Monday, October 08, 2018

Exclusive : The LTDA COM Have Expelled Members Who Belong To The RealLTDA Group.

News just in that the Council Of Management for the London Taxi Drivers Association, have taken the unprecedented step of expelling members who choose to stand up and speak out against existing COM members and association policy. 

Is this the LTDA’s own brand of democracy ?

We received reports there could be as many as 16 members of a driver led group "the Real LTDA", who have received letters explaining why they have been expelled from the Taxi association. The drivers allege they are victims of trumped up charges, such as...they ‘retweeted tweets from other drivers designed to hurt the LTDA. 
The accusation has been used to facilitate their expulsion.

Who will be next?
* Members of the Dads Defending Daughters?
* Members of the Mayfair Mob?
* or perhaps the more militant members of the ITA? 

You couldn't make it up....actually it appears they have!

@hippyjohnoc said on Twitter that the COM have ruled that retweets (below) made by him, were enough to get him expelled. 

Over the last few months the COM delayed the upcoming elections for the only Green Badge branch....alleging that people standing for election had been victimised. 

Taxi Leaks spoke to most members up for branch elections and all of the ones we spoke to said that no such threats had been made. They even made a public statement that no threats had been received by the candidates. 

In a move that would have impressed Kim Jong-‘Un, we then heard that the branch itself had been suspended indefinitely.

Members who attended the LTDA AGM felt their democratic rights were being eroded as only one delegate at the meeting had the right to vote on matters and that was the Yellow Badge branch secretary. This one driver was the only one who could vote on issues pertaining to the Taxi trade organisation as whole. 

With the words from Chairman Massett “you’re gonna like this one”, his one vote was then used to pass a motion to make all future votes by written secret ballot. 

Many members of the LTDA spoken to, are worried that the association appears to have become undemocratically run, mainly by people who do not drive Taxis for a living. 

One member John, from Hackney said "I believe they are scared of change and are making provisions to protect their own gravy train".
Maurice from Gants Hill said "this is no longer a democratic cooperative, it's now a dictatorship".

Many members were shocked to hear that the association no longer have the war chest, which they proudly advertised on the front page of Taxi. 

At a recent all trade meeting, General Secretary Steve Mcnamara said the org had no money to challenge the Uber Arbuthnot verdict appeal.

TAXI LEAKS EXTRA BIT : it's a done deal.....again.

Saturday, October 06, 2018

Uber Drivers Work Together To Create Price Surge Plus Kalanick Mounts Comeback

Uber drivers are deliberately going offline in unison so that prices surge and they can charge customers more when they log back into the app.

Uber’s so-called dynamic pricing model means that it responds to supply and demand, increasing the cost of a trip at busy times such as when bars are closing or it is raining.

One London driver wrote on an online forum : "Guys, stay logged off until surge," according to academics who carried out the study.

A second driver replied: "Why?" to which the original poster replied: "Less supply high demand = surge".

A third driver warned that, "Uber will find out if people are manipulating the system".

But the first driver was seemingly unconcerned. "They already know cos it happens every week," they responded.

During the study, academics from Warwick Business School and New York University interviewed Uber drivers in London and New York and analysed 1,012 posts on the site - a forum for drivers which is not affiliated with the company.

The researchers said drivers using the forum colluded to ensure that the number of cars in a given area would go down, causing the price to surge, potentially to several times the normal rate.

The researchers, Dr Mareike Möhlmann and Ola Henfridsson, of Warwick Business School, and Lior Zalmanson, of New York University, said the findings showed the limitations of management by algorithms rather than people.

They said that drivers have the feeling of working for a system rather than a company, and that this is exacerbated by the fact that they have "little, if, any, interaction with an actual Uber employee".

Dr Moehlmann said: "Uber uses software algorithms for oversight, governance and to control drivers, who are tracked and their performance constantly evaluated.

"In response, drivers have developed practices to regain control, even gaming the system.

