Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Badge And Bill Checks : CO's Authority, Finally Made Clear By TfLTPH.... By Jim Thomas

              Taxi Leaks Exclusive

TfL uniformed CO refusing to show his ID authorisation to Taxi Driver while attempting to carry out Badge and Bill examination check.

Click on this link for video:

Undercover CO refusing to identify himself to driver who then refuses to let him examine Badge and Bill.

Picture above taken at Taxi demo on Blakefriars Road SE1

We've recently seen videos on FaceBook and Twitter, showing TfL COs refusing to show Taxi drivers their authorisation ID cards when engaging in Badge Abpbe Bill checks. They argue that they don't have to.

Well we asked TfLTPH and it turns out they do. 
See TfLTPH reply below.

TrL's statements should now clear this issue up, straight from the horses mouth (so to speak) 

If a CO wants to check your Badge/ Bill/Insurance, they must first show their ID (not badge). It is a card that authorises them to carry out the document examination. 


Andy said...

We've got lots of drivers sharing licenses, the badge aint worth jack, hardly anyones doing the knowledge now. And lets not forget all the brooming and cash only going on. If your machines not working, go and get it fixed. In case you haven't noticed our punters are using another service...

Anonymous said...

the only time that half of them will wake-up & see the reality that's under their noses, is when the Bailiffs come to repossess their cabs & houses