Saturday, February 23, 2019

Khan Said “Should I Ignore the Evidence From Experts.... But Will He Ignore This Evidence ???

SOME new diesel cars emit almost no NOX emissions despite common belief being that they are dirty and harmful.

Shock new research claims that some of the latest diesel cars emit almost no NOx, despite their condemnation.

Diesel cars have been in decline since the VW dieselgate scandal which shocked the industry back in 2015.

It was found that the carmaker had used defeat devices on cars to trick emissions tests to make cars appear cleaner than they actually were.

Last year the percentage of diesel cars registered in 2018 was over 20 per cent lower than the previous year and this is set to continue.

A common perception among drivers in the UK is that diesel cars are dirty and you should not buy one anymore.

New independent testing has, however, suggested that new diesel cars are actually incredibly clean, despite common belief.

German automobile club (ADAC) conducted on-road RDE (real driving emissions) on a number of petrol and diesel cars to see how clean they were.

Certain Mercedes, Vauxhall, and BMW cars emit almost no nitrogen oxides, significantly less than the legal limit.

Under the Euro 6d Temp emissions rules cars must produce less than 168mg/km of NOx.

During the tests, the Mercedes C-Class C220d actually emitted no NOx at all during the test while the BMW 5 Series 520d Touring emitted just 1mg per kilometre.

Similarly, a 1.6-litre diesel Opel (Vauxhall) Astra also emitted just 1mg/km of nitrogen oxides.

The BMW 520d Steptronic also emitted just 5mg/km, Citroen Berlingo BlueHDI 130 emitted just 7mg/km and the VW Golf 1.6 TDI SCR emit just 14mg/km.

Of the 13 cars tested, the vehicle that produced the most NOx was the Honda Civic 1.6 i-DTEC which emitted 101mg/km, which is still significantly less than the 168mg/km limit.

Mercedes C220d was found to produce 0mg/km 

This news will come as reassurance to car manufacturers who have previously tried to defend diesel cars as the new engines are significantly cleaner than those that have come before.

Carmakers have been facing challenges to get cars to meet new real-weld driving emissions limits across the world.

RDE NOx limits are set at 80mg/km (milligrams per kilometre) for diesel cars, and 60mg/km for petrols vehicles to be compliant under the new worldwide harmonized light vehicles test procedure (WLTP) tests.

However, to allow carmakers time to make their cars meet these new standards there is conformity facto of 2.1, which means cars can emit 2.1 times the limit of NOx.

This will be reduced from January 2020 to 1.5 times at 120mg/km of NOx.

Source : Express 

Protests, Parasites, JRs and Uber Discounts To TfL Staff.

Yesterday saw the end of week five, in the series of ITA protests aimed at central London local councils and TfL. The slogan of the protests "WHERE BUSES GO, TAXIS GO.

In the last fortnight, we’ve seen something totally amazing, something our detractors said could never be achieved and that being The UTAG JR against the Uber verdict, heard at the Royal Courts of Justice.

On top of that, we’ve had the scandalous revelations from the UCG's Trevor Merrills and Angie Clarkson that Uber’s defence Council Hogan Lovell, has referred to the Taxi Trade as parasitic...this was followed by the news that Uber, have an account to advertise their services at discounted rates to TfL staff on the Staff’s own website.
See Trevor and Angie's interview with London Taxi Radio's Sean Paul Day, Click This Link: 

Also this week more chaos from Camden as they intend to divert all south bound buses from Midland Road to join the gridlock of the badly phased lights in Pancras Road. Slight panic at first as the sign on the corner of Goodsway said "No motor vehicles except buses".... but this was soon changed after a quick phone call from the LCDC.


It’s now transpired that Hogan Lovells (Uber’s law firm) have referred to the London Taxi Trade as parasitic.
Quietly and constantly the trade has been going about its charitable work for over seven decades.

Post from Mandy Baylis on Save Black Taxis Facebook Page.

Having emailed Scope, RNIB and Transport  For All to highlight the issues facing their members/the people they represent, regarding the Mayor’s plans for Tottenham Court Road I received this reply today from Transport For All.

Great work, as always, from the guys at London Taxi PR, and even though Transport for alls’ concerns were largely dismissed, thought it may be nice to know they fully support you.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

TAXIS SHOW TALENT...A Cabbie Gala Night ... Interview with Frances Wyhowska.

