Saturday, November 10, 2012

How Did LTPH Manage To Lose?

8th of March 2011
One of our undercover reporters made a film about the touting outside Abacus. It was short and to the point.

It showed the clipboard man 20 yards from the entrance standing next to one of Diamond cars. After telling drivers to make their way to another touting hot spot, Tiger Tiger (Abacus was closing) this man turns and asks "minicab sir, need a cab?".

The film was published and Diamond Cars complained to Google who asked for an explanation. After reading a report from the Taxi driver involved, Google found in his favour and the video was allowed to stay on Youtube.

A copy of the video was sent to LTPH who didn't even reply.

25th Feb 2012
This Video was made showing Marshals from Diamond Cars holding back Taxis so their cars, illegally parked in a narrow one way street (some even facing in the wrong direction) could be escorted down to the exit of Abacus before Taxis could join the rank.

A copy of this video was sent to LTPH and got the same no reply.

3rd of March 2012.
This video shows Marshals and door security working hand in hand to tout customers leaving the night club Sway in Great Queen Street. The undercover Taxi driver who took this video was also assaulted by a security guard who knocked the camera out of his hand with an extendable truncheon.

A copy of this video was sent to LTPH, as of yet, still no reply.

2nd Sept 2012
Again, another hot bed of touting!
Embargo on the Kings Road. This time it's Munster Cars openly touting. But TfL, LTPH, Cab enforcement unit and the tout squad of the Met Police seem unable to put a case together.


Anonymous said...

LTPH have persoanlly approved some operators to operate outside of doors a great example being the Embassy Club in Old Burlington St...They have doors yet operate right on the street

Anonymous said...

The cab trade has more cock suckers than fighters. Simple really!

Anonymous said...

Page 52 is worth a read

Anonymous said...

It's blatantly obvious that Mason is just waiting to be pushed out.
He must know he ain't got long

Anonymous said...

How did LTPH manage to lose? Well its quite clear how they managed to lose!. The district judge knocked them out within 3 rounds. The full details of the main event are here -