Thursday, October 25, 2012

Did LTPH Fail Taxi Trade, Under Conditions of Fitness?

With regard to the problems with the new steering-box, introduced into the production of our cabs in February this year, one wonders if it had been given the usual close scrutiny and testing under the PCO Conditions of Fitness for any major component BEFORE it went onto the assembly line.

Did this steering box from a new supplier have to undergo rigorous road testing or have to provide assurances with it from its manufacturers as to the efficacy and safety of this vital component?

One wonders how a defective component on one of the most important parts for the vehicle’s safety cannot be identified prior to it being part of the vehicle’s production.

It seems that the defect has manifested itself quite early in the life of some vehicles and it also seems quite incredible that this was not picked up by those whose job it is to subject London’s taxis to safety inspections/tests.

Inappropriate humour? 
If Mr Mason is still in post he should be asked to account for how this has all come about. In the event that he has resigned then his successor should provide the answers at the earliest possible opportunity.

A lot of questions need to be asked about how this serious matter has been allowed to develop and it is indeed fortunate that no-one has been injured or killed.

It is not inspiring any confidence to public safety or to the credibility of the manufacturers if it was known that a serious problem existed and the vehicle was still being sold to unwitting customers. As has already been pointed out, this in itself is a very serious matter.

If financial considerations were taking priority over the safety of the driver, the vehicle, the passengers and other road users, then someone has got a lot of explaining to do. We have a Licensing Authority whose job (statutory duty) it is to prevent any of this from happening, hopefully BEFORE the defects manifest themselves.

To protect the integrity of us being recognised as the ‘best taxi service in the world’ this matter should be thoroughly investigated to ensure that it can never happen again. It is not a good advert for the so-called ‘icon’ that so many people call our vehicles.

We may have an iconic shape to our vehicles but a London taxi has to have more to it, rather than just an aesthetic shape. It has to be robust, reliable, safe, value for money and most important of all ‘Fit for purpose’.

What a disaster this is for our trade, but it has to be determined how it all came to pass. This is one occasion where the drivers cannot be blamed for the problems.
In this case we cannot be blamed for “not driving them properly”, It was most certainly a characteristic of their design


Vaclav Haldady said...

No more making allowances for TfL, lets get a GLA led public enquiry underway NOW.

Hendy & co. will finish us, lets finish them or at least get us under a licensing authority that has half a clue.

All the Twitter nonsense and snide comments from what masquerades as a licensing manager at Palestra is just an example of how far we have allowed things to drop.

Orme, Finlay, Ellis, Stentiforth and Price all had our respect, all we want is professionals licensing professionals.

Not this bunch of self serving carreerists whose only daily objective is to pander to the ramblings of Hendy & the Mayor.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vaclav,

What a great suggestion. When you or your trade representative group have got the public enquiry under way please be assured we are right behind you.

If any trade group is not forthcoming in this time of need then perhaps we should reconsider who it is that we ought to be finishing off!

It is arguable that our trade groups are little better and no more professional than the licensing authority you consider only has 'half a clue'.

Calculated Guess..... said...

Inappropriate humour, I doubt it... its not Masons style. I reckon he's has had a knock down drag out with Hendy over the recall issue and suspension of the age limit.On the back of that he has threatened to resign.

It's my belief Hendy has left Mason with his balls on the chopping block and Mason is butting heads with Hendy !

In the know said...

Mason with his snide smiles and backstabbing comments telling drivers who are already paying £700 a month HP to go and rent a Merc for another £270 a week should not be given the opera unity to resign. He should be sacked
He has never seen the taxi trade as part of the whole scheme but as the enemy
He licks Steve Wrights arse and gives private hire what ever they want with the assistance of the poisoned dwarf

What happened to the cabbies cabinet that she used to sweet talk the militancy out of the more active trade reps, been put back in its box now it's no longer needed to keep mouths shut.

Can't wait for this supper computer they keep on about, once working LTPH won't need two muppets and Mason couldn't do the job on his own as chatman does all the work. One will go and it will be the highest paid of the two

Unknown said...

Spot on with this report,it is up to all trade leaders to push on this one,you would lose your badge for incompetance why should staff at TFL be any different ,answers are needed and its time to stand up to Mason and Co before they make you redundant

Anonymous said...

Mason got one more F@@K You card up his sleeve.

TfL will only endorse credit card facilities that give printed receipts
This means that any card taken through smart phone app is illegal

Think Hailo should make a statement to the trade

Anonymous said...

Is Veriphone paying back hinders to the likes of Mason and Reisel to get their machines in what's left if the taxi trade???

Anonymous said...

Wonder if the 400 TX4 driver saw the funny side of Masons tweet?