfL took over from the Met there hasn't been one conviction of illegally plying for hire.

So if they are not prepared to do anything about these lines if touts stealing our's up to us.

Will you just sit back and let scab touts steal your work?
Or will you join with us and fight back?


Join the Twitter Action Group ( @TAG_Hit_Squad ) today and get regular updates of events and details of actions to take place. Only licensed Taxi drivers need apply.





Thursday, December 13, 2012

Taxi Operators Sue NYC Over Making Nissan Official Cab

New York City taxi fleet operators sued the city over rules that make a Nissan Motor Co. (7201) vehicle the city’s official cab.

The plaintiffs, who include the Committee for Taxi Safety and Taxifleet Management LLC, said the city and other defendants exceeded their powers under law in selecting the “entirely untested” Nissan NV200 as the only authorized taxi, according to a complaint dated Nov. 28 in state Supreme Court in Manhattan.

“Taxicab medallion and vehicle owners, who have long been permitted to choose from among dozens of different vehicles made by numerous different manufacturers, will have all choices eliminated and will instead be required to purchase and drive the NV200 only,” the taxi operators said in the complaint.

According to the complaint, the Nissan NV200 is untested in city stop-and-go traffic, uses “outdated engineering, design and technology,” doesn’t employ hybrid or electric power, wouldn’t be able to withstand years of cab usage and would require replacement parts manufactured outside the U.S.

“These new rules will improve service to the riding public without harming the industry, as the plaintiffs allege,” Kate O’Brien Ahlers, a spokeswoman for the city’s law department, said in an e-mailed statement. “We believe the suit lacks merit.”
Also sued were the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission, its commissioner, David Yassky, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the majority owner of Bloomberg News’s parent company.

The case is Committee for Taxi Safety v. City of New York, 12104315-2012, Supreme Court of the State of New York (Manhattan).
The case continues

Perhaps it's time we considered taking legal action against TfL?

TfL's Legal Team, Not Up To The Job

Is it time TfL/ LTPH got a new legal team?

Transport for London has suffered a double set back in two recent appeals in front of Westminster Magistrates’ Court. It lost both appeals against operators KV Cars and Couriers Ltd and Diamond Chauffeurs Ltd. James Rankin, a specialist licensing barrister from Francis Taylor Building successfully appealed against two decisions made by TfL. In all, the court awarded costs of £26,000 against TfL. The cases are significant for a number of reasons.

KV Cars: 1/10/12

Tfl has for some time been attempting to introduce a new policy in respect of the licensing of Private Hire Vehicle (“PHV”) operators. The new policy has been over two years in the making, and at the time of writing is still not in force. One of the cornerstones of the policy is an insistence by TfL that all PHV operators who operate from nightclub premises have to have a booking station INSIDE the premises. The authority has long argued that this is what the law requires. TfL believes that the words of the statute (“at licensed premises”) should be read as “inside licensed premises”).

The appellant argued that TfL had attempted to introduce the new policy in advance of its formal adoption by TfL by issuing a notice (19/09) requiring controllers of PHvs to stand inside the licensed premises. The Licensed Private Hire Car Association (LPHCA) protested vigorously to the notice and the new policy claiming that it was unnecessarily restrictive and that it compromised public safety. Nevertheless, before the adoption of the policy, TfL began implementing the policy as if it was in force.

In KV Cars TfL had sat on an application to vary the company’s operator’s licence so as to include Aquum bar in Wandsworth. The premises had been inspected; the fee paid; the booking procedures passed and given the go ahead. Despite numerous assurances the varied licence was not released because TfL was awaiting the adoption of the new policy (which KVC could comply with in any event).TfL revoked the company’s licence in its entirety when its enforcement officers discovered KV C’s employee acting as a controller at the premises (in this case OUTSIDE the premises!) in February 2012. The revocation was based also upon irregularities in KVC’s record keeping. The company employed 80-100 drivers. The revocation would have meant the death of the company.

