Monday, March 25, 2019

Help The ITA Email Every MP In The House Of Commons


Dear Taxi Drivers, this is something you can all help with:

We have a request to ask you all, it will take a few minutes of your time, we have written an email template generator that will allow us to get the reasons why the ITA are calling protests that are happening in Parliament Square to your MP.

Specifically you as a driver go onto the page, put in your home postcode it then gets your MP’s name and email address you then put your full name and full address into the page pick a template it builds the email you sent to your MP, it produces the email address, subject line and the body of the email that you copy and paste into an email and send.

Over the weekend we have already sent an email that was similar to this one to every MP, but emails from individuals carry a lot more weight than mass emails from one source, the house of lords is being lobbied as well.

Any problems please email reply

There is an online version of the main bullet points in PDF format for you to read at

Happy hunting.

Thank you for your time.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Exhibition Road...The £30m ‘Naked Street’ Failure : Kensington To Stops Trying To Mix Cars And People

It was hailed as the urban boulevard of the future, sweeping away kerbs, pavements and clutter to make a “shared space” where motorists would mix respectfully with pedestrians.

Now Britain’s flagship £30m “naked street” is to be remodelled in what its opponents say sounds the death knell for the concept.
Street furniture including planters will be reinstalled to separate cars and pedestrians once again along Exhibition Road in Kensington, west London, seven years after it was torn out.

Kensington and Chelsea council, which implemented the scheme, says the changes are to “improve safety” and “protect pedestrians”.

It has acted after research carried out for the council found a “significant overall increase” in traffic speeds on the street since 2013.

Source : The Times

Also announced today in the Telegraph:

'Safer' 20mph Zones Have Led To A Rise In The Number Of Road Deaths, But May Prove Too Costly To Reverse.

 Reducing the speed limit to 20mph has caused a rise in death and serious injuries, a council has admitted, but is refusing to reverse the scheme because it will cost too much. 

Bath and North East Somerset Council spent £871,000 bringing in the 13 new speed zones just 12 months ago.

But one year on, a report has found that the rate of people killed or seriously injured has gone up in seven out of the 13 new 20mph zones.

The review of the traffic control measures warns that this is a problem nationally, adding: "There is no simple explanation for this adverse trend but it could be that local people perceive the area to be safer due to the presence of the 20mph restrictions and thus are less diligent when walking and crossing roads, cycling or otherwise travelling."

Despite the council's own report concluding that there is "little in the way of persuasive argument for continuing the programme in the future", deputy leader Patrick Anketell-Jones has admitted there simply isn't the money available to reverse the 20mph zones. 

The Conservative councillor said: "It has cost over £800,000 to roll out the 20mph zone and it would probably cost the same to reverse them.

"We just haven't got the money. I'm pretty sure the 20mph zones will stay in place for the foreseeable future." 

It's taken almost 6 years, but at least Kenington Borough Council have admitted, their planners made a mistake. 

Let's hope other boroughs in Central London will man up and admit to their own planning disasters. 
With the embankment along the north side of the Thames a virtual no-go area, it's time the segregated Cycle Super Highway scheme was scrapped. It's time councils stood back and had a good look at the damage they've done to the roads, the congestion they've caused, the extra pollution they've created. 

Saturday, March 23, 2019

More Orange Lights Than A Christmas Tree, With The Sound Of Uber PingsRinging In Our Ears

It’s as easy as taking candy from a baby sharing the Uber App with any driver licensed or unlicensed.

Yes, I'm blowing the whistle on public safety.
Chris Johnson 

If you're struggling to find a job tonight, struggling to meet your financial commitments and can't understand where all the work's gone...Then watch the video above 'pings, pings and more pings, and a nice bit of data breach'.

Same old rhetoric from the snowflakey ‘games not dead’ brigade and funny enough, they're right, London's far from dead, there is plenty of work out there.... Unfortunately it's standing in the street gazing at smart phones, waiting for their Uber Slave.

But this isn't about fair competition, this is all about predictor pricing and illegal plying for hire.
So, where’s our work gone... you may well ask!

Basically, it's in the Uber cars that are now openly plying for trade (illegally) all over London...but hold up a minute, isn’t that why we trained so hard, some of us for many years, so we as a trade would have the monopoly to legally 'Ply for Hire'?
Isn't this the reason we go through such rigorous background checks and drive such an expensive compliant vehicle???

Surely our largest representative org (the one with 10,000 members) would be on to this......surely they won't be waiting and seeing...again? 

