Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Assembly Member David Kurten Asks The Mayor Questions About TfL Ubers Operating All Over UK

London UKIP Assembly Member David Kurten, has been listening to the London Taxi trades complaints on the way TfL has been dishing out Private Hire licenses like confetti.  

In a post on Twitter he said 
Reports of TfL licensed #Uber vehicles operating all over Britain Abound.
"I have put several questions to the Mayor this month about private hire vehicles and cross-border hiring.

"This month's answers should be given by next Monday and published here: > https://www.london.gov.uk/about-us/london-assembly/questions-mayor < "

Below is a list of the questions David has put to Mayor Khan.

Conservative Assembly Member Keith Prince, will be putting forward searching questions to the Mayor.

In particular, Keith also asks what measures TfL will be putting in place to stop drivers licensed by TfL, solely working outside their licensed area. 

His second question is in response to reports of drivers (whose council licences had been revoked due to criminal activities) subsequently found to be working in Southend and Liegh on Sea, using the Uber Platform and licensed by TfL as London Private Hire drivers.

His third question appertains to loop holes in the operators planning application regulation.  

See Keith's questions below. 

Whispers from Addison Lee, that the big American tech company has put pressure on TFL. 

Saying the English language tests are not fair on their drivers. 

So TFL have suspended the requirements for six months!

As Steve Mc says, "you couldn't make this up...."