Sunday, September 16, 2012

Justice, Or Just Can't be Bothered?

Excerpts from a day inside the Westminster Magistrate's Court, first two cases.

Hearings are listed to begin at 10am but nothing happens for first 40 minutes. “This is dead time.” says Sir Paul Stephenson, the former Met Commissioner.

10.40am: Fabian Leal, 29, from Kennington in south London. Leal, a Colombian national, pleaded guilty to obstructing a West End street by stopping his rickshaw in the road on August 25. He had no previous convictions and had only started working as a rickshaw driver in time for the Olympics.

Sentence: conditional discharge and £85 costs.

Sir Paul Stephenson’s verdict: “What is he doing here? This is a victimless crime and suitable to be dealt with outside of a court.”

Thomas the Taxi's verdict: Why has this man not been given a fixed penalty ticket for obstructing the queens highway. If this was a Taxi he would have been given a £130 fixed penalty. 

10.50am: Stuart London, 29, a father-of-four from Deptford, south east London. London, who has a history of violent offending including a two-and-a-half year jail term for wounding, terrified a black cab driver by jumping on his bonnet, thumping his windscreen with his fists and ripping a wing mirror off after claiming the taxi had tried to run him down. London was tazered by an armed police officer who had raced to the scene from the nearby American embassy. London pleaded guilty to criminal damage.

Sentence: To remain under curfew from 9pm to 5am for the next six months and to pay £400 compensation.

London, who is on benefits, agrees to pay £20 a fortnight.

Sir Paul’s verdict: “How depressing that this man is paying a fine to the state out of money from the state. He has committed a violent thuggish offence which is consistent with his history. He has so many convictions, it is depressing.”

Thomas the Taxi's verdict: How is it that this thug, with many similar conviction for violence is allowed to stay at large and present a danger to the general public. Are they waiting for him to kill some one before they finally bang him up?

Photo: left, Fabian Leal Right, Stuart London

Passenger who bi Taxi driver in attack, is jailed

A PASSENGER who bit a taxi driver in the face during a frenzied attack has been jailed today (Friday).

James Pilgrim, 43, of Newgate Road, St Leonards, left Leigh Curtis with injuries including cuts and bruises to his face, a broken nose, broken ribs and requiring stitches to his finger.
At a court hearing at Lewes Crown Court this morning, Judge Charles Kemp described the unprovoked attack as ‘appalling’, before jailing Pilgrim for 30 months.
The assault was captured in its entirety by CCTV cameras installed in the Mr Curtis’s vehicle, which was instrumental in the prosecution of Pilgrim. The footage was played in today’s sentencing.
Mr Curtis, who has more than 30 years experience driving a taxi, has been unable to work since the attack on Tuesday, July 17 and continues to suffer flashbacks.
Just after midnight on that day, he picked Pilgrim up from the Lord Warden pub in Manor Road and drove him home to Newgate Road.
Pilgrim said he did not have the fare on him, so after confirming that he was known to the radio operator, Mr Curtis agreed that he could pay in a few days time.
As he was getting out of the taxi, Pilgrim broke a bottle of wine he was carrying, which appeared to be the trigger for him to turn nasty.
The violence escalated to the point where Pilgrim had Mr Curtis in a headlock and proceeded to bite him on the face.
It only came to an end when the handbrake was released in the struggle causing the car to roll backwards colliding with parked vehicles. The impact caused Pilgrim to release his grip.
He was arrested at the scene by police, and Mr Curtis was taken by ambulance to the Conquest for treatment.
Pilgrim pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm when he appeared at Hastings Magistrates Court on August 2. He also admitted possession of cannabis.
After today’s hearing, Mr Curtis said: “I am glad he (Pilgrim) got a prison sentence but I think it should have been double. Since the attack everything has gone wrong, both financially and emotionally. I still get flashbacks and now I don’t trust anybody. It’s horrible.”
Source: Hastings Observer

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