Friday, March 17, 2017

Lady Passenger "Why I'll Never Use Uber Again"... By Marc Turner

In the early hours of 16th March 2017. I drove a fare from the West End to Clapham.  Nothing unusual in that. During the trip we never spoke. At journeys end the young lady thanked me and said how safe and secure she felt travelling in London Taxis.

She then recounted her last ever experience using Uber. I'd like to say how astounding her revelations were, but in truth I'd heard it all before. From men as well as women.

She told me, wherever Uber lurked, she was worried for the safety of women.
I then asked her if I could record her recollection of her final ghastly Uber travail.

The brave lady was not only happy to comply to my request, but offered her name and email address in case the authenticity of her message was ever doubted.

So it was deemed last week that Uber have no need for a landline. Yet in times of anxiety the public have more chance of connecting with the leadership of North Korea, then getting immediate response and help from Uber Support.

Authorities take note! 
Some Uber drivers are taking advantage of those that are vulnerable. They do it because they know they can get away it. Possessing the home addresses and mobile numbers of those  humiliated could well be an 'intimidating factor'!!!

It's well documented how thousands of PH drivers struggle with the English language. I truly believe, as well, they have little understanding of the concept of etiquette.
Perhaps TfL could remind the PH fraternity of the saying that has served us well since 'time in memorial'.

When in the UK, Stop taking liberties