Thursday, March 02, 2017

Update : Minicab Driver First To Be Caught In Birmingham, Meanwhile In London !!!

Minicab driver caught using mobile phone is one of first to receive six points under new law

A minicab driver caught using his mobile phone behind the wheel is one of the first to receive six points on his licence after a new stricter law came into force on Wednesday.

Central Motorway Police Group tweeted they had stopped a private hire driver in Birmingham city centre.

CMPG tweeted: “Birmingham city centre. Private hire driver stopped using his mobile phone whilst driving. #DontStreamAndDrive #noexcuses #6points”

They said: “The 1st day of new legislation for using mobile phone when driving 9 tickets issued to motorists #no excuse.”

  Picture tweeted from the police to show how busy this crossing is. 

Meanwhile in London at Kings Cross, surrounded by private hire vehicles illegally plying for hire, using their phones to accept job offers and setting SatNavs coordinates, our brace impartial (not) Traffic Cops dish out a £200 fine and 6 penalty points to a driver on the feeder rank at Kings Cross campaign.

Funny though, it's just been on the news that police are so short of man power, they can't investigate serious crimes and many projects have had to be shelved. 
But they can always fine Officers to nick a cabby.