 An afternoon of infinite variety.
Let the cab trade entertain you with comedy and song.
In aid of the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans and UTAG
Sunday 7th April at 3pm
Bars open from 1pm to catch up with friends
Tickets £20
Charing Cross Theatre, The Arches, Villiers Street
Box office 08444930650
Compere – Mr Grant Davis
Joe Lewis, Jon Cox, Michael Herring, Mark Bird and Phil Nelson, Tony Walker, John Hensman, Nick Clinton, Red Post Hill and more
By kind permission of Vaughan Williams
All acts may be subject to change

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Important announcement from the ITA : Parliament Square Protests.

The Met Police have asked that Millbank alongside the House of Lords be kept clear.  As they have been very accommodating with the protests so far, we feel this request should be facilitated.  

When making your way to the protests please use Victoria Street/Broad Sanctuary , Birdcage Walk/Great George , Whitehall and Bridge Street. 

Don’t forget this is a fight we must win so please answer the call, and support your trade. 

The Taxi Trade protests in Parliament Square are legitimate, peaceful protests that are receiving a lot of attention from both Houses, especially Lords.

We’ve met and spoken to many MPs and also members from the other place who are virtually all supportive given the reason behind our protests which is simply, WHERE BUSES GO, TAXIS GO

In the shadow of the Brexit mismanagement, SadiqKhan is pushing through his crazy traffic schemes in tangent with the extortionate ‘Poll Tax On Wheels’, without the raising of one eyebrow from our national media. 

Not only that but local councils are using Sadiq Khan’s lies on pollution to creat utter carnage on London’s major arteries, resulting in gridlock.
The business world is now calling for the embankment to be unblocked after TfL’s commissioner Mike Brown apologised for rushing out the segregated cycle lanes without proper planning. 

We have video clips of ambulances and paramedic (first response) vehicles, unable to move, stuck in the chaos of Midland Road, where the Lycra clad councillors from Camden thought it would be a great idea to close off a through route at major cross road and condense four lanes of traffic into just one, to install a extra wide cycle lane.  

Midland road is used heavily, to ferry away passengers (by Taxi, Bus, Coach, Car) from one of the busiest international termini in Europe.

Not one word from the mainstream media about the gridlock, and it’s not going to stop any time soon, as more ridiculous schemes have already been and will later be announced. 

The Taxi Trade is using the only tool left in our armoury, as our largest org again says we should do nothing and wait and see (a policy that has already lost the trade access to the Bank Junction). Drivers have gathered to protested  peacefully over the last few weeks on Tottenham Court Road and Parliament Square. 

The protests are planned to continue, in spite of the threat from a minicab Union to meet us head on in the Square on Monday the 25th (when Westminster is expected to announce all traffic other than Buses and Cycles to be banned from parts of Oxford Street).

In a did to contact organisers, the Met police have tweeted asking for a meeting, but we’ve been there before! 
The ITA are sceptical about meeting the police who when they met with the UCG, served up the leaders with section 12s and 14s, making it almost impossible for them to organise a decent demo again. 

It’s vital that ever Taxi turns up on Monday as we can’t let minicabs hijack our protests. We need to completely seal off the surrounding area with cabs!

It’s not we don’t sympathise with their protest because if they are forced to pay the congestion charge, they become a very valuable commodity, worth about £30m per year to TfL.
But there’s no way they are not hijacking our protest. 

Monday is a must for every driver who values his trade. If these protests diminish and die, the trade will never managed to put together another protest and we will just fade away mirroring the demise of the red telephone box.

London Taxi PR holds discussions with Mayor of Hackney on ULEV restrictions


London Taxi PR (LTPR), an organisation which represents the interests of the Licensed London Taxi profession, has announced that it has held an exploratory talks meeting with both the Mayor of Hackney and representatives from Hackney Council to discuss the ULEV road restrictions that have been imposed in the Borough.

The talks were held at Hackney Town Hall on 18thFebruary 2019 and have been instigated due to LTPR’s persistent campaigning not only on behalf of the licensed Taxi profession, but on behalf of ALL Taxi passengers, particularly those with disabilities who rely on London Taxis as part of the public transportation system, to retain their independence for transport purposes.

As a result of consultation with various organisations, LTPR has gained the support for their campaign to have these restrictions lifted for ALL London Taxis from organisations such as Transport for All, an advocacy group who champion the rights of Disabled and older people to travel with independence in London. The London Taxicard scheme alone has over 70,000 registered users with physical and/or sensory impairments and across London each day up to 8,000 trips are taken by older and disabled people in accessible London taxis. Inclusion London, which supports over 70 deaf and disabled organisations working across every London borough have also offered their support for LTPR’s campaign.