The appellant argued estoppel; that the breaches in record keeping were technical and that the revocation of the licence was disproportionate. It was also argued that Anwar (a case which says that the personal circumstances of a driver cannot be taken into account when determining fitness to hold a licence) did not apply to a company. District Judge Roscoe agreed, and said that the revocation was disproportionate. She thought that a seven day suspension was more appropriate. She allowed the appeal and awarded costs of £12,500. TfL has asked her to state a case for the opinion of the High Court.

Diamond Chauffeurs Ltd: 8/11/12

The company (“DC”) operated from 14 nightclub premises. All of the other premises from which it operated had a lobby door inside which the controller could stand. At premises known as Abacus in The City of London there was no lobby door. Instead there was a recessed area and walkway which led to the pavement. The recessed area was owned by the club. It was separated from the pavement by ropes. It was behind this roped off area and in the recessed area that the controller stood. TfL had varied DC’s licence on another occasion (September 2012)so as to remove Abacus from it. The variation had been “with immediate effect”. DC successfully applied to the High Court for an injunction suspending TfL’s decision whilst they pursued an appeal. On appeal in September 2011 they were successful and costs were awarded against TfL (17/1/12).

Nevertheless, a month to the day later TfL again visited Abacus and witnessed DC’s controller accepting bookings “outside” the premises (in the recessed area) contrary to law and their “policy”. The officers also witnessed touting of Abacus’s customers by DC’s controller who asked persons if they would like a licensed car. Abacus was removed from the licence again (although this time not with immediate effect). DC appealed. Abacus represented 40% of its business; 40 drivers were employed at Abacus; DC undertook 400 journeys per week on behalf of the club. Steve Wright MBE (head of the LPHCA) was called as a witness to say that in his 40 years experience of the private hire industry it was safer to take bookings outside rather than inside premises.

The appellant successfully argued that if it was policy then it was not law; “guidelines not tramlines”; that TfL was mistaken in its assertion that the law required bookings to be taken inside premises; that on any commonsense reading of the law and applying it to the facts DC’s controller was operating AT Abacus; that even if the appellant was wrong in that, it was disproportionate to remove Abacus from the licence. It was conceded that touting had taken place. Steve Wright who had been responsible for the 1994 “no touting”law explained that it was not designed to catch touting of the sort witnessed by TfL. Rather, it was aimed at the aggressive street touts acting on behalf of unlicensed and uninsured vehicles.

District Judge Fanning agreed. He found as a fact that DC was operating at the premises, and that this was just such a case when departure from the policy was permissible. Public safety was not compromised by bookings being taken in the recessed area. He agreed with DJ Roscoe that Anwar was restricted to its facts and did not apply to companies. The appeal was allowed and costs of £13,600 were awarded.

James Rankin appeared for KV Cars and Diamond Chauffeurs Ltd.

Source: Francis Taylor Building, Inner Temple.

Obligations of London Operators

The holder of a London PHV operator’s licence shall not in London accept a private hire booking other than AT an operating centre specified in his licence
(Bold and capitalised text is for emphasis only)
Apparently the Act says AT, not inside. The term inside only used in TfL notices.

Judge Fanning, ruling on the matter of touting, said that he must address the issue of Notices issued by TfL and whether or not they could be legally enforced: “Whilst TfL is entitled to draft and publish (their Notices) and to use them as a guide for the discharge if its functions under the (1998) Act, it is no more than that; a guide.

“Secondly, Mrs Chapman, TPH deputy director, made it clear in her evidence that the policy permits discretion, to be exercised on a case-by-case basis, as to the application of the policy. She confirmed two venues at which there have been operating centres permitted out of doors.

John Mason made this statement after the case:
"We are disappointed that the court has accepted Diamond Chauffeur’s appeal against the removal of Abacus from its operating licence. Abacus was removed from Diamond Chauffeur’s licence to operate because we believe that it was operating outside of the requirements of their licence".

"We will continue to take action against any operator or member of staff found touting or taking bookings outside the licensed premises. All licensed operators and their staff have compliance and public safety obligations, which we expect them to discharge responsibly. This includes a responsibility on operators to ensure their staff do not tout for business, which the court recognised in its ruling.”

