Saturday, November 10, 2012

In Flanders Fields: A poem by Lt. Col. John McCrae.

How Did LTPH Manage To Lose?

8th of March 2011
One of our undercover reporters made a film about the touting outside Abacus. It was short and to the point.

It showed the clipboard man 20 yards from the entrance standing next to one of Diamond cars. After telling drivers to make their way to another touting hot spot, Tiger Tiger (Abacus was closing) this man turns and asks "minicab sir, need a cab?".

The film was published and Diamond Cars complained to Google who asked for an explanation. After reading a report from the Taxi driver involved, Google found in his favour and the video was allowed to stay on Youtube.

A copy of the video was sent to LTPH who didn't even reply.

25th Feb 2012
This Video was made showing Marshals from Diamond Cars holding back Taxis so their cars, illegally parked in a narrow one way street (some even facing in the wrong direction) could be escorted down to the exit of Abacus before Taxis could join the rank.

A copy of this video was sent to LTPH and got the same no reply.

3rd of March 2012.
This video shows Marshals and door security working hand in hand to tout customers leaving the night club Sway in Great Queen Street. The undercover Taxi driver who took this video was also assaulted by a security guard who knocked the camera out of his hand with an extendable truncheon.

A copy of this video was sent to LTPH, as of yet, still no reply.

2nd Sept 2012
Again, another hot bed of touting!
Embargo on the Kings Road. This time it's Munster Cars openly touting. But TfL, LTPH, Cab enforcement unit and the tout squad of the Met Police seem unable to put a case together.

Friday, November 09, 2012

Magistrate: Clipboard Johnnies, Offered a Valuable Service to the Public

LTPH legal team lose court appeal
Not only have LTPH managed to lose the appeal against Diamond Cars regarding their license revocation at the late night city bar Abacus, but this time, more seriously, the Magistrate made the most damaging statement this trade has ever heard.

His statement, that Clipboard johnnies offer a valuable service to the public is a green light to every satellite operation in the capital. It will hail the return of pavement clipboard johnnies openly touting, feeding lines of illegally plying for hire minicabs.

The repercussions of this Statement from this Magistrate will have a devastating affect on our trade and could result in the death of the night Taxi trade.

As a direct result of this damaging statement we will see the serious sexual assault and rape figures jump to new heights as predators join the mass of illegal minicab ranks, looking for easy pickings.

Up until now, many establishments have kept their clipboards away from view, worried that undercover officers from LTPH might report there activity and lose them their license to tout.

This will no longer be necessary as LTPH back away from the little enforcement that they did occasionally carry out. Now it will be a free for all as CB Johnnies reappear in doorways, alleyways, kiosks and shops.

Below is a great post taken from the London Taxi forum, made by our old friend Semtex.
Never one to hold back, it contains strong language.

Forget the rape statistics. These revenue chasing headhunters have no conscience of appalling acts like rape, and they couldn't care less.

All they know is the fact that them mini cab green discs are akin to selling crack cocaine. The profits are huge, the demand high and the supply by TFL is unlimited. They won't let a few thousand sexual assaults and rapes rob them of what they regard as prime importance........MONEY !

The pressure is definately on us at the moment. What with many of our colleagues marooned down to the LTI steering abortion, and the onslaught of our 300 year old platinum service to London brought into disrepute by a two bob, washed up LBC disc jockey.

We need to regroup and plan our next move.

Personally, I believe the time for polite and demographic negotiating is over.
I think that the balaclavas and gloves should go on, the windows blown out and the insurgents are served three in the head each.

We cannot afford to be abused like this for another moment. When you have judges in the courts overturning laws to convenience illegal touting, is the time that we should realise that a conspiracy to rid London of its taxi trade was not scaremongering at all.

All of these operations to make life difficult for us since the Olympics, simply cannot be coincidence. They want rid if us. We are not profitable enough for them, and we have too much say for their liking.

I say this time we go in blasting.
Fuck letting the police know,
fuck communicating with the media,
fuck dispersing when they decide we disperse,
fuck TFL,
fuck Hendy,
fuck Daniels,
fuck Mason,
fuck being bullied and
fuck being polite.

The lot of these parasites have kicked the shit out of us for too long now.
Any minute now we will have nothing left to lose.

If they want a fight lets fucking have one with them.

If you kick a dog up the bollox every time you see it, it will do one of two things. It will run away......or bite you.

