Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tim Yeo -Chair of Climate Change AND of EcoCity Vehicles -Conflict of Interest

The Iconic London Taxi featured prominently in the Olympics Opening Ceremony last night, in a scene in which James Bond was taken to meet the Queen at Buckingham Place by a London Black Cab.

Unfortunately London Mayor Boris Johnson does not hold the London Taxi in the same high esteem and has excluded taxi drivers form providing their world renowned professional service to visitors, athletes and officials for the Olympics in London.

Despite protests which have now taken place for more than a year The Mayor has refused to relent in his decision to refuse Taxis to access the Olympic Route Network, which effectively prevents them doing their job.
He has instead chosen to allow Corporate Sponsors and many others less deserving than the taxis have full access to the ORN which has been done under the false premise that it is to enable athletes and officials to be transported to the Games. Most athletes and Officials are located at the Olympic Village and will compete at the Olympic Park will have no requirement to use the lanes. Everyday hardworking Londoners, including Cabbies are sat in static traffic queues while the near empty Olympic Lanes see Corporate Fat Cats being whisked to wherever they want to go in minutes. Probably taking their wives shopping in the West End !.

The Mayor Boris Johnson, who is also Chairman of Transport for London has said that it is not in his remit to allow taxis into the Olympic Lanes. He said it was the responsibility of LOCOG, who are a private limited company and have no requirement to comply with Public Law or act in a reasonable way. LOCOG therefore has no accountability and will probably not be in existence after the Games.

Cabbies Against Boris are extremely keen to see the situation resolved in a reasonable way without the need for further protests and contacted the Olympics Minister Hugh Robertson who had previously said on the BBC Politics show a week ago that if there were problems the ORN would be reviewed. His Personal Secretary stated that Mr Robertson’s position is that it was not his responsibility and we were told to contact the Department of Transport.
We were then referred to Mr Jonathan Sharrack, The Department of Transport Olympic Director who politely called back immediately but said that the position of the Department of Transport was that this was firmly the responsibility of the Mayor and Transport for London.

This begs the question’ Why has the Mayor deliberately acted in a way which is to the detriment of most Londoners and the taxi drivers?’
He has continually be involved in situations which cannot possibly be conducive to a trustworthy Mayor.
He had personal meetings with Rebecca Brooks CEO of News International, when she was being investigated by the Police for the Phone Hacking Inquiry, for which she now faces criminal charges. He actively tried to stop the Police investigation and even said in the London Assembly that the allegations were ‘codswallop’.
He then had personal meetings with his friend Bob Diamond the Barclays bank boss and arranged the £50 million sponsorship of his ‘Boris Bike’ scheme. Barclays are now being investigated for criminal activities.

Boris introduced an Age Limit for London Taxis which will do nothing to reduce emissions as it was purported to do and has put hundreds of Taxi Drivers out of work. The only benefit for the Taxi Age Limit is to increased the sales of new taxis.
Boris implemented the Age Limit after it was proposed by his close Conservative colleague Mr Tim Yeo who is Chair of the Environmental Audit Committee. Mr Yeo is also Chairman of Eco City Vehicles who sell the new taxis that drivers are forced to buy at a price of more than £35k.

The improper conduct of the Mayor should be fully investigated and a Public Inquiry was formally called for by all of the London Mayoral Candidates earlier this year, in particular to the thousands of deaths from Air Pollution in London caused by the failed Air Quality Strategies of the Mayor. His own statistics show 4267 deaths a year in London from pollution.

All complaints of corruption to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner have been ignored. Hardly surprising as the Metropolitan Police are directly answerable to the Mayor himself and he is notorious for influencing what they do as in the News International case.
The Prime Minister David Cameron has made statements following the corruption in the Media and Banks that ‘cronyism’ and corruption should be stamped out. Let’s hope that principle remains firm in the case of his close friend and secret society Bullingdon Club co-member Boris Johnson.

The current refusal to allow London Taxi drivers to work effectively during the Olympics is the latest in a long line of improper decisions by the Mayor against taxis drivers,
During his election campaign earlier this year he said he was going to confront the unions so maybe this is his way of doing that. He is using the Olympics as a way of imposing extra ordinary measures to challenge taxi drivers.
At yesterdays Hyde Park taxi protest one driver was told by a Kent police officer to leave Hyde Park Corner via the Knightsbridge Exit. He informed him that his senior officer had given him instructions to:

"Inform him and any other London Taxi drivers taking part in the demonstration to leave Hyde Park Corner immediately and that his registration number had been logged. Should he make another circuit of Hyde Park Corner, or return to the location he would be arrested immediately under section 12 of the Anti Terrorism Act!"

This is blatant improper use of the law for improper means.
TFL’s Leon Daniels claimed after the previous protests at Parliament Square and Tower Bridge that the demonstrations were ‘ by a handful of drivers. At the same time TFL turned off the traffic camera news feeds to Tower Bridge so that the media could not see how many taxis were there in a further blatant attempted deception. Unfortunately for Mr Daniels the worlds media were there to see for themselves to see that there were many hundreds taxis protesting and he must feel silly making such a false claim.