Both of their supporting statements with regards to the implications of restrictions of movement and their freedom of choice that is being applied to passengers who may be elderly or have disabilities, were just one of the main concerns that were highlighted by LTPR during the meeting with the Mayor of Hackney.

LTPR informed the Mayor that since the ULEV road traffic restrictions were instigated into the Borough of Hackney last year 
they have in the opinion of the licensed London Taxi profession, completely restricted access to these routes for London Taxis, and also taken away the ability for customers to choose Taxis to travel to and from these areas.

What is more, these restrictions could be seen as effectively as a restraint of trade being applied to the London Taxi profession, by restricting their ability to move around freely, thereby forcing them into the same traffic as all other motorists. London Taxis have been able to move without restriction throughout London for 365 years, providing the only public transport door to door service for passengers. By restricting access to roads in the Boroughs of London such as Hackney, they are effectively being forced into only being able to offer a 5% service to customers, due to only 5% of London Taxis currently being electric. Even though the restrictions apply for a period of hours, they are still preventing access for the remaining 95% of the working Taxi fleet and their passengers, which would result in passengers being dropped off and picked up at least 150 metres from their desired point in many instances. It was expressed that this would result in passengers being unwilling to use London Taxis and also tarnish their reputation for being able to offer a door to door service.

Reference was made by LTPR to statements by Prof. Anthony Frew, Professor of Allergy & Respiratory Medicine, Royal Sussex County Hospital a former member of the Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollution (COMEAP). He and other eminent Physicians have cast doubt over The Mayor of London’s quotes of epidemiological studies claiming that 9,000 Londoners are dying prematurely every year because of poor air quality, and that estimates of national fatalities have increased from 40,000 to 60,000 per year. These have formed the basis for the data that has prompted the implementation of the ULEV and ULEZ schemes throughout areas of London. Professor Frew states that these statistics don’t refer to real people but is derived from the estimated 340,000 life years lost by everyone in the UK as a result of an average ‘early death’ of around three days due to air pollution, all things being equal, which in reality they are not.

Prof. Frew states that just because pollution levels have been made illegal doesn’t mean that they are dangerous. Experts he says, can’t agree on any link between NOx and mortality, and the latest Office for National Statistics data shows that the North-South divide for life expectancy is clearly wealth-related rather than related to air quality. He claims that even by banning ALLtransport in London, would only reduce particulate levels from the current average 14 micrograms per cubic metre to 12, the worldwide background level being 7 micrograms per cubic metre. Therefore, the potential air quality benefits of a ULEZ or CAZ would be insignificant.

The argument was also put forward by LTPR that not only are these restrictions felt to be a restrictive practice being imposed on the profession, in their role as an integral part of London’s public transport system, but, more importantly, for all Taxi passengers. Equally, it is thought that by allowing only electric vehicles to access these areas that the restrictions are potentially putting passengers with disabilities at a disadvantage, and the aim could have been achieved through less restrictive alternatives.

All London Taxis are purpose built, fully wheelchair accessible vehicles, and many passengers with disabilities have come to depend and rely on London Taxis to allow them to be more independent and get around London, quickly & safely, for whatever purpose, be it work, hospital, socialising, shopping etc. They are the vehicles that provide a door to door service for all passengers, something which has become an integral part of their service.

The Mayor was informed that the implication of these restrictions have been that the vast majority of the 23,500licensed Taxis in London are now unable to go into the affected roads, as the restrictions only allow access toelectric vehicles. 

According to confirmed statistics, currently, there are just1,200 Electric taxis in operation across the whole of the UK, which amounts to just 5% of the total licensed operating Taxis. With only approximately 8,000 Taxis working at any one time during a day, if all of those 5% were to be working at the same time, that would still only leave just 400 electric compliant Taxis out of approximately 8,000 that would be allowed within the restriction zones. Thereby restricting 95% of the working Taxi fleet from operating as public transport carrierwithin these areas. There are currently only 160 rapid charging points available in the whole of London, with just 65 of them being made available to London Taxis. Of these are only 12 sited in Central London, and NONEof the Taxi only points are in Westminster or the City of London.