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Latest News On The LTI Fiasco

LONDON mayor Boris Johnson has backed a campaign to save city firm London Taxi International (LTI).

Mr Johnson has told the Unite union it should be in no doubt over his support for what he described as the iconic black cab and said he would do everything he could to ensure production remained in this country.

“I remain fully committed to the future of the iconic black taxi,” he wrote in a letter to union chiefs.

“Please take this letter as proof of my support for your campaign to keep the black cab on the streets and thank you again for writing to me."

Mr Johnson and Prime Minister David Cameron had both been urged to publicly back efforts to save the ailing firm.

Union bosses have also launched a facebook campaign at calling for more public support.

A decision over the company’s future is set to enter the final phase with the union claiming the shortlist of potential buyers was set to be whittled down.

We reported last week how crunch talks are set to take place at the Ricoh Arena this Wednesday (December 19).

In his letter to the Tory chiefs, Tony Burke, Unite assistant general secretary wrote: “Unite is asking you to commit your personal support to our campaign to ensure that the iconic black cab continues to be built in the UK.”

PwC could make its final decision on the company’s future later this month or in early January.

Source: Coventry Observer 12/12/12

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Twitter action Group (TaG) Hit Squad Reforms.

And so the fun begins. @TAG_Hit_Squad is back.

Under new management the Twitter Action Group hit squad is back on the road and promises to be bigger and better than ever before
Last night saw an amazing recruitment drive for volunteer drivers who have had enough and are willing to fight to take the work back.The account has now been locked down and only Licensed Taxi Drivers will be allowed to join.
The account will operate group tweets much in the same manner as Cabup.

Some of you won't know what TAG ( twitter action group) is.
It was set up in 2009 and helped in winning work back from. Jalousie, Abacus, tiger tiger, OnAnOn and Nobu.

It all started after the battle for Hanover Square night (19th March 2009). One of our drivers was threatened as he tried to rank outside in close proximately to Jalousie night club, situated at the top corner of Hanover Square. The next night Dozens of drivers turned up and using the shelter rank as a feed took back plenty of work from the touts, many of whom fled like sewer rats.

About a month later (20th April 2009) there was an incident outside the restaurant Nobu in Berkeley Street. A female driver was told not to dwell after dropping a customer by the doorman who insisted she move to facilitate his touting car drivers. The young lady put a message out on the radio circuit and it started one of the best fight backs this trade has ever seen. Every night thereafter, saw a large contingent of Taxis blocking in the cars and taking the work from under their noses. This eventually culminated in the placement of a rank bang outside the door.

This tactic was soon adopted by a group of militant drivers. Using the LTDF Taxi Forum and a Twitter account (Tweet a London Cab), they organised themselves in to the Twitter action Group Hit Squad. One driver opened a twitter account under the name TaG and sent out updates which proved invaluable to the hits as more and more joined in. (Well done Steve mate).

With military precision a hit on Tiger Tiger was arranged. Drivers assembled at a secret location and because on the numbers of Taxis that turned up, the group had to be split in two. This opportunity was used to tackle both Tiger Tiger and OnAnOn at the same time, both having ranks of Diamond cars illegally plying for hire and openly touting out side.
Tiger Tiger now has a rank outside and OnAnOn which has evolved into the Piccadilly Institute has an enforced bus lane outside, but the touts have crept back.

Other places have had visits from the hit squad including Embargo and Abacus.
Unfortunately the hits became fewer and far between as other more political correct methods were sort to get TfL/LTPH, the police and local council to actively enforce the law. This hasn't worked as there seems to be no appetite from the authorities to help protect our livelihood.

So, it is felt that now would be a good time to take stock and reorganised, in time for the imminent "Mother Of All Kippers".

The touts have had it all their own way for far to long. Lets take the fight to them. Lets make them scared of us. Lets take our work back.

So if your a Taxi driver who cares whats happened to your trade, apply to follow The TaG hit squad @TAG_Hit_Squad on twitter and help take the work back off the touts.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Logic, Common Sense, From TfL...You must Be Joking.