The refusal to allow taxis to use the Olympic Route Network and the many other improper decisions of the Mayor are likely to be fully scrutinized and exposed by the worlds media during the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime London’s Cabbies will continue to protest.
Dave Davies
Spokesman – Cabbies Against Boris

Friday, July 13, 2012

LTPH Notice 08/12: IMPORTANT NOTICE Possible Taxi Driver Demonstrations

Transport for London (TfL) is aware that a taxi driver group known as “the United Cabbies Group” (UCG) have called for, and are publicising, a series of taxi driver demonstrations beginning with one planned for Parliament Square at 2pm on 17 July 2012 in protest at “taxi driver exclusion from the Olympic games lanes”.

TfL advise drivers that any participation in such demonstrations is totally irresponsible and will cause completely unnecessary disruption to London.

The Olympic Route Network is 109 miles of London roads which are open (in almost every instance) to all traffic. It will flow quickly with priority at traffic signals over crossing traffic. Games Lanes amount to only 31 miles of, generally offside, lanes. The position regarding them is clear: they will be full of Olympic traffic; if they are not then they will be switched out of use.

Through monthly Olympic liaison meetings between TfL, the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) and taxi driver associations, a huge effort has been put in to addressing the concerns of the taxi trade regarding the Games and, in particular, the operation of the Olympic Route Network and its impact on taxis and taxi passengers.

Following this constructive and productive dialogue TfL has:

Enabled taxis to make important turns along the network which other road
users are not permitted to make
Reviewed all planned restrictions on nearside (kerbside) Games Lanes
and agreed to allow taxis to access a number of these.
Agreed to open of the dedicated lanes to all traffic when possible using
over 170 electronic variable message signs.
Reduced to an absolute minimum the times the dedicated Games Lanes
will be in operation.

TfL has also been able to facilitate access for taxis to drive in and pick up
and set down in the following “kerbside” Games lanes.

Park Lane – southbound – from Culcross St and South St.
Grosvenor Place – northbound – between Wilton Street and Hyde Park
Vauxhall Bridge Road – southbound – between Bloomberg Street and
Causton Street
Vauxhall Bridge Road – northbound – between Drummond Gate and
Rampayne Street
Gloucester Place – northbound – between Dorset Square and Rossmore

Finally, drivers should be reminded that they are expected to comply with
the requirements of the Highway Code and their taxi licence at all times.

Any taxi driver participating in such demonstrations who fails to comply
with the instructions issued by the Police could face arrest. Moreover
drivers who are observed acting improperly could suffer possible
suspension or revocation of their licence.

John Mason
13 July 2012Director Taxi and Private Hire

Friday, July 06, 2012


One of the biggest issues at the moment is touts. Can you explain what you are doing to combat this huge problem?

We all know that touts manifest themselves in various forms, including members of the industry who step over the line and tout and also those who are barefaced and illegal and work in the industry with no licence. But the law is quite clear, it doesn’t make any difference. If you are operating illegally, we will be after you. but we have just under 60 officers to cover the whole of London 24/7. And I make no excuses at all in saying that we have to prioritise our resources. It is an unfortunate reality.
Everyone would agree our top priority has to be, the prevention of sexual assaults on young women. And that takes a lot of our resources. This is our main priority with regards to how we target touts in London and we are quite open about it. But one of the purposes of me coming here is to also try and listen to you guys. So that we get a better understanding from you of what you perceive the main problems to be. I’m here to make the industry safe for passengers and for you guys, who are trying to earn a living.”

Whether we like it or not, we do have to prioritise resources and sometimes that does mean that those resources are not always prioritised against those people who are acting illegally, in competition with you guys, who are licensed. These illegal operators and drivers, who are not a risk to the travelling public as such, are in competition against you and are falling outside of the licensing regime. But hopefully, we can work together and have a real partnership. But we must all acknowledge that there is a limit on the amount of resources available.

But as you must be aware, there is a terrible amount of frustration within our membership, with regards to touts?

You (TfL) have in the past year, revoked 422 private hire licences for touting and refused 73 applications for previous applicants. In other words (by omission) are you saying there is no targeting of touts, unless they hold PHV licences?

Absolute rubbish. With those officers employed by TfL, their number one remit is operator and driver compliance. Where people are outside of licensing, competing against you, trying to circumvent the licensing process, we don’t have the power to take action. And that’s why the police are out there every night looking for them. Just because it’s not in our newsletter, doesn’t mean it’s not happening.”

I don’t have the exact figures to hand but we must have arrested over 1,000 people (in the same timescale as in the newsletter).

So let me be clear, you’re interested in arresting touts, whether they are licensed or not?


I know that sometimes there is a problem that we are victimising the licensed driver. But nothing could be further from the truth.

