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More Threats From LTPH in Press Release 10/12

Olympic Route Network and Paralympic Route Network

The Olympic Route Network (ORN) and the Games Lanes along the ORN ceased operation at midnight on Tuesday 14 August 2012, enabling athletes, officials and the world’s media to leave London after the Olympics ended.

The final works to reinstate pedestrian crossings and remove any temporary signs, Olympic Rings, barriers and other measures from the ORN that are not required for the Paralympic Route Network (PRN) were carried out between Wednesday 15 August and Sunday 19 August.

Paralympic Route Network
The Paralympics take place between Wednesday 29 August and Sunday 9 September and, throughout this period, the PRN will be in operation to ensure that all athletes, officials and the world’s media can get to events on time. The PRN is much smaller than the ORN with just under 9 miles of Games Lanes. As with the ORN there will be electronic roadside signage (Variable Message Signs) advising motorists when the Games Lanes are in operation, as well as when they can be used by Games vehicles only and when they are open to all traffic.
The physical build of the PRN will begin overnight on Saturday 25 August, but will not come into operation until 06:00 on Wednesday 29 August, the opening day of the Paralympic Games. The PRN and Games Lanes will cease operation and enforcement one day after the end of the Paralympics at midnight on 10 September, to aid the efficient departure of athletes, officials and the media.

A map showing the full PRN route plus the route on 9 September, when the marathon takes place in central London, is in Appendix 1.
As was the case for the ORN, TfL will be monitoring the network constantly and will only activate the lanes when absolutely necessary. Drivers should continue to follow the guidance given by the Variable Message Signs located at regular intervals across the network.
Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs)
If you drive in one of the Games Lanes during operational hours, you will receive a penalty charge notice (PCN).
Penalties can, of course, be challenged through the representations process; this is outlined on the penalty which is the same process for PCNs issued during the Olympics and Paralympics to taxi or private hire drivers by TfL, the Police or Local Authorities for driving in Games Lanes when in operation or for banned turns.

Licensed London taxi or private hire drivers should also be aware that repeated intentional breaches of the PRN or other inappropriate conduct may give rise to regulatory issues.

Paralympic Events
There is a packed schedule of Paralympic events taking place at the Olympic Park, ExCel, Greenwich Park, North Greenwich Arena, The Mall and The Royal Artillery Barracks.

The date of every event and the expected start/finish times are in the Games Handbook which is still available online at All taxi and private hire drivers should make sure that they are prepared for the Paralympics by reading the guidance, particularly on page 8 of the handbook about assisting passengers. Taxi drivers should also check that the wheelchair ramp and other accessibility features on their vehicles are in full working order.

21 August 2010
John Mason Director, Taxi and Private Hire
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