Friday, July 13, 2012

LTPH Notice 08/12: IMPORTANT NOTICE Possible Taxi Driver Demonstrations

Transport for London (TfL) is aware that a taxi driver group known as “the United Cabbies Group” (UCG) have called for, and are publicising, a series of taxi driver demonstrations beginning with one planned for Parliament Square at 2pm on 17 July 2012 in protest at “taxi driver exclusion from the Olympic games lanes”.

TfL advise drivers that any participation in such demonstrations is totally irresponsible and will cause completely unnecessary disruption to London.

The Olympic Route Network is 109 miles of London roads which are open (in almost every instance) to all traffic. It will flow quickly with priority at traffic signals over crossing traffic. Games Lanes amount to only 31 miles of, generally offside, lanes. The position regarding them is clear: they will be full of Olympic traffic; if they are not then they will be switched out of use.

Through monthly Olympic liaison meetings between TfL, the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) and taxi driver associations, a huge effort has been put in to addressing the concerns of the taxi trade regarding the Games and, in particular, the operation of the Olympic Route Network and its impact on taxis and taxi passengers.

Following this constructive and productive dialogue TfL has:

Enabled taxis to make important turns along the network which other road
users are not permitted to make
Reviewed all planned restrictions on nearside (kerbside) Games Lanes
and agreed to allow taxis to access a number of these.
Agreed to open of the dedicated lanes to all traffic when possible using
over 170 electronic variable message signs.
Reduced to an absolute minimum the times the dedicated Games Lanes
will be in operation.

TfL has also been able to facilitate access for taxis to drive in and pick up
and set down in the following “kerbside” Games lanes.

Park Lane – southbound – from Culcross St and South St.
Grosvenor Place – northbound – between Wilton Street and Hyde Park
Vauxhall Bridge Road – southbound – between Bloomberg Street and
Causton Street
Vauxhall Bridge Road – northbound – between Drummond Gate and
Rampayne Street
Gloucester Place – northbound – between Dorset Square and Rossmore

Finally, drivers should be reminded that they are expected to comply with
the requirements of the Highway Code and their taxi licence at all times.

Any taxi driver participating in such demonstrations who fails to comply
with the instructions issued by the Police could face arrest. Moreover
drivers who are observed acting improperly could suffer possible
suspension or revocation of their licence.

John Mason
13 July 2012Director Taxi and Private Hire