We deal with touts as we find them. It doesn’t matter if they are licensed or unlicensed. It’s only after we have arrested them that we find out if they are licensed or not. I can assure you, that when it comes to cab enforcement, we are ruthless. It’s not about per- formance indicators, it’s not about targets. A few weeks ago, we did an operation in Westminster. We arrested 14 touts and two
of them stuck out. One had a previous conviction for sexual assault on a girl under 13. Another had a conviction for false im- prisonment. That is why we do this job and that’s the sort of people we are trying to get off and keep off the streets of London.


Arab clients come to London and they don’t know anything about the private hire regulations. The touts claim dole and housing benefit and are happy to work for less than licensed drivers and operators. We lose work to these people but they are never targeted by the authorities. There is also an ‘official’ undercover illegal cab rank around the corner from Edgware Road, near Marble Arch. We know you have priorities and we understand that, but we would like to see a continuous four week operation to really target the problem.

The important point for us is to channel the intelligence into one particular point. It’s important that everything gets logged and recorded properly. We now have a recording tool on our website where everything is collated and that helps us where to target our resources. But I can assure you that your information does not fall into a black hole. The more people that target, say Edgware Road for example, then the more we are aware and can target our resources. But we have to have clear evidence. Colin can’t arrest someone just because you say that so-and-so was touting.

In north London we have a particular issue with touts at lap-dancing clubs. Some of these people try to tout passengers to places where they are offered sex. And in some cases, they are given date-rape drugs in hotels and robbed. The police should come back week after week because one night is not enough. The suspects escape and come back just a few days later.
There is also a huge problem at Heathrow Airport where drivers with signs target plane customers after they come through arrivals. I had a situation about seven months ago. The last American Airline flight at night had just landed and an American girl was being touted. I said to her; ‘Use one of the licensed taxis outside’. The tout went absolutely bananas and started screaming and shouting and it worries me that these people are getting away with it. I fully understand there are finite resources, but I see the same people touting all the time and nothing every seems to be done.

“Frustrating though touting is, realistically, it probably won’t ever go away. But we can do our damnedest to police it and do what we can. I’m not here to apologise but I am here to try and get you guys to understand that we are doing as much as we can within our powers, but we accept that we could do more. Now this does- n’t help you, because you are frustrated as hell. Trying to earn a liv- ing and seeing these touts taking your work. You say that if we watch this place or that place, we might see this or we might see that, but we can’t do that for this level of offence. The regulation of the Investigatory Powers Act, which governs how we are al- lowed to watch people and gather information, I can’t do that for touting.
But what I can do and what I would like to do (because I do not know about the sort of touting that you are talking about) I’ve got a small dedicated team with deals with intelligence and I will get one of them to give you a ring. If we can spend some time with you then we can try and gauge what is going on.


I know that you feel that our position is unfair, but we are in the process of putting together a final position document on this. And this final position will either be ‘Yes, we are going to change our guidelines’ and we will accept drivers such as yourself or ‘No, we are not going to change our guidelines. And if it comes down to it, that this is not in your favour, then you still have recourse to the courts. But what I would to say is, that since I came into this job, I have tried to have a pragmatic approach to working with the trade on licensing issues. We do look at positions and change them if we think they are wrong. We don’t always get things right, but we do try and I accept that we really do need to reach a con- clusion in your case.


I have to say that some of your working practices appear to be unacceptable. I understand your lack of resources and I don’t doubt your integrity but one thing I want to raise is the pressure on drivers, from police officers, to accept a caution when arrested for touting. We get people from the Asian and other ethnic minority communities arrested on the charges of touting. They find themselves in a cell, don’t heed our advice to phone a GMB lawyer, but listen to a police officer instead. Who tells them; ‘We could keep you here for 24 hours and make your life miserable, but if you take this caution, we will let you out of the door in ten minutes’. So, they take the caution and the next thing they know, they get a letter from TfL telling them that their licence has been revoked and that they are now out of a job. This has (allegedly) happened over the years and I am sick of it. This practice has got to be stopped. It is outrageous.

I’m not convinced that ‘it’ goes on at all. I accept that if they don’t have legal advice then they might not understand certain ramifications of accepting a caution. But that is down to them. I’m a cop, doing a cop’s job. We arrest, we interview and then the decision is made after that, what happens. But I think that where we can agree is; if I found out that one of my staff had behaved like that, they would be for the high jump. It doesn’t happen, not with me it doesn’t. And I mean that with absolute sincerity.

And let’s be clear about somerthing. If someone accepts a caution and we do revoke their licence, there is still an appeal process. I have personally intervened in cases where a driver has accepted a caution for touting and he claimed he had been misled by the police. TfL accepted that he wasn’t fully understanding that he would lose his licence and that he wouldn’t have taken the caution if he had known. I intervened, looked at the case, looked at the background and his history and decided in his favour. I don’t want to go to magistrates’ court and I don’t want to spend money on lawyers. I’ve spent enough time and money on lawyers in the last few months!

We do make it clear to PHV drivers that if they get a caution or conviction for touting, their licence will be revoked. They are told right at the start of their licence.

Source: Target the Touts, taken from Private Hire and Courier Magazine July 2012