Thursday, October 25, 2012

Did LTPH Fail Taxi Trade, Under Conditions of Fitness? Part 2

In the most recent Notice from TfL -

TPH notice 20/12 – Steering Box Fault in TX4 Taxis / London Taxi Company in Administration -

In a letter written by John Mason (who obviously hasn't resigned) they say:

"Work should not be carried out on taxis until any engineering solution has been appropriately tested and approval has been granted by LTC and VOSA and then authorised by TfL.
TfL has had regular contact with the administrators & LTC management".

So, it begs the question - Who tested and approved the original and 'failed' steering box on our taxis that is now seen as dangerous? We can only hope that the inspection/testing that they are now saying must take place is better than it was in the first place. Somebody is lucky they haven't got blood on their hands.

The public and the London taxi trade deserve better than this.

In today's STEERING BOX RECALL UPDATE: 25 OCTOBER 2012 from the London Taxi Company (LTC) it states:


"Any solution we prove solves the fault will then be tested and validated by MIRA, VOSA and passed by Transport for London and other affected Licensing Authorities".

The question still remains - how did this current 'failed and dangerous' steering box come to slip through the net in the first place and get fitted to London taxis? Did it have the required vigorous testing - was it originally approved by all these Agencies now being quoted?
Who is watching our watch-dogs?


 It seems that Taxi drivers in India know more about the next London Taxi than we do hear in the UK.



Anonymous said...

It takes a minor catastrophe for cab drivers to wake up to the failures of TfL. The vast majority couldn't give a toss when there is a pound on the street to be had.

Many with newer cabs didn't give a toss about the emissions issue and the age limit, because it didn't affect them.

Only one third of cab drivers belong to a trade organisation.

Many cab drivers out there don't even know who John Mason or Peter Hendy is.

I bet they care about the issues now !

Has LTPH failed the average cab driver; or has he or she been a victim of their own ignorance!

Editorial said...

Hendy says on BBC Radio London

I'm not scrapping or halting the age limit
Go and buy a Merc