How did we get to this point???
In 2012, along came a multi-billion dollar company, registered in another country where they pay hardly any tax and no VAT, using drivers who acquired their licenses in a matter of days, with dodgy on-line medicals and questionable criminal record checks.... yet here they are openly plying for hire -in real time on phone screens- 13,000 we were told by a police chief inspector had fake DBS certificates and yet the general manager of our licensing regulator says she vouches for every one of their drivers.

After five years of rapes, sexual assaults, data breaches, customer account hacks, record numbers of RTAs...the regulator suddenly said 'sorry can’t relicense as you are not fit and proper' then ironically, they went to court and virtually defended the company (who incidentall paid TFL's legal costs even though TfL lost the appeal). The Magistrate, Emma Arbuthnot, then gave Uber a (non existent in current legislation) probationary licence. The smell from the courts reeked of conflicts of interest and corruption.  

The company can now carry on regardless in much the same MO as before offering artificial low fares ( illegal predator pricing) which is a massive vote winner for Sadiq we can’t expect any help from his direction.

So why have our regulator defended this company so vigorously???

TfL are set to make 30-million pounds a year from Private Hire again, no help from that area either. 

A bright lanyard, a new diary and the possibility of a few M&S vouchers, ain't gonna save your job!
It's time for all of the Orgs, Unions and drivers to dig into their pockets and throw their lot into the @UTAG17 campaign. No time left now for waiting and seeing.

TFL once told the trade, “if you don’t like it, take us to court” .....and that’s exactly what UTAG intend to do. 

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Black Cabs Can’t Take Disabled To Hospital and Cancer Centre, Yet MPs Advised To Travel in Black Cabs For Security Reasons

MPs have been advised to share taxis when they leave Parliament over fears they could be attacked by angry voters over their handling of Brexit.

Deputy Commons Speaker Lindsay Hoyle said the Serjeant at Arms - who is in charge of security at Parliament - had arranged for black cabs to be on hand to collect them from the Commons.
He also revealed that police around the country had been put on alert over the threat MPs now face.

Mr Hoyle issued the grim warning in an email to all MPs just hours after Theresa May revealed she was seeking a three-month Brexit delay.

The Prime Minister said a longer Brexit delay would risk "endless hours and days of this House carrying on contemplating its navel on Europe and failing to address the issues that matter to our constituents".

Challenging MPs to back her Brexit deal, she said: "That’s what the British people deserve. They deserve better than this House has given them so far. "

In his email, Mr Hoyle said MPs were now "the focal point of public attention in a manner that we have rarely seen before".

"The public is looking to us to resolve the current impasse and it is clear that tensions and emotions are running at an all-time high," he said. "This is to be expected and it is entirely proper that our constituents can express their views and even frustration - but it is essential that it is done within the law.

"Personally, I have never felt this level of tension during my time in the House and I am aware that other colleagues feel the same. Many colleagues have already been subject to widely publicised abuse and intimidation.

"I want to reassure you that measures are in place to allow Members - and our staff - to do our jobs safely."
He added: "Regional police forces have been contacted to ensure that they are not only aware of level of tension felt here at Westminster but in all our constituencies.

"The Metropolitan Police has been left in no doubt that it is incumbent upon the force to take a lead on ensuring Members of Parliament can vote in Parliament without fear.

"We can also take simple steps to improve our personal safety by travelling home from the House by taxi or with colleagues in the coming days. The Serjeant at Arms has made provision for black cabs to collect from within the estate.

"I remain committed to working with all colleagues to meet any security challenges as they may arise."
One MP told PoliticsHome: "Brexit has completely split the country and it seems if you don’t support Brexit you are under threat.

"This can’t be the way our country should operate and MPs should be able to feel safe leaving work and not have to take taxis to get home safely. 
What has this government done to our county?"


MPs should be able to feel safe leaving work and not have to take taxis to get home safely. 
That's right....and disabled people have the right to access all areas that bus passenger and cyclist have. 

TfL Refuse To Talk, The Councils Refuse To Listen, ITA Back In The Square Tomorrow

While our largest representative org sits back and does nothing other than waiting and seeing...tomorrow’s protest in Parliament Square, organised by the ITA, goes ahead as usual. 
We will be also be coming back Monday and Wednesday of next week

Starting on Monday April 1st, the ITA will be going on tour....we will be protesting in Camden, Hackney, islington and the city....venues will be  announced by word-of-mouth.

