Friday, February 10, 2017

TfL Complain About Video, Recorded In A Public Place, Showing Badge And Bill Check.... by Jim Thomas.

Screen shot from the Londonist video on YouTube

There didn't seem to be an issue when TfL gave the Londonist, a propaganda video which named the head of compliance and two alleged compliance officers. 

    Screen shot from the Londonist video on YouTube

The video appeared on the Londonist social media outlets and also posted on YouTube.

Screen shot from the Londonist video on YouTube

So it was, that just after midnight, Taxi Leaks posted an article about the fiasco around the London City Airport. 

To emphasise the biased harassment being dished out by TfL COs, we added the YoTtube video made from footage gained from FaceBook, showing a CO trying to take signage from a Taxi driver which they said, had to be removed. 

We believed that if it was good enough for the Londonist to post footage of a compliance operation on social media, then it would be OK for us to do the same.
Just after the video was posted we received an email from YouTube saying a complaint had been received over a privacy matter. It seems there's one rule for them, and a different rule for us...

In our video, the drive refused to handover his signage but removed it on request. When asked why it had to be removed, as he felt the answer written down on the complaint, was not what the first CO (who appeared to be senior to the other two) had originally said. 

The Taxi driver repeated his query, but was told the team was moving on. 

Taxi Leaks has now removed the identification issues and re edited the video... shown below. 

What did the compliance officer do in our first video, that he felt was so wrong, making him not want to be recognised ?

Surely, if you've got nothing to hide, filming in a public place, shouldn't be an issue. 


Drivers are not obliged to 'sign' the devices held by CO's. in fact, our advice is -you should never sign anything that you can't have a copy of immediately- because you can never be sure what's read out to you, is what's recorded, as content can be changed very easily on hand held device

     Conflict of interest?
It seems that TfL are coming down hard on drivers with signs in their cabs telling the passenger they prefer cash. They are not saying they don't take card payments as that would be a contravention of the mandate. The sign is just an advisory sign, in the same vain as the signs we have been ordered to put on our windows advising the fact we take card payments including logos from a number of card companies. 

     So what's the big deal?

Could the fact that a certain board member of TfL (Ron Kalifa), is Deputy Chairman of Worldpay have something to do with TfLs heavy handed attitude towards this harmless signage? 

Previously, Ron was Chief Executive Officer for over 10 years, building and leading Worldpay into the premier global payments company it is today.

Worldpay is one of the largest payments companies globally.