Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lib Dems Support Taxis to use Olympic Lanes

Olympic Games Lanes – Black taxis

Question No: 2030 / 2011

Dee Doocey

What have you done as a member of the Olympic Board to persuade the Department for Transport to overturn the ban on London’s black cabs using the Games Lanes during the Games in 2012?

Written response from the Mayor

I have not requested an exemption to allow taxis access to Games Lanes because doing so would mean that we could not guarantee journey times for the Games Family. The Games Lanes will be heavily used for most of the day, and there is simply not room to permit other vehicles access. For example, on some of the busiest days at busy locations, there will be up to 1,100 vehicles an hour in the lanes; this is the equivalent of a full road of traffic.

The Olympic Route Network (ORN) and Games Lanes will be essential to enable London 2012 to meet the Games Family journey time commitments in the Host City Contract. Because of the journey times between venues required by the International Olympic Committee, London would not have won the Games without putting the Games Lanes in place. The approach was tried and tested at Games in Sydney, Athens, Beijing and Vancouver. The ORN will operate on around one per cent of the Capital’s roads, and Games Lanes on around a third of the ORN; every effort has been made to keep the number of roads affected to an absolute minimum.

The Games Lanes will be clearly signposted to avoid confusion about which vehicles can use them.