Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Amnesty for Olympic Zil lane drivers

Thousands of motorists who strayed into Olympic “Zil” lanes will escape £120 fines under an amnesty announced today.

Transport chiefs issued 6,900 penalty notices during the Olympic and Paralympics but none for illegally driving along the 100-mile Olympic VIP lane network.

Instead the fines will be enforced for breaching traffic regulations along the routes, such as parking on the lanes or making a banned turn.

TfL issued 32,000 warning letters during the Olympics and Paralympics. They said they had 98 per cent compliance with the Olympic route network, meaning only two out of 100 vehicles committed an offence.

TfL commissioner Peter Hendy said today: “There will be no fines for driving in the Games lanes but there will be fines for ignoring the regulations, such as ignoring banned turns. The good news is that if you drove in a Games lane you will not be fined.”

Mr Hendy said manual boarding ramps added to 16 train stations during the Olympics and Paralympics would remain, and committed to keeping them for several months.

Source Evening Standard


AnthonyG said...

so what about ALL the 1,000's of, disrupted journeys, missed appointments etc because of drivers being terrorised by these ridiculous restrictions? 

hendy is only doing this because he knows that, tfl don't have-a-leg-to-stand-on

these Penalty Notices wouldn't stand up if challenged

Anonymous said...

Did they forget when they turned of the games lanes signs