Monday, September 03, 2012

Green Taxis From Nissan, A Reality.

Nissan rolls out the first of its electric Taxis in Mexico City.

The three new electric cabs are the first phase of a pilot program that will see 100 electric Taxis join the cities fleet. This is the first wave of a green initiative which hopes to ease pollution in this City of 20 million.

The Nissan leaf Taxi runs entirely on electric power and has a range of 160 km. The batteries can be charged in 30 minutes from special stations powered by solar energy.

Set to revolutionise the fight against inner-city pollution, the zero emission Taxis entered the fleet in Mexico city last week.

The leaf is slightly smaller than the NV200 which is to replace New Yorks Yellow cab fleet over the next few years.

After a further intensive redesign program, the NV200 will be launched in London early next year with both a manual and automatic choice. Nissan plans to eventually replace the frugal 1.5 Renault diesel engine with the fully electric version in the very near future.

Good news for the Greens!

Source: Reuters

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