Friday, September 28, 2012

Victoria Station Taxi Arrangements

From Sunday 30 September 2012 until May 2017 there will be significant changes to the taxi rank arrangements at Victoria Station.

The planned changes are partly as a result of the ongoing Victoria Station Upgrade (VSU) works and we have worked closely with colleagues in other parts of Transport for London (TfL) plus Network Rail and Westminster City Council to ensure that taxis can continue to serve Victoria Station.

The new arrangements are as follows:
• The entire station forecourt, including the taxi rank and set down area, will be closed
• The taxi ranks in Wilton Road and Neathouse Place will be removed
• The new head of the taxi rank will be in Hudson’s Place on the east side
of Victoria Station
• A new taxi feeder rank will be appointed in Bridge Place
• Taxis will be able to set down passengers on the east side of Wilton
• There will be a designated space in front of the rank in Hudson’s Place
for taxis to drop off disabled passengers
• The taxi rank in Gillingham Street will be converted into a rest rank
• The taxi rank in Vauxhall Bridge Road will be extended to the Queen
Mother Sports Centre

The ‘Air Deck’ taxi rank at the station will continue to operate as normal.

Taxi marshals will be working at the new taxi rank during the first two weeks of operation to assist passengers and drivers.

The signage inside Victoria Station will be changed with additional signage installed to advise passengers where the new taxi rank is.

Extending the taxi rank in Vauxhall Bridge Road helps ensure that taxis can continue to serve the station but retaining this space is dependant upon the following conditions:
• Taxis do not over-rank
• Taxis do not stop on the zigzag lines behind the rank
• Traffic flows along Vauxhall Bridge Road are not disrupted
• The safety of pedestrians and other road users in the area is not
• Parking and loading bays in the area are not used as illegal taxi ranks.

It is essential therefore that taxis do not over-rank or obstruct the highway or put other road users and pedestrians at risk.

Source: TfL Website 14/12

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