It is with much regret that I have to inform the trade, that the RMT's request to have a Taxi rank at Admiralty Arch, fed from the Mall on New Year's Eve, has been turned down.

Although this would have been a common sense solution to the massive problem of getting people out of the area after the celebrations, it has again been declined.

There seems to be no logical reasoning behind this decision, but then again, we all know that TfL/LTPH don't do common sense or logical solutions. One only has to look at the biased way we were treated by Mayor Johnson, Hendy and Daniels during the Olympics.

We were sidelined, with our ranks hidden out if sight at all venues. One of the worst examples was the south exit of Earls Court where Taxis were banned from the vicinity while Private Hire drivers were given full access.

Again, over Christmas and the New Year, private hire will be given priority as TfL wheels out its multi-million pound advertising campaign, featuring the all new Cabwise App. Available on all platforms, it promises to match up passengers with minicabs, taking straight way bookings direct. We did ask for this app to be more Licensed Taxi friendly but again as with the text version of years past, we are pushed to the bottom of the pile, with heavy bias in favour of minicabs.

Its obvious we won't be receiving help from TfL/LTPH over the holiday period. So, we have two simple choices,
1. don't work and let the scabs have the lot,
2. fight back.

Get Taxi has just launched its Christmas appeal and I believe Hailo will be doing a similar exercise

If you stop at the new Oak for a tea and break, why not pop into the Get a Taxi office and pick up some flyers as I'm sure they could do with help distributing to the traveling public.
Also if there are any volunteers to distribute the flyers outside the clubs where the minicabs rank up, it would be appreciated.

Lets let the public know there is an alternative to phoning for a minicab.

Time To Escalate And Take The Fight To The Scabs...NO PRISONERS....NO PRISONERS

"As I look up all around me
I see them tired wrecked and worn
So I tell them to get ready
We're not waiting for the dawn"

The shinning example is Nobu, one of the trades busiest night ranks in the whole of central London. And just up the road we have Novikovs', almost at boiling point as the night venue's door ponce has recently started to ask leaving guests if they require a subsidised car service. (Which incidentally, still charges £20 to Whiskey Mist!)

But regulars, Taxi drivers who still have fight in them, are not giving up and are blocking these cars in. Well done lads, a touch of the Dunkirk spirit, that's all it needs

Lets turn the tables on these thieving touts and fight dirty, take the battle to the scabs. Lets make them scared they will lose their livelihood.

Remember the scenes at Tiger Tiger and OnAnon, the night we met up in St James Square and flooded the two venues with Taxis, it all went like a military exercise. Diamond Cars were trapped and couldn't work as new cabs filled the spaces as Taxis got off. They definitely don't like it up em!
You will need all the work you can get soon as we look forward to one of the worse kippers in living memory. Don't be swayed by the ostriches and capitulators with their heads in the sand saying "we'll, I still get my money", because very soon, they won't.

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE TWITTER ACTION GROUP (TaG) AND THE UCG HIT SQUAD? lets bring them back to the night streets.
Where's the club's rank at the bank brigade, where's Oddy's Hoodies, the ones with the day-glo diaries, lets get them organised and back on the road.

Perhaps someone could use group tweet like Cabup to run updates through the medium, so the scabs won't know what's happening. This is a war, an emergency and the Twitter Action Group will help to get back the work that's disappearing daily. A protocol for all tweets appertaining to The Group should be monitored and sent out as updates. We need to surprise the touts so they don't have time to redeploy and Twitter is the perfect tool.

We need drivers from every trade org to support these actions, it must not be seen as a recruiting tool, but utilised by all.

Why don't the members from the LTDA ask their reps to park their advertising truck right outside one of these clubs with pictures of rape victims and such. Lets see the unions legal departments get involved incase there is any come back from the Police, LTPH or local authorities.

Choose a different club to target each night backed up by a hit squad of drivers giving out leaflets. Keep them guessing which illegal rank will be next!

Lets send the message to TfL that Cabwise is biased and don't work!
Lets get the radio drivers involved, lets blanket the clubs with flyers from Hailo and Get Taxi.

