Monday, February 13, 2017

Patience Isn't A Virtue I'm Blessed With.... by Harry Wall.

       Driver lead, direct action..D-Day approaches.

Another week closer to D-Day in May and still no sign of the orgs meeting up to plan a joint strategy to fight for our survival, they're all still doing there own thing. I'm assured great strives have been made but we must exercise patience yet still no joint planning committee. 

Patience isn't a virtue I'm blessed with and neither are my creditors as I'm sure is the case for most, if not all, of us. But as the days roll by and my tolerance levels disappear, being asked to have patience is not what I want to here.

Especially when the evidence against Uber driver's incompetence and illegalities are mounting daily, and not just here it's worldwide.

Bernard Hogan-Howe gave a virtual endorsement to law breaking earlier this week when he branded us all moaners, which may well be true but I'd say we had good reason lately given his officers non-interest approach to taxi law. I wonder if he's heard of TRIP (Taxi Response to Major Incidents Project)? It might do him good to find out and enquire if the "competition" have anything like it in place, then apologise in writing. 

To allow rickshaws to ply for hire outside Hamleys and Selfridges on the pavement is shameful, but it's a regular occurrence and as we all know, get your back wheel caught in a box junction and it's curtains. Thankfully, TFLs bitch number 2 is soon to retire so let's hope someone with nuts and integrity replaces him.

The next bit of wonderful news is Pimlico Plumbers boss Charlie Mullins lost his appeal in court this week. It now means he must recognise his staff as employees and afford them the same workers rights all employees are lawfully entitled to.

I say wonderful for two reasons, a) It doesn't bode well for Uber's appeal due soon and b) I can't stand the man.
It should send a message to all "gig economy" type businesses that their days of exploitation are coming to a timely end. It should also set the precedent that ruining industries without any regard for the existing workforce will no longer be tolerated. 

With the Uber virus slowly infecting the whole country it seems the sensible members of society are finally waking up to the reality of what this type of slave labour means. Let me make it absolutely clear, I personally couldn't care less if Uber drivers earned 50p per hour, but it's the knock on effect that impacts on us that leads to my lack of compassion. 
Add their attitude towards us and the hardships their thievery is causing us and our families, I really couldn't give a toss.

However, this may present us with an opportunity.
If and when Uber lose the appeal TFL will be in tatters with the fallout far reaching, our orgs must immediately lodge a joint vote of no confidence in TFL. Also, in my view, this should be closely followed with a concise, detailed plan and request for self governance answerable to the Secretary of State for Transport. 

It should detail enough to outline an interim governing body to replace TFL in all aspects of the day to day running of our trade, made up of the chairmen of all orgs to start with, but quickly followed by a voting process by which all cab drivers can vote for their chosen candidates to fill managerial positions. These positions would have a term life of three years in the interest of fairness but if competent, those men or women would be returned to that position. 

This would mean all cab drivers would be required to belong to an org which would be the only stipulation.
Once this body is in place, trade authorities further a field could use our model as a way forward for their own cab trades nationwide, eventually forming a proper National Taxi Alliance.

In order to achieve any of this our orgs will need to be swift and bold in their actions, no nonsense, just a determination to get the job done. It's up to all of us to encourage them to rise to the challenge that, inspite of it's enormity, can be done providing they leave no prisoners. I honestly think this is our chance to reclaim our right to the livelihood we all worked so hard for. As it stands, all the orgs are waiting for Uber's second license to be granted before any legal challenge is mounted. 

I think that's a mistake but I'm not legally trained so naturally they must take the experts opinion, I don't understand why challenging the first one is a lost cause. The evidence seems impossible to argue with as so many people have said but.............

In conclusion I'd like you all to persevere and "be patient", hopefully the good times will return soon.
Remember, we don't have to settle for anything!

Be lucky .