Tuesday, September 04, 2012

New Yellow Cabs, 17% Fare Hike

Yellow taxis may begin charging more on Tuesday, ushering in an approved fare increase for riders, whose rates have remained virtually unchanged since 2006.

The city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission announced late Monday that operators of yellow taxis would be allowed to put the new fares — which increase rates by about 17 percent — into effect as of 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday, once they have recalibrated their meters and updated external markings.

Operators will not be required to institute the fares until their first scheduled inspections after Sept. 30, meaning that the city’s taxi fleet will most likely include a mixture of old and new rates for the next several weeks.

“We anticipate that many taxicab operators will implement the new fare structure as of Sept. 4, so it is extremely important that taxi riders know and understand it,” David S. Yassky, the chairman of the taxi commission, said in a statement. “The taxi industry appears to be experiencing a smooth transition to the new structure, and we want passengers to experience a smooth transition as well.”

The commission approved the increase in July. Under the new price structure, the base fee charged before a ride begins will remain unchanged. But the cost for each fifth of a mile traveled, or each 60 seconds in stopped or slow traffic, will rise to 50 cents, from 40 cents, placing an added burden on passengers who take long rides.

Trips between Kennedy International Airport and Manhattan will rise by $7, to $52 plus tolls. The surcharge on rides to Newark Liberty International Airport will also rise, to $17.50, from $15.

The last across-the-board fare increase occurred in 2004, when metered rates rose about 26 percent. In 2006, the city increased the rate charged for each minute a cab was stopped or moving slowly. In 2009, a 50-cent surcharge was added to help support the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Source: New York Times

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If you are hiring a Yellow Taxi, then you should be careful about the fare meter. You should check it before hire a taxi as drivers are not allowed to charge more than the meter charge. Check the government seal before enter in the taxi.