Licensed London Taxis have been a part of London’s landscape for the past 365 years and play an integral part of London’s public transport system. Their door to door service has made them the most envied, highly reputableand recognisable Taxi service in the world. They have a history of being able to know and access roads and streets that are not known to other drivers and have been doing this successfully for all Taxi passengers for the past 365 years. This is why they have gained theirreputation as the world’s no.1 Taxi service and are frequently used by other global brands to promote their business and services. This is what has defined the London Taxi profession. Their Knowledge, professional service, safety record, stringent assessments, access &ability to get around London.

The meeting with the Mayor of Hackney and LTPR was adjourned, and it was emphasised that although no decisions had been made, important views and facts had been put forward on behalf of the London Taxi Profession and its passengers, and that further talks would take place at an agreed date & time, with further dialogue being exchanged in between.

Since their formation, London Taxi PR has undertaken aseries of targeted media campaigns, which are being usedby London Taxi PR to promote the benefits, advantages and safety of using the iconic London Taxi to a wide audience.

All the campaigns and publicity that has so far been generated by the company has been funded by fellow London Taxi drivers as well as supportive companies and organisations, many of whom have signed up to donate to the cause on a monthly basis, indicating how passionate they all are about their industry and the cause.
London Taxi PR. Passionate about promoting and preserving the iconic London Taxi trade and funded by London Taxi drivers who care about their industry. 

For more information on London Taxi PR and their campaigns, please visit their website

They Lied To Us Before And They're Lying To Us Again. The Fight Is On....Greenbadgejohn.

The fight is on.

Being that the TXe is 20 grand overpriced and has a limited time use, its only likely to end in tears for us especially as Tfl has stopped plating diesel cabs to remove all options of new cab purchases to one.

When Boris brought in a 15 year time limit back in 2012 he did so to remove what he called old polluting diesels and 7 years on with literally thousands of old polluting cabs removed they have now come after all the rest except that the rest are far cleaner and the last being euro 6 is so clean that TFl are seeking a 12 year age limit on all the rest except the euro 6.

The way the Mayoral & TFL schemers are working leave nothing to be believed by us anymore, and it seems only the LTDA have confidence it strategies TFL secretly conspire to deliver, surely the LTDA can see huge errors in policies being dreamt up and delivered upon us? ... apparently not.

I, like most, find TFL lacking good relationship qualities when a licensing authority literally provokes its licensees to enter legal proceedings against it and at the same time uses licensees money to defend itself via licensing fees which shows no morality of argument win or lose their end.

It is becoming a daily fight to survive unfair competition AND TFLs crushing requirements and this latest 12 year age limit battle can only prove that point.

The plan to phase out further diesel licensing was muted in conversation around January 2015 which was not as I believe coincidental to the newly proposed euro 6 which was about to be released by LEVC and would have a sales platform of about 2 years plus, this would keep the manufacturer in business long enough to continue developing the TXe which is the ultimate goal.

The TX4 euro 6 is probably the best TX4 to date and excepting the emission afterburner is a good performing cab with very low emissions, far lower than anything before it, so why did TFL use the publicity stunt of banning further diesel licensing on 1st January 208 with that knowledge? ...
Simple, so they could bring in a plan for lower age limits a year later without an option to buy another diesel taxi which incidentally eeps its full 15 year status because its so clean!!

TFL has finely developed a tool of timed deception and we all fall for it every time, and you can be absolutely certain they have had meetings for the next steps already, so forget the 'consultation' as this word is flawed and actions must be planned by us.

So many people in our trade are sleepwalking into thinking a meaningful and honest relationship can be achieved with TFL but I can honestly say after the last 5 years its looking dire unless we stop their ambitions to destroy us we will not survive, and its one of very few times where the truly best service money can buy is going to be completely decimated by the greedy top tabled few powered by the poor needy classes shipped in to do the deed.

Think very carefully where you think you will be in 5 years from now, because if you think you are immune from this you are dreaming.

Be Lucky & fight the biggest fight


We were lied to by Boris who said that he was replacing the dirty old taxis with newer cleaner diesels. 
Kings Collage bought out a report which proved the older cars he removed were actually cleaner than the new cabs which were given out more NO2, NOx, and PM10. 

Now we are being lied to by Sadiq Khan who says Taxis are the major polluters, dismissing the fact that his cleaner hybrid buses virtually all are running on pure diesel, a fact he and TfL have swept under the carpet.....And again Kings Collage have come up with a report that the air on the tube is 30 times more polluted than the air at road level. 

TfL and the Mayor now need a bigger carpet!