"It shows that ‘algorithmic management’ that Uber uses may not only be ethically questionable but may also hurt the company itself."

Dr Lior Zalmanson, of NYU, said: "Uber’s strategy is not at all transparent . . . and this creates negative feelings towards the company."

Drivers are also playing the company’s Uber Pool cab-sharing service, which one forum user nicknamed "uberpoop", according to the research.

Instead of picking up one fare then driving to pick up another on the same route as the first, some drivers are simply ignoring the second customer or turning off the app, the academics found.

The authors of the research said drivers were, "under constant surveillance through their phones. 

"Drivers’ behaviour is ranked automatically and any anomalies [are] reported for further review, with automatic bans for not obeying orders or low grades," the academics wrote.

The drivers behaviour could therefore be seen as an understandable way to break free from "algorithmic management", Professor Hendrison said.

The ride-hailing app, which operates in hundreds of cities worldwide and is valued at $69bn according to Bloomberg, has been plagued by controversy about its questionable management practices.

TAXI LEAKS EXTRA BIT: Kalanick Mounts Comeback.

Founder and former chief executive Travis Kalanick left the company in June after a series of scandals including allegations of sexual harassment and bullying.

A number of news outlets have reported this week that he is trying to mount a bid to return to the company.

Oxford Street Update : Westminster City Council Tell Sadiq Khan To Take A Hike !

A scheme not just for Oxford Street but the whole Oxford Street District.

Early October has seen a flurry of announcements concerning Oxford Street. Westminster City Council have continued to honour their election pledges and listen to the West End, residents and businesses. 

The Council Leader has personally confirmed again that they are no longer supporting the Mayor’s plan to pedestrianise and that they are going it alone with a bold scheme to put £150 million over three years, not just into Oxford Street, but into a scheme which is genuinely for the improvement of the whole Oxford Street District-  Leaders Update October 2018

In this they now have the support of all the West End amenity societies, who are already being actively consulted by Westminster as part of their engagement process. The Council now understands the importance of protecting the iconic neighbourhoods around Oxford Street: Fitzrovia, Marylebone, Mayfair and Soho. They are aiming to unveil their scheme at the end of the month, and go out to public consultation on it in November for 6 weeks.

At that stage Westminster Council will be seeking the views of those who live, work or have an interest in the area on the new Oxford Street strategy and to that end a new website has been launched at   This will provide details of proposals for the Oxford Street District as well as information about the forthcoming consultation and how the public can give their views. We would urge all those who have shown so much interest in the future of Oxford Street to visit that website and use this opportunity to help develop the scheme with their constructive views on the area.

Westminster have also launched an Oxford Street District newsletter to keep people updated which can be subscribed to from the Oxford Street District website.

All good news so far and we will keep you updated. 

The next key date is the meeting of the Westminster Council Cabinet on 25th October where the decision on the draft 'Place Strategy and Delivery Plan for Oxford Street' will be formally set out and sanctioned.



Click this link : 

Friday, October 05, 2018

In Just The First 3 Weeks Of Their Probation, 97 Uber Drivers Were Suspended/Dismissed.

In ‘just’ 3 weeks of Uber London new licence conditions, ULL were in a position of having to suspend or dismiss 97 ‘ninety seven’ drivers

Below is the court terms and conditions to Uber’s probation:

An FOI request has been made for the amount of drivers who were notified to TfL, with regards to  suspension or dismissal by Uber London Limited. 

Here below is the result:

Where is Sadiq Khan’s one hit and you’re out policy, that he bandied about during his election campaign ?

Where are TfL on this?

Why are Uber London Limited still Licensed ?

97 of their employees have been reported for crimes such as Rape, serious sexual assault, fraud, violence against the customer, offensive weapons etc. 

What is it they can’t get away with ????

SOURCE : @Sammyscarf. 


So, Jo Bertram is made a director of Uber 18/08/2017. 