The London Taxi Trade has served London and its people with pride and passion for over 300 years.
Thanks to the roughshod and disrespectful onslaught by TFL over the years, we have nowhere to run away to anymore.

I guess that leaves the dog's second option now then, and our teeth are razor sharp !

Keep punching folks, don't let these civil service pricks wreck our gold heritage. They started the fight, so lets fucking give them one !

8829 Semtex

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Boris Claims He Supports the Taxi Trade

Boris Johnson today claimed he was backing black cab trade in a bid to get more taxis on London’s streets over Christmas and the New Year. But he has done virtually nothing to alleviate the problems faced by many worried drivers.

Hundreds of cabbies face a shortfall as a lack of vehicles threatens to ruin their busiest time of year. Many haven't worked now for over three weeks

Ironically, the Mayor said he was “disappointed and concerned” no help had been provided for drivers by the administrators PwC. In a letter to them and the firm he wrote: “As a matter of urgency, I call on you both to take whatever steps are necessary to get replacement cabs licensed and handed to affected cabbies so they can get back to work.”
Boris again blaming every one else for the major shortage of vehicles and saying nothing about the problem inflicted on the trade by the removal of perfectly good taxis that just happen to be 15 years old.

Both Boris and Transport for London have ignore calls from the Taxi trade, for a Moratorium on the 15 years age limit.

The Mayor’s clean air strategy has come under fire recently, as again he proves, It's all about the money by doubling the cost of his Boris bike scheme.

Typically, following the article in the Evening Standard on-line, Private hire are shown advertising themselves (illegally) again as Taxis and Taxi services, while TfL and LTPH say and do nothing about this contravention of theirs licensing conditions.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

London Cab Drivers 'Warn of Taxi Shortage'

By the end of 2012, the Mayors 15year age limit on London Taxis, will see the removal of over 2000 older vehicles.

Now London taxi drivers have warned of a shortage of black cabs in the capital during the festive season, one of the trade's busiest times of year.

Private hire firms look set to have one if the busiest years on record as they step up capacity to fill the void.

Taxi hire companies have warned that demand is outstripping supply in the run-up to Christmas, with some part-time drivers, who generally hire to work over the holidays, reporting long waiting lists or a complete absence of vehicles.

Renny Raphael-Campbell, owner of a taxi-hire company in north west London said in an interview with the Financial Times, "drivers are being laughed at just for asking".

“The demand for vehicles completely, massively outstrips supply,” Mr Raphael-Campbell said. “We have drivers who have been out of vehicles for three weeks who can’t find one to work.”

At the end of last month, Manganese Bronze, the maker of London's iconic black cabs, appointed PricewaterhouseCoopers as administrators after talks to secure funding were unsuccessful.

Falling sales, five years of losses and more competition had led Manganese to the financial brink.

The decision to order 400 black cabs off the road because of a power steering fault pushed it over. The company was worth just £3m when its shares were suspended two weeks ago.

Last week, the company's administrators made 156 people redundant with immediate effect.
As well as the recalled cabs, over 2,000 cabs that are 15 years or older are also being pulled off London's streets as part of the Mayors clean air strategy.

“We’ve got a perfect storm,” taxi driver Graham Spero said, “All sorts of things have come together at the wrong time.”

With another 500 older Taxis due to be withdrawn from service over the next eight weeks, rental Taxi availability over Christmas and the New Year looks bleak.

Mercedes-Benz now claims around 40pc of the London taxi market, which was supplied mainly by Manganese Bronze until 2008.

Mercedes sold 40 cabs last month, compared with 18 in September. “This has not been sprung on the trade overnight,” said Peter Da Costa, whose company distributes Mercedes taxis. “There’s a shortage of cabs for people to rent, but not for people to buy.”

So it's that simple then?
If you have £46k lying around for a new Mercedes Vito Taxi, there is no shortage.


Tuesday, November 06, 2012

LTPH Non Compliance

Park Lane Free for All
Last night saw the licensed Taxi rank at the Grosvenor House Hotel full of Addison Lee minicabs.

The TfL enforcement camera was pointing, as it normally does on such occasions, in the wrong direction.

As the night ticked on, more and more minicabs decided to chance their arm and soon were illegally ranking, plying for hire, triple parked. This caused congestion as traffic had to move over into one lane to pass.