Fly posters are another way of informing the public but that needs a fighting fund...would you contribute to a fighting fund?

Never, never, never give up and with your dying breath, spit in their face.



Sunday, December 09, 2012

Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse

Just when you thought, what else can possibly go wrong this side of Christmas, what else can happen to my trade.

This post pops up on Twitter:

"RT @LondonCityAir: We are now working with Minicabit to provide you with pre-booked licensed minicabs."

Followed by:

"This is a new service which offers our passengers the option to pre-book, giving them a greater choice and range of services."

And on there Website under the heading of Travel & Booking. Licensed cabs:

London City Airport have teamed up with so you can arrange cheaper, easier transport direct from your home, office or hotel in over 40 UK cities.

Minicabit's price comparison engine uniquely compares real-time quotes from a range of licensed cab providers who are based at your pickup point and destination. This means you can get the best deal which you can instantly book online, with txt alerts to confirm your booking

I was going to shout, "WAKE UP", but it's game over at the City Airport unless you want to start competing on price and that won't happen.

This situation will be closely monitored by Heathrow.

There will of course be the drivers who have had their heads in the sand, who will now be screaming foul, but it's too late. You've lost.

It's now up to you, your livelihood is on the table.
So, what are you going to do about it...

Taxi Trade Comments from Twitter

Ian said: @LondonCityAir you have a perfectly good taxi service outside your main term why not use us your own survey by the lca said we are the best?

Jenny said: @LondonCityAir Why are you doing that ? Your passengers will pay a lot more and get a poor service compared to that from a Black Cab .

Rob said: @LondonCityAir you have a licensed taxi rank for customers at LCA, why are you working with a minicab firm, is it a revenue stream for you?

Del said: @LondonCityAir you have a perfectly good Taxi Rank outside the Terminal? Looks like someone just got a nice Xmas bonus? #Backhanders #Bent

Brian said: @LondonCityAir. What about the world class taxi service outside, or are there not enough bungs involved. Time to bring roads around LCA to a stop!

Jamie said: @LondonCityAir the London Taxi Trade has given you a sterling service and this is the way in which you repay them, you use substandard cars!

Lee said:@LondonCityAir be careful what you wish for you two faced Snydie idiots

Michael said: @LondonCityAir have you got a problem with the service the London Taxi trade gives to the airport lets hope they boycott the airport

Brian said:The @LondonCityAir scab firm 5 passengers LCA to Wharf = £25.47. A black cab carrys 5 £12. So that is £13.47 or nearly a 110% more expensive

Lee 2 said: @LondonCityAir one road in one road out,think about it,a happy cabbie is a nice cabbie,use the rank and taxis provided

Just A Quick Word From Our Friend Semtex.

As we know, today, 9th December is the final day for the Cabbies Cabinet response to Leon Daniels.

Naturally, I respect our good colleagues who are giving this offer a shot, but will guarantee all of you, that this is merely another TFL sting, another ruse and another example of corporate deception. You watch !

If we dont stick up for ourselves as a United Force to be respected and reckoned with, they will beat us to death.

Anyone trusting anything that either Boris, Hendy or Daniels either say or promise, seriously want their heads examined.

After the Olympics, after the woeful and utter lack of legal enforcement, after the utter betrayal and deceit, is there anyone who still thinks these three bandits would assist our profession ?

Our trade is being ravaged by a cancerous destruction of woeful neglect and betrayal, and spearheaded by a masterful hidden agenda.

Negotiations, democracy, polite dialogue, coffee and biscuits, blah blah blah are sadly all too late.

For those of you who still want to believe the spin doctors and incompetents of Transport For London, you can keep waiting, it will never come.

One thing is for sure. If we have not established some unity before The powerful Law Commissioners have assessed our trade, we will be done up like a kipper.

Always remember, and especially amongst our trade, the opposite of good is not evil, the opposite of good is apathy.


Remember how hard it was to earn your badge !

Dont let their treacherous malfeasance take it off you !

Be lucky all, Happy Christmas, Look after your family's and God Bless.

Source: The LTDF