The Deloitte report on Uber is sent to TFl in August2017, that’s the report no one is allowed to see section 43.

On the 30/8/2017 Bertram resigns, as she lied in two previous court cases.

Jo Bertram caught with her pants down Uber and out. Possibly fearing prosecution for perjury, she moves abroad. But TfL don’t follow up (strange that one Mike Brown!).

Taxi drivers prosecuted for using their mobile sat stationary on taxi ranks, but TfL fail to prosecute Uber Director on two counts of perjury? 

You couldn’t make it up.

Funny how we don't see these Freedom Of Infomation results reported in any LTDA friendly media platforms?
Mustn't upset Mke Brown I suppose !

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Violent Crime Out a Of Control : Khan And Dick Have Totally Failed Londoners

In the last 24 hours in Sadiq Khan's London. 
Posts from the @999London Twitter account.

21 Hours ago:
BREAKING: A man has sustained slash injuries having been attacked in broad daylight at around 1.30pm on Bethnal Green Road.

A 30 year old man has been arrested on suspicion of GBH and is in Police custody. 

A crime scene remains.

15 hours ago:
were called to Upney Lane to a male going ‘mad’ in the street attacking people armed with a weapon and damaging vehicles. 

Police arrived on the scene to detained the male, in which he assaulted both Police Officers and was arrested for multiple offences.
He threatened officers with the knife and was disarmed when challenged by Taser Officers. 

13 hours ago:
BREAKING: A man in his late teens has been stabbed several times on Randolph Avenue #MaidaVale #W9.

Scotland Yard confirm that they were called at 9.24pm. The victims injuries are non life threatening.

Efforts to trace the suspect(s) are ongoing
The male punched one officer in the face. 
The suspect was arrested for multiple offences.

12 hours ago:
BREAKING: A 15 year old boy has been stabbed repeatedly in a brutal attack on Derby Road at around 8.15pm. 

Scotland Yard confirm that they await an update on the victims condition who has been rushed to a Central #London Hospital. 
A crime scene remains
MORE: One man has been arrested at the scene for possession of an offensive weapon but he is not believed to be involved in the attack on the victim. 

Efforts to trace the suspect(s) are ongoing. 
On Saturday 23rd September two boys were also stabbed in Enfield.

4 hours ago 
@kayleighharr_ describes being woken up just before 5.30am this morning by Police forcing entry and raiding a property opposite her address. 

The raid took place on Huxley Road in the #Leyton #E10 area. 

1 hour ago :
A 24 year old man has been stabbed multiple times at around 03.30 in the early hours of this morning on Southern Avenue in #Feltham. 

The victim was rushed to a Central #London Hospital - his condition is non life threatening. 

There have been no arrests as yet.



Wednesday, October 03, 2018

PHV Driver Caught On Video Driving Wrong Way Round Portmanteau Square

A London Cabby sitting on the rank outside the Churchill Hotel sat in disbelief as a Private Hire car displaying TfL roundels approached, not only driving the wrong way into Portman Square, but also on the pavement. 

The video, shows the car Volkswagen Sharan as it past by on the pavement opposite the rank. 
The driver told Taxi Leaks he felt comfortable sending the footage to TfL which was clearly shot on his phone, as he'd removed the keys from his ignition first, before grabbing his phone.

I’m ranked on Churchill this clown comes the wrong way down Portman Sq then decides to mount the pavement and continue till he can do a U turn. 
@TfLTPH your putting lives at risk

TfLTPH replied:-
Please confirm the time and date of this incident so I can report the driver of LM64UWW. 
Please also report unsafe driving to the police using this online tool:…

The driver then replied:-
Time & date as posted! You licensed him you report him...
To which TfLTPH answered, Thank you. 

Watch the full video sent to TfL the link below.

So now, (according to TfL) we are not just expected to be  just Taxi drivers, but also the eyes and ears of the police. 
You couldn't make it up!


Meantime, where are the eyes and ears of TfLTPH...???