Friday, April 22, 2011

Transcript of the Nick Ferrari Show.

An exact transcript from the Ferrari show yesterday. As you can see the Mayor made no reference to AL. This came from the caller and NF. This confirms with our understanding and no taxis and PH will be allowed in the ORN.

Caller: Morning Nick.  During the Olympics there are some fast track lanes running from Central London out to the Olympic Stadium.  As a London taxi driver I would like to ask Boris why London’s taxis are being banned from it?

BJ: Ray that’s because there are about 30000 London taxis from memory, maybe slightly more, 33000 London taxis, and we need to be able to move people fast down those Olympic lanes, and ....

NF: Wouldn’t taxis help with that Mr Mayor, getting spectators to and from?

BJ: Well what we want to do is encourage people as far as possible to take public transport.  As everybody knows, there has been mass improvements to public transport.

NF: Probably not appropriate to speak about that today with the Jubilee Line and the state it’s in.  How about those with mobility problems who could call a London cab, people with serious mobility issues and wheelchairs.  Surely it will be helpful to get him or her there wouldn’t it?  Ray would you agree, that’s particularly when you are useful isn’t it?

Caller: I mean, you’ve hit the nail on the head Nick because Boris has allowed mini cabs to use it.

NF: Mr Mayor is that true?

BJ: Not as far as I know Ray, I will get back to you on that.  I’m not aware we are allowing mini cabs to use the Olympic Route Network.

Caller: Nick, there’s a certain minicab company in London, who have got a contract.

NF: Now this is for the delegates, and I think for some of the competitors as well isn’t it?  But well lets name it, it’s Addison Lee.  I think it’s the biggest company probably in the country and they have got the contract to take judges and competitors.  But I can’t use them to get me there, that’s the difference Ray of course isn’t it?

Caller: But supposing I was to pick up a competitor, lets say from Paddington Station.

NF: Yes.

Caller: I can’t use the fast track lane.

NF: Mr Mayor?

BJ: Ray I think that’s fairly unlikely to happen.  The competitors basically are going to be moved from the Olympic village where they will be staying, to their events or their places of training, and with the team and with their coaches, and we want to be able to have the Olympic Route Network, which will be much much smaller, let me repeat this, will be much much smaller than the Olympic Route Network was in Beijing.  It will not operate except when it absolutely has to during the times of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.  So I’m sorry we can’t put black cabs in the Olympic Route Network Ray, but it’s just the hard necessity of trying to run an efficient Games.

Transcript courtesy of TfL.