Friday, August 17, 2012

Is Griffin Trying To Cash In On The Free Publicity?

Pranksters figured that Julian Assange needed some help getting to Heathrow Airport, and a few hot pizzas to see him on his way, after Ecuador granted him asylum yesterday.

Local minicab and fast food firms fell for a series of hoax calls as they stood outside the Ecuadorian embassy in Knightsbridge, waiting for some one to come out and pay for the deliveries.

Amid protesters and police, photographers surrounded one of the many minicabs that had a placard with the WikiLeaks founder's name in the front window. (How thick to you have to be to get a job with Addi Lee)

The bemused Addison Lee Minicab driver acknowledged that it was all a practical joke and pulled away.

It's amazing to think that with all the publicity over the passed few days that Addison Lee dispatchers would still fall for this prank. But I supposed it helps keep the numbers up of jobs dispatched. Plus there is always the added bonus of getting a free bit of advertising in the worlds media!

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