Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bexley Council Alert Police About CCTV Warning.

A MAN claims he has been visited at his home by police and been warned off any attempts to alert motorists to the presence of council CCTV camera cars in the area.

The officer, from the local safer neighbourhood policing team handed Martin Peaple copies of photographs taken of him by a CCTV camera car 20 days earlier.

Mr Peaple, 22, had stood outside the shops in Hollytree Parade in Sidcup Hill, Foots Cray, where he helps out at the glass shop, on April 7, holding a notice to warn potential customers a camera car was in the area.

The shopkeepers claim their small parade has been targeted by the council’s CCTV camera cars, and say the fear of getting a parking ticket is driving away customers.

Mr People had grabbed the notice when the camera car showed up.

He said: “At first I stood behind the car, but the driver asked me to move, so I stood on the pavement.”

Last week Mr Peaple says there was a knock on the door of his home in nearby Mallard Walk.

He opened it to find a police officer on the doorstep.

Mr Peaple said: “He said to me ‘You know why I am here. You have been interfering with a camera car ‘.

“I told him I had only been standing on the pavement.”

Mr Peaple claims told the officer told him some people wanted "his head on a plate" and said his activities were costing revenue.

He said: “The officer told me it wasn’t a police matter, but that the council could prosecute me.

“He told me if I said I was sorry and promised I would not do it again, he would email the council and ask them not to take it any further.”

Bexley Council was unable to say how the officer had obtained the photographs of Mr Peaple taken by the CCTV car.

A council spokeman said: “The council is unable to comment on matters dealt with by the police.

“The safer neighbourhood teams have been made aware of recent incidents affecting the council’s mobile cctv civil parking enforcement operations, which have raised safety issues and in some cases resulted in civil enforcement officers being prevented from carrying out their statutory duties by non-authorised third parties.”

Bexley police said: “There are various obstruction offences that may have been committed as well as a potential for a breach of the peace and any police response would be confined to these issues.”

A spokeswoman added: “The fact an officer visited the person in question to point this out, without resorting to any formal action is a good example of safer neighbourhoods teams working within local communities to sort out local issues as quickly and as effectively as possible.

“Local officers do have a role within partnership working to assist in the identification of persons who may have committed offences against byelaws but of course only if this is proportional.”

The move follows the issuing of Warning of Harassment letters by Bexley police at the council’s request, to people posting vitriolic anti-Bexley Council blogs on websites and the council’s proposal to ban people who have had a “warning” about their behaviour, from asking questions at council meetings.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Teextwo's letter from the PCO...Dizzy

'The identifiers are being brought in but it is important that everyone understands that they are primarily as a self enforcing scheme'

And that is exactly why these will be a disaster for the Taxi trade!

'and secondly to help our compliance teams'

What compliance teams?

Where the hell are they?

The only way you will ever effectively keep control of this trade is by more enforcement.

Can you hear that John and Helen...


'and we will be including messages when we start issuing these'

You have proved over nearly 2 years in office that your PCO notices aren't worth the paper they are written on, so what makes you think anyone is going to pay the slightest bit of notice to your 'messages'?

'that it does not result in drivers having arguments on street'


You think these 'might' lead to arguments?

You are so deluded!

When cab drivers start targetting other cab drivers with violence and vandalism, arguments will be the least of your worrys.

'We won’t tolerate any instances of a GB driver taking on the task of enforcing this scheme' 

I suppose you don't tolerate women being raped in minicabs either!

But this week 2 more will be sexually assaulted by drivers that you issued a license to!

'The scheme is coming in as a result of responses to a consultation but it is not to turn the trade against each other and we will be very firm in our messages about that.'


This scheme is designed to make us take our eye off of the real issue, and that is your incompetence with the licensing of Private Hire.

You have made a complete mess of that, and you will make a complete mess of this.

I am not suggesting that there may not be a problem with YBs working outside their sectors, or that something needs to be done about it, but this scheme is not the answer.


'and also that this isn’t an opportunity for drivers to turn on each other on street. That would be extremely damaging for the trade and is not something we will tolerate.'

Do you know anything about the Taxi trade or Taxi drivers?

Stop listeneing to people who don't drive a Taxi for a living and start listening to those who do.

Grant Davis is clueless!

Bob Oddy is clueless!

Both of these are far more interested in themselves than they are in the Taxi trade.

But you haven't got the balls have you!

Real drivers who live in the real world!

You simply prefer to take the easy option and only consult with those who won't give you a tough time.

It's a cop out!