The Mayor's Transport Commissioner:
Peter Hendy, at a transport committee meeting answered a question from Assembly Member Peter Hulme Cross;
"When you leave the Grosvenor House Hotel around midnight, you can never get a black cab. Because they earn their money too quick and all go home at nine"
He Added "the Hilton, now thats a much better rank and is better serviced."

LTPH's Non Compliance Teams
The touts know they have more chance of winning the lottery than being done for touting on a Monday night at this Hotel, simply because LTPH doesn't have enforcement teams and compliance teams don't work on Sundays or Mondays.

Private Hire touts also know they won't be done for illegal plying for hire. Since TfL took control from the Met, not one single PH driver has been charged with this offence.

After many complaints from drivers about the amount of touting at this hotel, the Director of Taxis and Private hire has shown little to no appetite in solving the problem.

We will probably have to wait for a member of the aristocracy to be picked up, raped and murdered by a war criminal, probably wanted for being involved in the mass murder of millions of innocent people and given leave to stay in Britton and allowed legally to drive a minicab, before the Director of LTPH actually bothers to do anything. But even then, I would hold my breath waiting.

The illusive "Met Police Cab enforcement unit" seem not to be aware of a problem at Grosvenor House, or anywhere else for that matter, and are probably a target for the chop in the recent Mayor's budget saving program.

Taxi Drivers Taking the Work Back
Earlier this year (on a Wednesday), a couple of dozen drivers managed to take the kerbside at the hotel. Amazingly that night, the surveillance camera at the junction of Mount street just happened to be pointing north and within minutes LTPH compliance team turned up and did badge and bill checks followed by the Met Police who moved the drivers on who were said to be over ranking.

When Cabbies complained that they had been replaced by minicabs the police explained that the minicabs were in fact parked and waiting for booked jobs, although no checks were seen to be carried out.

When the compliance team was asked if they were now going to do document checks on the mass of minicabs, they just ignored, walked back to there nice new car and sped off towards Victoria, to hassle the Taxis legally ranking there.

So what can we do about the situation.
We could wait for our representative orgs to get involved in positive action!
But as they mostly only do day work, they will be completely unaware of the situation.

We could turn up on mass and completely block park lane for a couple of hours, making the rich and famous walk out of the area and keep all the law breaking minicabs captive till after everyone's gone home.

But that would mean that drivers would have to stop working and actually do something for themselves, instead of letting just a few more militant drivers do it all for them, while they blindly carry on earning.

So that's not going to happen, is it?

Monday, November 05, 2012

The killer on the knowledge, only killed one person

Modeste Kennedy Hakizimana, 41, is alleged by the UK Border Agency's War Crimes Unit, to have helped Hutu soldiers kill members of the Tutsi ethnic group during the genocide in 1994.

As a prominent member of the ruling party which is accused of planning the genocide in the central African country, he is also alleged to have made speeches in favour of the massacre

Charlie Elphicke, Tory MP for Dover and Deal, who has tabled a Bill to replace the Human Rights Act with a British Bill of Rights, said: 'It's extraordinary that someone suspected of genocide should be driving a taxi (licensed by LTPH as a Minicab driver)
They should be before a court facing charges.'
'Anyone suspected of serious crimes like genocide should face justice and the Human Rights Act should not obstruct the proper course of justice.' Alp Mehmet, vice-chairman of the Migrationwatch UK think-tank, said: 'For reasons that will baffle most British people we cannot send him back to Rwanda. This cannot be right.'

How the hell is this man licensed to driver a licensed minicab?

The Home office have been aware of this man for a number of years and his past would have been flagged up on his CRB check.

It would appear LTPH are giving out PH licenses like biscuits to anyone who applies. Did no one at LTPH bother to check this man's record?

Hakizimana is wanted for War Crimes, he has been implemented in the murder of nearly a million people. He has had numerous applications for asylum refused. But LTPH deem him a suitable person to hold a Private Hire License.

The only reason Hakizimana has been allowed to remain in this country is because of a precedent set in the High Court which let four suspected Rwandan war criminals stay in Britain on the basis that they would not get a fair trial in their home country, breaching their human rights.

What type of record would one have to have, to prevent LTPH issuing a license?

After two mass demonstrations outside the carriage office in Penton Street, the Killer on the knowledge fiasco resulted in the removal from office of the Director of Licensed Taxis And Private Hire Ed Thompson.

Read the whole article Click Here