Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sex offender could be working as minicab driver in Wembley

On the 31 of August we posted a story about Mohammed Hirsi who had breached his licensing conditions and that police were searching for him in the Wembly area were it is believed he is working as a minicab driver.

It has now emerged that Hirsi has breached his bail conditions by not turning up for trial where he is accused of raping a female passenger.

According to a report in the Harrow Times, Hirsi is already a convicted sex offender.

How is it then that this animal is working as a minicab driver in Wembly.
While TfL compliance officers are out checking Licensed Taxi drivers for badge and bills, animals like Hirsi are out there raping passengers.

I have complained many times about the unreasonable number of B&Bs checks while real problems like this are overlooked.

Compliance teams should be out every night at known tout hot spots in Wembly actively looking for Hirsi

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