Saturday, April 09, 2011

Interesting Email to Kevin Goad.... Taken from Baliff Hunter Blog!

Cast you mind back a few short months ago to when The NoToMob and The RMT challenged Westminster over the illegal signs at Golden Sq (The "Goose"). When we all obtained a small victory with WCC admitting the error of their ways and changing the signs to the legal ones as directed by the Traffic Management Order we thought WCC would do the right thing and refund the poor motorists that had been robbed of £120 for a perfectly legal maneuver. How wrong we were! It appears that WCC think that if the motorist paid up, he/she admitted to the contravention (Even though none took place)!!! Confused....? Read on.....................

From: Goad, Kevin
To: Fitsall, Kieran; Large, Peter
Sent: Tue Jan 25 12:03:53 2011
Subject: Re: Lower James Street: Refunds?
That's what we agreed but only for the ahead only offence. Not aware that anything’s changed - did press release get issued?

Peter is doing a note for us on future grounds for refunds. Important that any script that we give vtx reflects the press release - words like exceptional circumstances.

Peter - you ok with this?

From: Fitsall, Kieran
To: Goad, Kevin
Sent: Tue Jan 25 11:58:39 2011
Subject: Lower James Street: Refunds?
Kevin - I need a definitive instruction regarding refunds either from yourself or Peter L.
My understanding is that we will refund PCNs paid on application only. If you can confirm I'll then have Vertex instructed.
Kieran Fitsall
Group Supplier Relationship Manager (Parking Operations)
Procurement & Supplier Relationship Management