Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Another Saturday night! Another Rape.

A 22-year-old woman was sexually assaulted as she was driven home by a man pretending to be a minicab driver.

Police say the victim was approached by a man next to a group of genuine minicab drivers who were illegal plying for hire outside Spearmint Rhino in Tottenham Court Road, at around 5am on Saturday (September 1).

As the man drove the woman to her home in Walthamstow he assaulted her.

Police are investigating the exact location but believe it could have happened close to the end of the journey in Waltham Forest.

A minicab driver from  Bexleyheath, has been charged with sexual assault in connection with the incident.

He was arrested on Saturday within hours of the assault happening.

Source: the Guardian series

By Thomas the Taxi.

Another shattered life, another shattered family...

What is LTPH's answer

Why not Text a minicab and pay us 35p.....

How about stopping the illegal lines of Touts outside every night club and bar!

How about telling people to use proper taxis!

How about scraping the satellite offices which are leading to these assaults!

How about arresting the touting clipboard johnnies who are putting these young people in the cars of sexual predators

How about doing your job, the one you get handsomely paid to do, properly and enforce the law that's already there!

How about stopping illegal plying for hire by minicabs!

Hendy, Daniel and Mason, how about resigning, en masse!

TfL/LTPH fail.


Anonymous said...

The exact same thing goes on outside the club called kanaloa on shoe lane. Drivers and clip board guy touting outside with their hi-vis rides2 jackets. No enforcement at all...

Anonymous said...

It's time to pull out the stops and go for an enquiry
We have to get our assembly members and MPs involved

Anonymous said...


It's plain Hendy and his mob are not going g to do anything and Boris won't touch anything that has negative PR.

We must all lobby the GLA on this, it could be your Daughter or relation next.

Scrap the Satellites.

Anonymous said...

These so called senior civil servants stick their fingers in their ears. They won't listen.

Something will only be done when one of their daughters, sons or wives gets raped or even murdered.

See them jump thru hoops then.