Counsellors from Camden, Hackney and Islington are using fictitious statistics, pulled out of thin air with no basis in fact. They are coming up with excuse after twisted excuse which has enlightened us to the fact that we are in the fight of our lives.

We will be carrying on the fight to highlight hypocrisy of these Labour councils.
They claim they ludicrous schemes are all about children!

But what you need to realise is that TfL’s buses will carry on regardless down the very same streets Taxis are to be excluded from. 

Do our children only get COPD from Taxis?
Are TfL’s buses COPD free?
As TfL’s underground has the most polluted atmosphere, will these councils be banning the Tube from running through their boroughs?

Make no mistake about what’s going on here....

Unfortunately 95% of our trade think that we few protesters can do just fine without them and they can carry on working.

It’s this 95% who are losing the battle for us.


TAXI LEAKS EXTRA BIT : by Mattblacktaxi

Take a look at this photo, then look again, you’ll see a children’s intensive care ambulance trying to get to @UCLchildhealth through the contrived gridlock in Bury Place, the people who implemented this madness now give themselves "cleaner air" awards.
Hang your heads in shame.


Bishopsgate Buses averaging 5 passengers.


The hypocrisy of CoL, the MayorofLondon and TfL is painfully apparent.
Sadiq Khan's and TfL's war against Taxis, using the guise of pollution, via imagined statistics and manufactured gridlock, is about grabbing passengers out of cabs and shoving them into buses and onto the tube, which is 30 times more polluted than out side in the streets above.


Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Hackney Post : Lack of black cab access could disadvantage disabled passengers

Plans to restrict the operation of black cabs in London will severely impact disabled people’s access to services in Hackney, according to campaigners.

Activists have hit back at claims made by Feryal Clark, a Labour councillor for Hoxton East and Shoreditch, who said that unrestricted access to black cabs is “not a human right”.
The chair of Transport for All, an organisation dedicated to championing the rights of disabled people, said: “The idea that black cabs are ‘not a human right’ is deeply offensive.
“Of course, it’s a human right. Why should disabled people be restricted where the able-bodied aren’t?”

Jimmy Teleford, 53, a wheelchair user and disability rights advocate for local charity Choice in Hackney, said: “For disabled passengers, there is no other choice [but to use black taxis].
“Lots of our service users use the black taxi card scheme and they’ll be affected and I suspect many of them don’t know about it. They’ll find out when they come to the end of their journey.”
“Anything that restricts where disabled people can be dropped off is bad news. I’m sure there will be many disabled people against the idea because it will stop them from taking part in their community,” he added.

The cuts are part of the Mayor’s plan to build an “ultra-low emission zone” to tackle air pollution. Whilst Transport for London has included an exemption for wheelchair accessible taxis- some borough councils have opted to ban cabs in their ultra low emission streets.
Drivers have argued the manoeuvre could disadvantage disabled passengers trying to reach their destination within the restricted zones, with many of them relying on the Taxicard scheme to move around the city.

Cab drivers are to enter their ninth week of protests as they try to halt the proposal which will see parts of the capital restricted to walking, cycling and “ultra-low emission vehicles”.
Grant Davis, 55, head of London Cabs Drivers Club (LCDC), said: “Black cabs are the only way disabled people can get from door to door in London.

“In my taxi, I pick up everyone from mothers with children, to elderly and disabled people. If you ban taxis from roads what you’re doing is banning our passengers, fellow members of the public, from having access to all these roads.

“I thought it was transport for all, I thought the members of the public in a wheelchair have the same rights to someone able-bodied who can walk.”
Driver, Garry Batter, also said: “There are 3.5 million people commuting to London every day and a lot of those people need transport door-to-door. I picked up a wheelchair passenger that said taxis are his life-line.”

Alan Benson, a Transport for All activist, said the plans to improve air pollution and congestion are “also beneficial for the disabled” but the unintended consequences could negatively impact their contribution to society.
According to Hackney council’s plan Shoreditch will no longer be accessible by most cabs, with many drivers complaining about how this “premature decision” will affect not only their performance and income but also passenger rights.

However Lee Sheppard, 49, a black cab driver and director of LondonTaxiPR, said that the argument would only stand up if 51 per cent of taxis were electric.

“To discriminate against the 95 per cent when actually only 5 per cent of them are electric puts pressure on drivers and passengers so we can’t go about fulfilling our job,” he added.
The Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will be in place in central London from 8 April 2019 in the same area as the Congestion Charge.