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TfL Press Release on Sexual Assault Figures.

Safer Travel at Night: Over 1,300 drivers arrested last year as part of crackdown on unbooked 'minicabs'
Over 1,300 arrests last year alone, but in John Mason reply to the chairman of the RMT he says 590 convictions since 2008. Convictions are what count not arrests.  
23 May 2011
Latest weekend operation brings in 39 arrests
Although this is welcome news, we are not complacent, and we will continue our efforts to further reduce these crimes.
Steve Burton, Director of Community Safety, Enforcement and Policing at TfL

Cab related related sexual offences fall by 20 per cent year on year.
No, that’s not accurate, they have fallen only once in the last three years!

The Mayor of London's war against unlicensed minicabs 
(a secret war we presume) 
has resulted in 1,300 arrests over the last 12 months in a crackdown on touting and other cab-related offences during 2010/11.  More important, How many conviction?
The latest figures show the success of the ongoing Safer Travel at Night (STaN) initiative, a partnership between the Mayor, Transport for London (TfL), Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and the City of London Police (CoLP), who are working together to make travelling in London safer at night. Wrong! As STaN suggested Satellite offices which have been acknowledged as the main cause of Sexual attacks, it is Stan that is responsible for these appalling statistics.
STaN aims to reduce the number of cab-related sexual offences by raising awareness of the dangers of using unbooked minicabs, also known as touts and illegal cabs, and by using targeted police and enforcement activity to identify, disrupt and deter illegal cab activity. Not such a brilliant idea: Simply by removing satellite offices and the lines of unlawfully plying for hire touts would do a much better job! Also consider reducing the ever increasing number of PH licenses currently standing at over 75,000 and could reach 86,000 by Christmas.
*So far 5 Cab’s, 1 minicab!
Undercover tactics
Both the MPS Safer Transport Command, CoLP and TfL officers (Both? What all three both?) carry out regular enforcement activity across London including high-visibility patrols, stop/checks on vehicles, intelligence-led operations and engaging with the public.
Yes 38,000 vehicle inspections in 2010/11, targeted on Licensed Taxis, in high visibility stops mainly carried out on Bayswater and Chelsea Bridge Roads. Intelligence-led operations think you need more up to date intelligents
During the latest three-night-operation, that took place last weekend in central London, the West End and parts of Camden, there were 39 people arrested for touting and other cab-related offences. 
Surely you mean, minicab related?
Officers used undercover tactics and also conducted roadside vehicle and licence compliance checks on all minicabs within the operation area. Impossible for them to have checked all minicabs within the targeted area, just more mis-information!
Despite significant progress over recent year’s unbooked minicabs remain a high priority for the Mayor, TfL and the police as they are a danger to the public, especially as they operate around the Capital's night life. 
Nice of the Mayor to finally notice as the West End grinds to a halt every week end.
Russian roulette
These cabs are unregulated and uninsured to carry passengers, and in some cases the drivers are linked to more serious crimes including rape and sexual assault, robbery and drugs.
Last year saw the number of cab-related sexual offences fall by 20 per cent to 111 but there is more work to be done. 
Not Last year I’m afraid, TfL have manipulated the way they calculated the assault figures by using the financial year. Plus the attacks that were removed by the 3 suspended Met officers have not been re added to the total, so figures are in fact misleading, again!
These cabs also present a threat to licensed and law-abiding taxi and private hire drivers as they intercept customers and represent unfair - and unsustainable - competition.
Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: 'The people who live in and visit this great city need to know that it is safe to get around.
'It is in this context that we must confront the Russian roulette that is presented by illegal minicabs
See if Boris can get it right, why can’t TfL?
'Taxi touts are a menace to Londoners and tourists and the number of arrests made clearly indicates our decision to double the size of TfL's excellent cab enforcement team.' 
Sorry, haven't I just read that TfL issued redundancy notices cutting back the full time compliance officers to just 31?
We are not complacent
Steve Burton, Director of Community Safety, Enforcement and Policing at TfL, said: 'These results reflect the hard work by officers from both the police and TfL to tackle touting, cab-related sexual offences and other illegal cab activity in the Capital.
'Although this is welcome news, we are not complacent, and we will continue our efforts to further reduce these crimes and ensure that the public can travel safely at night in the Capital.' Easy done Steve, just scrap Satellite offices and enforce the law for a change!
Chief Superintendent Joe Royle, Safer Transport Command, said: 'These arrests show our commitment to ensuring Londoners travel safely at night.
'We will continue to carry out operations as part of our ongoing drive to tackle illegal cabs and taxi touts operating in the Capital.'

Is it any wonder we have to battle the media every week to keep our reputation in tack when our own licensing authority misuses the words Cab(s) and Taxi(s) contra to its own guild lines (TfL Press Release 25/10)
Section 31 of the Private Hire Vehicles (London) Act 1998.
This section clearly states that use the words ‘taxi’, ‘taxis’, ‘cab’ or ‘cabs’, or words closely resembling any of those word’s, must not be applied to any vehicle, other than a licensed Hackney Taxi. Contravention of section 31, is an offence. 

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